Or is it Communism Core?
If you want a solid presentation on Common Core anywhere in NC please call Bob Luebke at 919.834.2092 He is with Civitas and sharp!


ALERT!  February 20, 2014, 10:00 am:  NC General Assembly Committee on Common Core Standards Meeting, Legislative Office Building, Room 643, Raleigh, NC.  Show your opposition to Common Core by attending this meeting.

Nancy Murdoch, CCTA Education Chairman--on Common Core

Here is a test from the late 1800s from a school in Kansas. Granted, schools have improved; whether results have improved dramatically is up for debate. We still have a huge number of people in this country that are functionally illiterate.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky is a premier expert on English Language Arts, She was on the validation committee of Common Core, but when it was completed, she refused to validate. For inquiring minds (not those who are not open to exploration or critical thinking of their own), the video of Dr. Stotsky testifying before the Wisconsin Bd. of Education is below.

Here is some Common core approved literature:

Common Core is not a political issue although some would like to make it so. It has opposition and support on both sides of the aisle. Jeb Bush is a big proponent and so is Bill Gates

Why does the education system keep inventing the wheel? With limited amount of dollars, the "system" changes every few years, and every change costs billions of dollars with no change in results. Teachers are underpaid for their efforts and spend countless hours learning a new system, and know that in a few years there will be another one.

If one examines the history behind Common Core it is quite apparent that we need to follow the money. Because the new standards are tested on line, schools are required to have computers and a new software program. Costs for the tests are twice the amount of old tests.

Why are our public schools being used as a place for companies pushing untested "systems" on our students and teachers? As important is why are taxpayers being forced to buy a pig in a poke with no benchmarks or no previous testing?


Be UnCommon! End Common Core in NC

North Carolina Patriots,

Please see below for an update on the fight against Common Core in North Carolina!

Conservatives across NC oppose Common Core. A broad coalition of groups and individuals are working together to stop Common Core in our state – Stop Common Core NC,  NC Federation of Republican Women, Tea Parties, Civitas, John Locke Foundation, elected officials and more.
The NC grassroots have been asked to help our General Assembly end Common Core, and the timing is URGENT.
The NC General Assembly has formed a Common Core Study Committee, which must bring a recommendation to the GA by December of 2014.
We need to help two things happen:
1. Have the Study Committee bring their report by May 2014, during the NCGA spring session, so the recommendations may be implemented before the next school year.
2. Have the Committee recommend that the General Assembly pause Common Core.
We must be engaged over the coming months like we have never been engaged before. We stopped the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion in NC; stopping Common Core is going to require even more of us.
There will be several steps along the way, to include:
-Contacting the Study Committee
-Contacting our own legislators
-Educating the public
-Letters to the editor
-Attending the Committee hearings (first one is mid-December).
Today is Step One.
We know it’s Thanksgiving week. We wouldn't ask you to engage if it weren't absolutely necessary. If you can make a few calls or send a few emails on Monday or Tuesday and pass this information along to others, it will have a huge impact and we can come back to it again next week.
Ask them where they stand on Common Core and let them know of your concerns.
Dan Soucek (Chair): (919) 733-5742, (919) 733-5742, 
Chad Barefoot: (919) 715-3036, (919) 715-3036, 
Warren Daniel: (919) 715-7823, (828) 433-0700, 
Martin Nesbitt: (919) 715-3001, (828) 252-0490,  
Buck Newton: (919) 715-3030, (919) 715-3030, 
Earline Parmon: (919) 733-5620, (336) 767-7395, 
Jerry Tillman: (919) 733-5870, (336) 431-5325, 
Tom Apodaca: 919) 733-5745, (828) 696-0574, 

Bryan Holloway (Chair): 919-733-5609, 336-985-0826, 
Marcus Brandon: 919-733-5825, 336-987-3357, 
Tricia Cotham: 919-715-0706, 919-715-0706,  
Jeffrey Elmore: 919-733-5935, 
Craig Horn: 99-733-2406, 704-844-9960,  
Larry Pittman: 919-715-2009, 704-782-3528,  
(Larry has already expressed opposition to CC, having introduced a bill to halt it.)
Michael Speciale: 919-733-5853, 252-635-5326,  
Tim Moore: 919-733-4838, 704-739-1221,
Let them know of your concerns. You can find your legislators here.
Note - Our emails to our legislators have more impact when they are personal and individualized, rather than mass produced.
4. JOIN THE STICKY NOTE CAMPAIGN on Friday, November 27
We believe we will stop Common Core in NC, and we are proud to stand alongside you all. More to come - Thank you!

