Friday, August 30, 2013

God Save the American Republic

The American people who believe in the U.S. Constitution and America’s representative form of government are no longer represented in any of the three branches of the U.S. Government. We can never again afford to vote for candidates for the Presidency, the House or the Senate who hold the Constitution, and the people, in contempt, candidates that when elected put judges on the bench who violate the will of the people and overstep their constitutional judicial boundaries. If we the people continue to vote for such candidates, the American Republic will be lost – it’s now hanging by a thin thread - and we the people will have no one to blame but ourselves. Our children and grandchildren will curse us for our cowardice and flagrant disregard for our own freedom and for the loss of theirs.

The American Republic belongs to the American people. If we don’t defend her, no one will. It’s our job to defend her – our role in her creation and her continuation. Our founders intended it to be the sole responsibility of the American people to guard our liberties from all enemies, tyrants and interlopers, including our own government. But in order to be equipped to defend the Republic, the people must first educate themselves on the U.S. Constitution and what it means to be a representative form of government as we were founded - not a democracy. America’s government-run public schools do not teach the truth about America’s founding, or her founders. Our schools no longer teach our children about the rights AND POWERS conferred on the people by our founders in the Constitution. The schools have intentionally dumbed down the American people’s civic education. Why? An ignorant populace is easily fooled and manipulated. An ignorant electorate is easily and blindly ruled, not governed. And this is exactly where America stands today.

The American people are no longer governed or represented; we are now ruled by elitists who pass laws intended to control every aspect of our lives, while exempting themselves and their cronies. Both political parties have been corrupted by liars and charlatans, false patriots possessing no allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. They spout just enough constitutional-sounding verbiage during their campaigns to get elected. They pay lip-service to that grand old document about which most Americans know nothing, which is why our elected officials get away with their deceptions. Well, America, our time is up. Now is the time for the people to defend the Republic, or surrender. Our field of battle is the ballot box. (This, by the way, is why the Democrat Party is working overtime to ensure that box is unguarded and open to fraud on a massive scale). However, our current field of candidates and the state of the two parties is not good and does not bode well for the survival of the Republic.

The Democrat Party has been lost to socialism/communism for too long; it is now beyond recovery. The Republican Party is almost lost but still shows some sign of life, though faint. Resuscitation might be possible but the odds are against it because there are so few patriots within the GOP. Most Republicans holding national office are blind sheep following cunning shepherds to the slaughter. For the most part, the GOP has become a party of panderers and profiteers, much as the Democrat Party.  Unless brave, articulate, passionate, freedom-loving patriots join the party and begin to fight, the Republican Party will die the same death as the Democrat Party – and soon.

As she stands today, the Republican Party is even more dangerous to the survival of the American Republic than the Democrat Party for one main reason. They are pretenders, false defenders of liberty who intentionally leave the walls of the Republic unguarded. They pretend to love the U.S. Constitution and fight for her, but they lie. They pretend to love freedom and defend the American people from big government encroachment, but they lie. They pretend to hate socialism/communism, but they lie. They pretend to fight for we the people, but they lie. Therefore, they leave the people defenseless with no one fighting to preserve our rights and the Constitution. Sheep recognize a wolf and will run for safety. But the Republican Party has become the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing whose intent is to fool the sheep so they can be devoured without ever putting up a fight.