Stop Common Core NC – Great for information and updates. You can also find your elected officials, including school board members, at the site.
Handout on Common Core
John Locke Foundation’s 60 Questions on Common Core
View Your County’s Test Results:
1. Go to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.

2. Under "Highlights", click on 2012-13 NC READY Accountability Report.
3. When the page in step 2 comes up, look over to the left side of page and click on State, School System (LEA) and School Performance 1997-2013.
4. At this point, you can click on any year but it's recommended to click on 2012-2013 to get the most current information.
5. There will be a series of drop downs you have to navigate. The first one allows you to choose any School System in the state. For the second one, scroll down and click "LEA Results". The third one lets you choose subject - "Math and Reading Composite" is recommended. The fourth one lets you choose grade - "Composite, Grade 3 through 8" is recommended. The last one lets you choose type of assessment - choosing "ALL" is recommended.

6. Click on "View Report" and see the results.
Be UnCommon. 
End Common Core in North Carolina.

In liberty, Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


Multiple Resources!

Common Core:  Learn how FPE has joined the fight to defeat Common Core and will remain an alternative for parents. See why we should all be concerned about these standards.

Common Core: Dangers And Threats To American Liberty And Education

A presentation by Dr. Duke Pesta and Mrs. Mary Black of Freedom Project exposing Common Core.  CLICK HERE!

Be sure and watch Part 8:    In the final segment, members of the committee pose questions to the presenters regarding key issues of student/parent privacy, program cost, and state autonomy in deciding how and what our students are taught in public schools.  Here questions from Reps. Larry Pittman, Michael Speciale and others.


Hillsdale Professor: Common Core ‘Embarrassingly Dumb’, January 19, 2014
A Hillsdale College professor has penned a book he hopes will serve as a user’s guide for parents, citizens, and state lawmakers to help them fully grasp what will actually happen in classrooms where the Common Core standards are being implemented—and how this initiative will only hasten the full decline of our schools.

Dr. Terrence Moore—author, historian, teacher, and former U.S. Marine lieutenant—argues there is an urgent need for parents, taxpayers, and state legislatures to defeat the Common Core initiative. In his book The Story-Killers: A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core, Moore takes parents, especially those who may know little about the standards, through a hypothetical school district and into classrooms, demonstrating how the Common Core will put a nail in the coffin of the already suffering progressive education system many Americans have simply come to accept.    Read it all!  

Open Letter to NC Gov. McCrory On Common Core---Posted on  by ladyliberty1885Dear Governor McCrory, I recently read an article in the News and Observer in which you praised former Governor Jim Hunt, calling him a “hero” and “mentor” of yours.   While I am pleased to see bipartisanship taking place in discussions in the critical topic of education, given your appreciation for former Governor Hunt in the area of education and his institute’s ties to Common Core, I wanted to be sure you were aware of some important facts.  The emphasis on that has been placed on education producing a ‘qualified workforce’ is troubling given the relationship former Governor Hunt and his foundation have with the CCSS. I’m certain former Governor Hunt believes the CCSS is the answer, however, the reality is that these standards are just adding to the problems we face in education today. I’ve also noted the Chamber of Commerce lending it’s support. I hope they dig deeper and realize the pitfalls of staying on the Common Core course.  Read more.  

Obamacare pre-existing conditions deadline delayed—January 15, 2014
The White House delayed another Obamacare deadline late Tuesday, pushing back by more than a month when those with pre-existing conditions must enroll in new health plans.  The administration had already delayed the Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP), which was designed to help those with serious medical conditions transition to Obamacare coverage.
Department of Health and Human Services officials, though, said they needed more time to make sure those patients received insurance coverage, pushing the expected Jan. 31 deadline back to March 15.  Read more.

The Common Core Agenda – Part 1: Let’s Take It From the Top, January 5, 2014
We all know it, America’s public school system is failing our kids, and there are few among us that don’t agree that something needs to be done to fix the problems; but what? Perhaps a new centralized system paid for by the federal government is the answer – HA!  As we have seen in the increasing number of stories highlighting some of the disturbing lessons associated with the new Common Core standards for education [Teach Your Children Well, Because You Never Know What They’ll Pick Up in School…and Schools Across the Country Are Openly Indoctrinating Our Kids], a federal model is not the answer.  Never the less, Common Core is here, and it will reshape the future of America, but where did it come from?… [Read More...]

The Common Core Agenda – Part 2A: Architects and Profiteers
We all know the American education system is failing, and because of this many well meaning though naive people jumped on the Common Core bandwagon without having any idea of what they were supporting. “The promise of the Common Core is dying and teaching and learning are being distorted.  The well that should sustain the Core has been poisoned.”  She sites the constant testing of students, that does nothing to enhance the learning experience but is instead another aspect of the never ending data collection that is so much a part of Common Core.  She rightfully questions the new business model as well and asks why companies like Pearson which receives “multi-million dollar contract to create tests for the state should also be able to profit from producing test prep materials.”… [Read More...]

Problems with Data Privacy in Relation to Common Core Standards, The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and The Education Sciences Reform Act
The type and amount of personal, family, and non-academic data collected by the schools, reported in state longitudinal databases and used for research by the federal government was stimulated by the passage of the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002 (ESRA) and has grown rapidly since then.  Loss of student and family data privacy has been accelerated by the proliferation of education programs funded by the federal government, especially in the early childhood realm and including home visiting … [Read More...] 

Thinking About Common Core?  (Video with David Barton)
Common Core is a work in progress, an education system to politically indoctrinate your children. In the Communist country of Cuba, children were indoctrinated to believe that Socialism and Communism were fine,  Childrens history from Kindergarten to adulthood was kept in a file by the government. Children were taken away from their parents and their rights to their children was taken away. Over 50 years later, these children are still under Communism.  Beware, Common Core fundamentally changes what children will learn.  [View the reports at Bear Witness TV]

January 2, 2014
Most of Common Core is OK. Just tweak it. O-Care? Forget repealing it. Let’s FIX IT.  Lt. Gov. Dan Forest weakening on Common Core?  In an interview Forest says, “95 percent of Common Core is great.  “I think we could easily keep a large quantity of Common Core and just change the standards on it,” he added. “…Get rid of the copyright so we can do the things we need to do with it.”  Read it here.  

December 2013

Race to the Top spending hasn’t translated to most classrooms--The state has used most of the $400 million federal Race to the Top education grant it won three years ago to upgrade technology, revamp teacher training, and change teacher and principal evaluations.  As the Race to the Top grant period ends – it’s set to conclude next summer, though the state is asking for an extension – some goals for broad improvements in student performance have fallen short. Incentives such as vouchers for systems to lure better teachers got little use.  Read more here.  

A  Local Solution to Common Core?  Written by Nicole Revels-- Recently, we saw a drastic drop in the test scores of North Carolina public school students. It has been stated by NC education officials that the drop is due to more rigorous standards, and that we should expect an increase in test scores over the next couple of years; however, states that have had the Common Core standards and attached curriculum in place for several years now tell a different story. Some districts have even been caught manipulating their test results when the promised improvements and benefits from Common Core were not delivered.  Read the article.

Video:  ZoNation finishes up his evisceration on Common Core survey

IS COMMON CORE “RIGOROUS,” OR MORE NEARLY THE OPPOSITE?  So often do avid boosters such as U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush extol the national standards for K-12 education as “rigorous,” it would be easy to conclude the adjective had become part of the name: The Rigorous Common Core State Standards.  Google searches of “rigorous” and “Common Core” produce millions of hits. Hundreds of newspaper stories on the impending full-scale rollout of these standards and linked tests in local schools routinely describe the CCSS as rigorous.  Read the article.