Well, this is one former sheep (politically speaking) that has decided to put up a fight. I will never again hold my nose and vote for a stealthy, Constitution hating, snake-oil peddler disguised as a conservative Republican. I’m on the hunt for real conservatives, real Republicans, real American patriots, statesmen and women on par with our founders. We need brave, bold, totally politically incorrect people to run for office and we need them now. Their goal must be to save the American Republic, not build a political career and amass a personal fortune from taxpayer dimes. The survival of the Republic is on the line and nothing less will do. We need fighters at all levels of government to defend America and put her back on the path to a Constitutional Republic, or she is finished. We need candidates who will tell the American people the truth about our dire financial condition and what needs to be done to fix it. We need candidates who will advocate for the abolition of entire agencies of the Federal Government that are unconstitutional. We need candidates who will demand an end to government programs designed to create slaves of the American people and make us dependents of the government, programs that encroach on our freedoms, rob us blind and contribute to our economic doom. This will take courage. It will also take an ability to directly confront not only politicians who oppose them, but the socialists that comprise the vast majority of America’s main stream media. These deceivers of the American public need to be challenged and exposed, not feared or shunned. Any future candidates I support and for whom I cast my vote will be of this quality and character. I will support no other. I, for one, will get behind an effort to establish a 3rd party if the Republican Party does not field such candidates as described herein, and return to its conservative, constitutional roots.

Craven County Republican Men's Club Golf Tournament

Saturday, September 21. 2013
Gather:  8:00 am    Shotgun Start:  8:30 am

Cost $60* per player (*course members pay $45.) --  includes golf w/cart, refreshments on the course, a buffet meal, event handouts, and prizes.

Event will be held at Harbour Pointe Golf Club, 
now operated by Billy Casper Golf (

Format is Super Ball with flights for Men, Women and Couples.  Prizes for flight winners, closest to the ping, closest to the line, and longest drive.  Includes 4 Hole-in-One golf vacation packages.

This is a fundraiser for the Craven County Republican Party.  Proceeds will be used to support local and NC candidates.

Make checks payable to :  CRMC.  Mail checks to:  CCRMC, P.O. Box 243, New Bern, NC  28563.

Hole sponsorships available at $50 per hole.  Rain Date:  October 5, 2013.  For more information please contact:  Bruce Hice @ 638-3539; Bob Gillham @ 637-6345 or Bob Strickland @ 634-2583.

Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina--Bootcamp

September 14. 2013
Voter Integrity Bootcamp

The bootcamp is for you...the people dedicated to the goal of open and honest elections and taught by VIP-NC founders, Jay DeLancey, John Pizzo, and Dr. Mark Merry; with special guest speaker, Dr. TIm Daughtry, author of widely acclaimed, Waking the Sleeping Giant.

Saturday, September 14, 2013
In the Raleigh area
All day workshop (lunch included)

Learn the critical research and advocacy skills that are vital to the integrity of our elections.  Far from another supper club or gala dinner occasion, this roll-up-your-sleeves workshop will give you the tools and action plans you will need in order to clean up your county's voter roll and to impact election policies and laws at both the local and state level.

Keep an eye out for updates and at our website:

Jay DeLancy

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers (CCTA) Monthly Program Meeting for September

The Monthly CCTA Program Meeting 
will be held
on September 17. 2013 (Constitution Day), at 7:00 pm
at the Bridge Pointe Hotel and Marina, New Bern, NC
across the bridge from New Bern, in the room overlooking the Trent River!

Constitutional Conservatism
Color Blind and Good for ALL Americans

Speaker:  Timothy Johnson, PhD
Founder and CEO 
The Frederick Douglas Foundation

"We are a constitutional republic in which government power is limited..."

"We are a free which the individual pursuit of economic opportunity benefits all."

"We live in a land of liberty where natural rights of individuals precede and supersede the power of the state."
(Some of the tenants of the Frederick Douglass Foundation)

Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association
ALL Concerned Citizens Welcome!

Craven County GOP Precinct Meetings

A meeting of ALL Craven County Republican Precincts will be held at the GOP Headquarters, Bern Square Shopping Center in New Bern, NC on  September 19, 2013.

Every Republican who comes will have a vote.  Precincts which have not yet elected officers will do so.

Veterans Wait Years For Benefits While VA Employees Get Bonuses For Inept Work | Godfather Politics

If you are a veteran, have you run into difficulty getting your benefits from the Veterans Administration?  I read about a number of veterans that waited a year or more to receive needed benefits including medical treatment.  Men and women who served our nation only to get wounded and maimed end up waiting months to receive their desperately needed disability compensation.  There are horror stories across the nation of men and women who almost qualify as a marathon runner from all of the run arounds they get from the VA. 

Perhaps that’s because VA employees can no longer earn points for following up on contacts and perusing whatever documents are necessary to process a case.  This was known as ‘supplemental development’ and they used to gain extra points for this, but that is no longer the policy.  With no reward or incentive to go beyond the minimum requirements, resulting in poor performance, many claims are being handled improperly or left incomplete.  At the moment, the VA reports that there are about 14,000 veterans who have appeals still pending after more than 2 years of applying for their rightful benefits.

In fact, the employees earn points for normal minimal processing of claims.  According to one VA employee, this results in many workers concentrating on pushing through the easy claims and even cheating on claim processing at times.  At the same time, they ignore the harder backlogged claims because they don’t earn any points towards their bonus if they do.  Hence, thousands of wounded veterans are facing medical, financial, employment and even family problems because VA workers opt not to work on their claims. 

The VA is so inefficient that last year, they closed their Oakland office for a time in order to retrain their employees because they were so inept at their jobs.  The VA office in Baltimore is the worst in the nation as it takes longer for them to process a claim than any other VA office in the nation. 

Yet, 90% of the employees at the Oakland VA office and 40% of the workers at the Baltimore office received bonuses for their outstanding performance.  In contrast, the VA office in Sioux Falls has a performance record more than 4 times better than the Oakland office, but less than 10% of their staff received bonuses. 

All toll, certain VA employees shared in $5.5 million worth of bonuses.  However, it seems that the more inefficient the employees were, the more of them that shared the bonus.  If I were in charge of the Veterans Administration, I would completely revamp the point system and bonus program to insure that only those employees who are doing their jobs to the best of their ability will get bonuses.

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The FBI and the Muslim Brotherhood

August 30, 2013

A recent report in Mother Jones magazine has given the lie to FBI Director Robert Mueller’s defense of his agency’s failure to take any action against Nidal Hasan, despite intercepting a series of emails between the mass murderer and terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, beginning as early as 2008.

Appearing on CBS News last Thursday, Mueller was asked if his agency “dropped the ball.”“No, I think, given the context of the discussions and the situation that the agents and the analysts were looking at, they took appropriate steps,” he responded.

Mueller’s statements are shocking in light of the mountain of evidence showing FBI dereliction of duty, which is now finally getting the media attention it deserves. On the other hand, Mueller’s remarks make perfect sense given the Obama administration’s long and disturbing track record of allowing Islamists to shape U.S. national security policy, including at the FBI. Mueller himself has been Obama’s point man in that effort.

Recall that in 2012, the FBI eliminated 876 pages and 392 presentations from its counterterrorism training manuals. At the time,FBI spokesman Christopher Allen said that the Bureau found some of the material to be inaccurate, too broad or, in some cases, offensive, because it allegedly characterized Muslims as prone to violence and/or terrorism. Four criteria were used in the purge, including the politically incorrect metrics of “poor taste” and “stereotyping.” Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) made a stir at the time forcharacterizing the purge as “cultural suicide” that was influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood and its associated groups.

READ MORE:  The FBI and the Muslim Brotherhood

Federal Loans for Electric Cars That Lose Money : The Tea Party Economist

The latest boondoggle: 

They’re at it again! The government wants to bring back a zombie. Originally created by Congress in 2007, the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program provided low-cost government loans that were subsidized, guaranteed, and then in part eaten, as we now know, by hapless and strung-out American taxpayers. 

Ford was the top beneficiary. While bragging vociferously that it hadn’t been bailed out by the government, as opposed to GM and Chrysler, it received a $5.9 billion loan under that program ostensibly to retool its plants and start producing electric vehicles. Those billions were in addition to other Federal programs, including subsidized loans from the Export-Import Bank (example). Though Ford has plenty of hybrids, it doesn’t have, despite the $5.9 billion, anything resembling a plug-in EV. 