Diane Rufino:  COMMON CORE: The NC General Assembly Holds Its First Public Meeting on Common Core (Dec. 17, 2013)--On Tuesday, December 17th, the NC General Assembly Common Core Study Committee held its first public hearing to address Common Core. I attended, as well as other activists and Tea Party leaders all across the state.   Opponents of Common Core who attended were advised to dress in red to make a visual statement to the NC General Assembly of the growing movement against North Carolina’s adoption and implementation of the controversial education standards.  I proudly wore an oversized red sweater and a sticker that announced my opposition to Common Core – as did so many others.  Indeed, the public arena was a sea of red and opposition was palpable.  Read the entire article!

Business Group Pushing Common Core Hires Activist with Partisan History--RALEIGH – A purportedly nonpartisan group formed to push business executives’ education agenda has hired a partisan activist once embroiled in groups that boycotted a North Carolina employer.  BEST NC (Business for Educational Success and Transformation in North Carolina) includes at least 54 executives as members. The group supports Common Core, the controversial plan to impose uniform educational standards on schools in North Carolina and other states.  Continue reading.  

Parents Threatened for Opting Out of Common Core--Parents hate to see their kids treated like robots while forced to fit into the government’s definition of equal and successful. Surprise! Surprise! Parents want their kids to develop as individuals each prepared to follow his own dreams.  In a video (see link) on Common Core, New York State PTA Education Coordinator Bob Aloise  supported calling Child Protective Services and charging parents with “educational neglect” for opting-out their kids from the curricula or testing. 

Raleigh News and Observer:  Common Core education standards get legislative scrutiny--(And CCTA was there to show opposition!)---A joint legislative committee charged with scrutinizing the new Common Core standards used in North Carolina schools for math and English held its first meeting Tuesday and the talk quickly turned to overhauling or dumping them.  

Part Three: Examining The Communist Core…Oops, Common Core Survey

CCTA Meets with Dr. June Atkinson in Raleigh!
The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association's (CCTA's) Common Core Committee, chaired by Kim Fink, left New Bern at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, December 12 for a 1 p.m. meeting with June St. Clair Atkinson, North Carolina's Superintendent of Public Instruction, in her Raleigh conference room.

Video--ZoNation:  Examining the Communist Core…Oops, Common Core Survey

TEACHERS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, Teachers Complain Common Core Makes Them ‘Robots,’‘Machines’-- Though the bulk of criticism about the content of the Common Core academic standards has come from parents, many teachers are growing increasingly vocal about how the new standards are affecting their daily jobs in the classroom. These teachers complain that Common Core is not allowing them to use their own individual skills in teaching their students.  As reported, some teachers say the new standards are forcing lessons to revolve around data and testing with methods and strategies that are counter-intuitive.  

TEACHERS FACE RETALIATION FOR CRITICIZING COMMON CORE-- Teachers are supposed to leave professional judgment at home. A teacher who tries to adjust the lessons labeled Common Core is not supporting the mandate and is, therefore, insubordinate. Her kids typically won’t pass the federally-aligned tests, either. Common Core has taken “teaching to the test” to new heights.  Ethics and professional standards prevent educators from publicly criticizing any district-approved policy, which includes Common Core, since educators are evaluated based on their implementation of district policies. But a teacher’s true feelings can be found on NEA and AFT internet sites.  

Video:  ZoNation--Part Two: Examining a Common Core Survey

Lady Liberty 1885:  CCS Morning Reads For 12-09-13

Educrats say the darndest things …. When you’ve spent 40 years inside the state bureaucracy, it’s understandable that your world-view might be a little disjointed. DPI secretary June Atkinson never ceases to amaze — EVERY time she opens her mouth:  Myrtle Grove Christian School, which recently adopted a controversial “Biblical morality” admissions policy, will not accept state-funded vouchers, according to Head of School Stacey Miller.  “With the voucher legislation that we have we could be in dangerous territory as far as taxpayers’ dollars going to private schools,” she said prior to speaking to the N.C. School Boards Association’s Public Policy Conference. “There is nothing in the legislation that would prevent someone from establishing a school of terror.”[...]

Lady Liberty: DPI’s Atkinson Unleashes Fear Mongering Rhetoric On Vouchers-- I’m technically in a blog break, but some things are just too incredible not to write about.  Case in point, NC Superintendent June Atkinson’s recent remarks about vouchers. The partisan rhetoric and over the top, fear mongering language are just stunning. Emphasis below is mine.

Lady Liberty:  #DM7 Article: It Begins: Common Core Syndrome--Anxiety attacks. Bursting into tears. Vomiting. Headaches. Self-mutilation.  Sounds like someone suffering from any of a few mental disorders, but this list of symptoms is coming from a clinical social worker and psychologist in New York state. These symptoms are being displayed by children and the cause is Common Core.  Here is the testimony from Mary Calamia at a Suffolk, NY forum:

A Textbook That Should Live in Infamy: The Common Core Assaults World War II-- Saturday the 7th of December will mark the seventy-second anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The commemoration of that “date which will live in infamy” brings up memories of more than Pearl Harbor but of the entire American effort in World War II: of the phenomenal production of planes and tanks and munitions by American industry; of millions of young men enlisting (with thousands lying about their age to get into the service); of the men who led the war, then and now seeming larger than life—Churchill and F.D.R., Eisenhower and MacArthur, Monty and Patton; and of the battles themselves in which uncommon valor was a common virtue: Midway, D-Day, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima, to name only a few. Most of us today do not know those events directly but have encountered them in history books. And when we think of World War II, the people who come to mind first are our grandparents: the men and women of the Greatest Generation who are our surest link to the past.

Is this Common Core math question the worst math question in human history?  U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has promised to improve education quality vastly by pushing for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  This year, 45 states and the District of Columbia have implemented the Common Core standards and curricula based on those standards.  Duncan doesn’t much care for the people who criticize Common Core, either. He has insisted that it’s all a bunch of “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn't’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary.”  Read more.  

American Thinker: Common Core Standards: Throwing Gasoline on a Fire-- Common Core was sold to the public as a way to improve public schools.  Arguably, it's the opposite.  First of all, the people in charge have been in charge for 85 years.  They have proved themselves to be architects of mediocrity and decline, nothing else.  Second, Common Core locks in place bad ideas that have plagued us for decades.  Sight-words in reading, Reform Math curricula in arithmetic, Constructivism in the teaching of knowledge, and many other failed theories and methods beloved by left-wing professors.  Third, Common Core Standards give federal bureaucrats more power.  Communities will have less flexibility.  It's everything a totalitarian government wants.  

Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

IL Common Core School Assignment Requires Parents to Self-Identify as Conservative or Liberal--A recent Common Core assignment sent home from an Oak Forest, Illinois high school requires parents to self-identify as conservative or liberal.  The Illinois Review reported:  An assignment sent home from an Oak Forest, IL high school government class is raising eyebrows among parents who are shocked by the questionnaire they and their children are required to fill out. The questionnaire (below) has the parents identify their positions on a number of highly-charged issues, and then places them on a “political spectrum.” 

Common Core creates educational ‘iron cage’-- STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – Many parents are feeling powerless in resisting the implementation of Common Core in Catholic schools, according to a recent article in Crisis Magazine by Anne Hendershott, a professor of sociology at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Common Core - California- and other peoples money-- One year ago, Jerry Brown’s Prop 30 was passed by California voters.   Governor Brown sold the idea to voters that an increase of taxes to the  top 3% will help California’s annual school budget by roughly $6.8 billion.  However, last week the San Jose Mercury News reported   that due to Jerry Brown’s decision to cancel this year’s STAR testing to  implement another bad decision, Common Core, California schools will be  penalized over HALF the amount raised by Prop 30 from the states federal education funds!

FreedomWorks On Tap "A Teacher's Take On Common Core" features an exclusive interview with former teacher Meg Norris where she discusses her experience with Common Core in the classroom and what the top-down standards mean for education in America. If you have children in American schools, you don't want to miss this!

Blue States Turning on Controversial ‘Common Core’School Standards--I t’s hilarious when liberals turn on their own.  Check it out:  As controversy intensifies over new the Common Core educational standards, two Democrat-led states are showing signs of distancing themselves from the curriculum that the Obama administration has supported.  North Country Public Radio reported last week that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has appeared to remove himself from the controversial....