Nissan got $1.4 billion to build its plug-in EV, the Leaf. Tesla got $465 million. It is building a few, very expensive plug-in EVs a day. With its highflying stock, it prints its own currency and used some of it to pay off that loan in May. 

Others weren’t so “successful.” Fisker was awarded a $529 million package. But in May 2011, the Department of Energy, after paying out $193 million, cut Fisker off; it was supposed to have produced 14,000 cars by then but had only slapped together a few hundred. Superstorm Sandy then mangled 338 of those Karmas that would have normally sold for $100,000 a pop – a pop because their batteries exploded. They’d been made by A123, also a beneficiary of bi-partisan boondoggle money, now bankrupt. In early April this year, the DOE seized the $22 million remaining in Fisker’s account. By that time, the company had laid off 75% of its staff. There is salvation on the way, however. A German group is rumored to contemplate buying what’s left for a measly $25 million. The remainder of the $1.4 billion, including the $1.2 billion that Fisker had weaseled out of private investors? Gone up in smoke. 

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz praised the office at the DOE for how it handled the program and for its “due diligence.” And he added, “I think it shows in the portfolio.”

But what the government is funding isn’t exactly a new technology. On September 14, 1899, a guy named Henry Bliss got run over by a taxi in Manhattan. A plaque points out that he was the first automobile fatality in the “Western Hemisphere.” The taxi was a plug-in EV. As were 90% of the taxis in New York City and about 30% of all cars sold in the US. Most other cars were steam-powered. They had a longer range and more power. And a marketing advantage: speed records. They were great for long trips, such as to the next town, but you had to preheat the boiler. So, plug-in EVs were better for tooling around town. But they had a more limited range, and it took a long time to charge the batteries. Very familiar problems today, in the otherwise ideal and mature technology. 

Other companies tried to finagle their way into the DOE loan program but after years of talks abandoned their applications, including bankrupt and bailed out GM and Chrysler … and Coda. It bought cars without powertrains from Chinese automaker ChangAn Hafei, installed its electrical equipment, and sold them for $37,250! That didn’t work too well. While it didn’t get the $334 million in taxpayer money it had applied for, it burned through $300 million from private investors – including ex-Secretary of the Treasury and bailout goon Hank Paulson – and filed for bankruptcy protection. 

After these rousing successes, the $25 billion corporate welfare program petered out in 2011. But now the Obama administration wants to resuscitate it (though last month, a House Appropriations Committee panel voted to use those funds to pay for other things, like wildfire fighting). The DOE is actively considering what a new loan solicitation program might look like, DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz told the Detroit News. “That’s an ongoing discussion,” he said.

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Syrian Rebels Connected to Benghazi Terrorists - CowboyByte

As President Obama prepares to make good on his Syrian “red-line” promise, new information shows the very people a U.S. strike would benefit are connected directly to the same al Qaeda terrorists who attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on 9/11.

U.S. intelligence agencies earlier this month uncovered new evidence that al Qaeda-linked terrorists in Benghazi are training foreign jihadists to fight with Syria’s Islamist rebels, according to U.S. officials. Ansar al-Sharia, the al Qaeda-affiliated militia that U.S. officials say orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks on the U.S. diplomatic compound and a CIA facility in Benghazi, is running several training camps for jihadists in Benghazi and nearby Darnah, another port city further east, said officials who discussed some details of the camps on condition of anonymity.

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Obama Disarms Americans While Arming the World

As President Barack Obama has outwardly attempted to curtail Americans’ Constitutional Second Amendment right to bear arms, his Administration has approved huge increases in defense spending and export sales. The Administration is now seeking to eliminate stringent State Department controls on exports and foreign licensing of dozens of categories of weapons and technology from the United States Munitions List (USML) by transferring control to the pro-business Commerce Department.