Common Core Dollars Destroy Opportunities For ADHD Kids--Corporations buying into the federal healthcare data system using huge profits made from creating federal tests aligned with Common Core are destroying opportunities for ADHD kids.  The fears of many parents of ADHD kids will likely come true. Their child’s opportunities will be limited by an inanimate object created by a corporation that the parent cannot hold accountable.
Currently, American kids can be kids. 

Common Core Blotting Out the Civil War“If you haven’t heard of it, Common Core is essentially the federal government taking over our public education system, or to put it technically – “uniform national curriculum standards.” And hey, hey, hey, before you start throwing Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” thing in my face and saying I’m some Obama-hating contrarian, I’ll tell you right now, I think “No Child Left Behind” stunk as well.”

High Court ends Liberty U Lawsuit over health law

CommonCore Creator Friends w/ Terrorist William Ayres?  These “Commies” all stick together. And, they want to control the minds of our children. Here’s an article that ties together the Communist friends of Common Core creator David Coleman.  “The Gates Foundation provided a $489,453 grant to the George Soros/Obama mouthpiece, the Center for American Progress, “to help communicate the importance of education reforms and support progressive states seeking to implement them.”  Gates and Soros are tied up in this Obama/Ayres/Annenberg/Coleman goal of brainwashing this generation into a global communist government.

November 2013


Multiple Resources!

Common Core Math: Unicorns & Magic--Last week I wrote about part of a presentation given to guests in a Parent Led Reform Oregon hosted Common Core informational meeting.  These meetings tell you the real story of Common Core and how it works. Most parents are relieved to finally see the things they’ve been experiencing with their children’s homework actually talked about openly and explained to them like the adults that they are.

Common Core GED book: '9/11 hijackers were poor Afghanis'. Oh Hell, No!!!!!!  Don't think that home-schoolers will not be assimilated into the collective core... Homeschoolers will not escape the Common Core - at least those who take GED tests. Thoughtcriminal Oleg Atbashian and his compliant underling Larissa Atbashian (the latter being the main culprit here) have once again threatened the tranquility of Progdom with this new scoop.  Coming to your family unit in 2014

Common Core Third Grade Book Presents Messianic View of Obama--A Common Core kid’s book teaches 3rd graders that Barack Obama is honest, kind, fair and godlike.  EAG News reported:  On the heels of a controversial children’s book about Barack Obama – which stated “white voters would never vote for a black president” and that “Barack’s former pastor” said “God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens” – comes a new lesson that casts America’s 44th president in a messianic light. Literally.  And – surprise – it’s Common Core-aligned.

Common Core Obama’s Means to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America’s Education System--Proponents of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) often insist that the new standards are not a federal takeover of education. Actually, Common Core supporters could be right in one sense: Common Core is not so much about a nationalization of education as it is part of a world-wide initiative that may ultimately serve to make American values and practices secondary to global sharing.

Common Core Violates the Golden Rule No Matter What it Teaches--Common Core is not wrong because of what it teaches.  Suppose for a moment that Ted Cruz had been POTUS for the last five years. Now, suppose President Cruz wants to push Common Core. However, instead of pushing Common Core with liberal values, President Cruz pushes Common Core with the following paradigms.

Board meeting erupts in laughter over ridiculous Common Core-aligned lessons--SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. – We’ve heard reports that Common Core is causing anger and frustration among parents and teachers across the nation – but laughter? That’s a new one to us.  But that’s exactly what happened during last week’s meeting of New York’s Saranac Lake Central school board.  The Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports Superintendent Diane Fox had board members laughing in disbelief when she told them of a Common Core-aligned English unit about early world civilizations suggested by the state.

‘WHITE VOTERS WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR A BLACK PRESIDENT’: THOSE ARE THE WORDS FOUND IN A MIDDLE SCHOOL LIBRARY BOOK--Suburban moms are hitting back at Education Secretary Arne Duncan after his recent comments about who’s opposed to Common Core standards, in one case highlighting a book in President Barack Obama and Duncan’s home state.  A book about Obama available to fourth-graders has sparked controversy, with parents citing a passage they believe implies opposition to the president is based entirely on his race.

Common Core: This is Social Engineering, and no one has the right to control our lives or the lives of our children!  Gates Unhinged--The Northeast Ohio Media Group featured in its Sun Press/Sun Messenger local paper, a double opinion piece on Common Core Standards on November 14.  Absent from the favorable assessment were the particulars that expose the damaging aspects, namely that states will be required to surrender their diverse curricula for one set of educational principles, to undermine individuality and stifle students’ creativity and choices of study, limiting quality and parental choices.  It is also unconstitutional.  The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Education of the masses must never be placed under government control and must be reviewed and endorsed by schools and parents.

You have to see these unintelligible Common Corea ssignments posted by angry parents--Twitchy’s CEO Michelle Malkin has been one of the more vocal critics of the imposition of Common Core standards on our schools. One of the controversial issues has to do with the emphasis on unorthodox (often unclear) paths to solutions, rather than simply asking kids to solve problems. Some parents are taking to Twitter to register their anger and confusion over the weird instruction their children are receiving, reportedly from Common Core-aligned curricula:

HOMESCHOOL GROUP, CATHOLIC EDUCATION WATCHDOG AMONG THOSE CONCERNED BY COMMON CORE STANDARDS-- Once deemed inevitable, the new national “Common Core” education standards are being challenged by grassroots pressure in states across the country amid concerns that the standards are insufficiently rigorous and represent a troubling overreach by the federal government.  In Tennessee, one group of citizens fighting the standards are parents who home-school their children.  According to the Tennessee Department of Education’s official policy, parents who home-school their children in Tennessee have been assured that “adoption of Common Core State Standards has no impact on homeschooling.”  However, a post published by the Home School Legal Defense Association’s (HSLDA) Senior Counsel Dee Black is pushing back against this claim.

School Teaches White Voters Are Racist--Opponents of the federal Common Core standards being implemented in schools across the U.S. have made significant hay out of numerous reports that many of its lesson plans promote leftist propaganda. Apparently, those responsible for compiling the supplemental coursework are intent on proving that point.  One of the latest outrageous items included in the curriculum is a book filled with the same race-based talking points common among the most rabid leftists on MSNBC.  A school in Dupo, Ill. has added the book, a biography of Barack Obama, to its fourth grade syllabus. Included in the material is the blatant accusation that white voters are inherently racist.

EDUCATION SEC. ARNE DUNCAN MAKES WILD CLAIM ABOUT WHY SOME ‘WHITE SUBURBAN MOMS’ OPPOSE COMMON CORE-- U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan reportedly said on Friday that some of the opposition to the controversial Common Core State Standards is derived from wealthy white mothers upset to learn their children are not as bright as they thought.  According to the Washington Post, Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents he found it “fascinating” opposition comes from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn't’ as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t as good as they though they were.”

Axelrod claims Common Core ‘an Obama initiative’

FED UP WITH THEIR KIDS’ FAILING MATH GRADES UNDER COMMON CORE, THESE PARENTS TOOK MATTERS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS--Parents fed up with their kids’ declining math grades under newly adopted Common Core standards took an unorthodox step to remedy the problem: They pulled their children out of school for an hour a day to teach them at home.  Nine parents took their seventh- and eighth-graders from math class at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Ore.reported KATU-TV in Portland, citing a sudden drop in grades and performance.

High School Senior's Testimony Devastates Common Core-- 'If everything I learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven't learned anything.'

THE LATEST COMMON CORE FIGHT: CURSIVE (AND COMMON CORE IS LOSING IN SOME STATES)-- COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The swirling lines from Linden Bateman’s pen have been conscripted into a national fight to keep cursive writing in American classrooms.  Cursive. Penmanship. Handwriting.  In years gone by, it helped distinguish the literate from the illiterate.

Civitas--CommonCore:  Why Parents and Citizens Should be Concerned—If you’re worried about the new Common Core State Standards being imposed on North Carolina schools, you’re not alone. They are being touted as rigorous benchmarks that will boost the nation’s educational system. Don’t believe all the hype, however. 

Chuck Norris: Feds' 3 tentacles in the Common Core(Part I) -- In 2007, a group of governors and state educating chiefs got together to try and remedy the declining and degraded U.S. public academic system. Their goal was to establish a new set of standards that better prepared kids for college, careers and their ever-changing, hyper-connected and globally competitive world.  In short, as a result, the Common Core State Standards Initiative, or CCSS, was born.

See June Spin. Spin, June, Spin.  Well, it appears that public education is back in the news. The North Carolina Bankers Association — of all groups — has endorsed the Common Core curriculum for the state’s public schools.   Dr. June Atkinson and her crew at NC DPI have disseminated talking points to all of the edu-crats across the state to downplay the mediocre-to-dismal showing in testing results: “North Carolina Public Schools Post Strong Academic Growth; Higher standards mean fewer students marked proficient.”  Seriously ????

More Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey The Government’s Commands”--Wow, indoctrination tied up as instruction on possessives. This is reportedly part of the Common Core lessons for third graders so it applies to all schools employing those standards.

Common Core Testing Tech Issues--As 46 states adopt the Common Core standards and testing, the tools built into the universally designed tests are not enough for students with disabilities. Special needs students must be able to use the tools that work for them both in and outside of the classroom, says Christina Samuels, a staff writer for Education Week.

Common Core: Socialists areComing for Your Kids-- Last week I had breakfast with two ladies and another gentleman and during our time together we began discussing all the sad truths of what is happening in this great Country of ours. You know, all the scandals, lies, conspiracies, hardships, broken promises, greed and dismay, as well as what we all thought the reason for all of this was and why we thought that. It really was a good discussion.  These two ladies both home school their children even though one of them is a former public school teacher and, for many years, was against home schooling. 

Common Core: People vs. Big Government, BigBusiness, and Billionaires-- With recent public hearings on national Common Core education standards by Wisconsin lawmakers in October, another element of the national battle is becoming increasingly obvious: This has become a fight largely between concerned citizens and parents on one side, with Big Business, Big Government, and a cadre of establishment billionaires like Bill Gates on the other. 

Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey TheGovernment’s Commands— Wow, indoctrination tied up as instruction on possessives. This is reportedly part of the Common Core lessons for third graders so it applies to all schools employing those standards.  This is courtesy of Chris Sardegna. In case you question the above, Chris even provides the answer key and a teacher’s power point.

October 2013

Afterburner with BillWhittle: The Cookie Cutter Curriculum

Daniel J. Mitchell:  The Two Types of Child Victimization at Government Schools-- You would think the bureaucrats who run government schools would want to focus on the basics, such as teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  After all, no nation spends more per pupil on education than the United States. And based on some Cato Institute research, I suspect the OECD estimate of about $15,000 per student is a low-ball estimate of the burden on American taxpayers.

Common Core Will Attempt to Corrupt Your Kids-- Healthcare, education, financial services. . . What can’t the Fed’s cripple? Kyle Olson, President of EAG News, joined the program to talk about the Federal Government’s most recent attempts to intrude on the education system.

Tom Pauken: No more Common Core--Republican advocates for the Common Core State Standards have been surprised to discover deep and persistent opposition to a top down, educational system driven by a “testing to the test” mindset which seeks to push all students towards a four year university degree. You might say that, by failing to anticipate objections from grassroots conservatives, Common Core advocates are guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations. 

The Left Alleges “Unregulated Abuses” Among Homeschoolers--Read the rest of this Liberty Alliance article here. As the Common Core curriculum is rolled out around the country, parents are just beginning to get a taste of what is in store for them and their children in the coming years, and many parents aren’t happy about what they see. 


Fourth graders learn to owntheir white privilege – thanks to Common Core-aligned lesson--MUSKEGON, Mich. – We at EAGnews recently purchased a series of teaching guides that an untold number of American schools are using – or will soon begin using – to teach the new Common Core national standards in math and English.

Education Expert Speaks Out: CommonCore Is Social Engineering-- With the national uproar over the Obama administration-backed “Common Core” nationalization of education reaching a fever pitch from Florida and Louisiana to New Hampshire and Wisconsin, education expert Dr. Duke Pesta is now speaking out about the looming nationwide school standards for history, science, and sexuality.

Common Core Math Doesn’t Care About Right Answers-- Math was always one of my better subjects all through school.  It was always easy for me to memorize formulas and equations and how to solve different problems, but I knew other students that struggled with the things I found easy. 

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