In spite of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) warnings this change could increase terrorist access to dangerous weapons, the Administration claims this “reform” would enhance “the competitiveness of key United States manufacturing and technology sectors.” 
It may seem hypocritical to tighten gun control at home and flood the world with weapons. But since Obama was elected president, Democrats have eliminated Republicans’ advantage in collecting defense industry campaign contributions. 
President Obama has tried to push Congress into passing extensive domestic gun control legislation. In Obama's first four years in office he also used his regulatory powers for the federal government to conduct about the same number of background checks on gun owners and prospective buyers as George W. Bush's in his first six years in office. 
Declaring a national gun control crisis after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in January 2013, the Administration issued 23 executive orders directing federal agencies to “improve knowledge of the causes of firearm violence, what might help prevent it, and how to minimize its burden on public health.” According to the Institute of Medicine, “One of these orders directed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify the most pressing problems in firearm violence a committee tasked with developing a potential research agenda that focuses on the causes of, possible interventions to, and strategies to minimize the burden of firearm-related violence.” 
It seems clear that the goal of this Presidential Executive Order is to instruct the CDC to fund medical research to “prove” that gun owners are afflicted with some pathological disease or mental defect.
The President may have been visibly advocating gun control in America, but he has been a huge cheerleader for expanding the American defense industry. Since 2008, U.S. defense spending grew by 25% to $900 billion; defense exports grew by 30% to $73 billion; and foreign licensing agreements grew 46% to approximately $50 billion.

Mystery grows: Journalist died prepping Obama exposé

NEW YORK – Before his death in a fiery car crash, Michael Hastings was preparing to publish a major investigative piece tied to the undercover agent who is suspected of sanitizing President Obama’s passport records prior to the 2008 presidential election.
Hastings, 33 years old at the time of his death, wrote for Gentleman’s Quarterly, Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed, reporting on national security issues.
His June 2010 article in Rolling Stone featuring remarks highly critical of the Obama administration made by Gen. Stanley McChrystal — then the commander of allied forces in Afghanistan — led to President Obama relieving McChrystal of command.
Reported drug use
The autopsy two months after Hastings’ death found small amounts of amphetamine in his blood, suggesting he may have taken methamphetamine several hours before his death. Traces of marijuana also suggested Hastings had smoked the drug hours before he had taken the methamphetamine.
Hastings died when his Mercedes, traveling at a high rate of speed, crossed into the median on a deserted Highland Avenue at 4:20 a.m. and struck a tree. The automobile burst into flames, charring Hastings’ body so badly that it took several days to make a positive identification.
Los Angeles newspapers have suggested Hastings had become obsessed with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s massive domestic surveillance capabilities and with disclosures the Department of Justice had obtained of the phone records of Associated Press reporters.
His fiancée, Jordanna Thigpen, told the LA Weekly that just before his death, Hastings’ behavior had become erratic because of his increasing concerned that helicopters commonly seen in the Hollywood Hills were spying on him and that his Mercedes had been tampered with.
“He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” Thigpen told the newspaper.
She recalled that the night before his death, Hastings asked Thigpen if he could borrow her Volvo because he was afraid to drive his own car.
Fox News reported family members told investigators that Hastings, who supposedly had been “sober” for 14 years, had begun using drugs the month before his death. The drugs included the hallucinogenic DMT, although it was not detected in a blood report conducted after the crash.
Fox News further reported a family member told investigators Hastings was seen passed out at home about three hours before the crash and that he had been smoking marijuana the night of the crash.
Investigators told Fox News that Hastings was found after the crash with a medicinal marijuana identity card in his wallet and that he apparently was using the drug to ease post-traumatic stress disorder experienced after his assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq.
A security video that captured Hastings’ car crash showed a flash of light before the car hit the tree, raising suspicions Hastings’ death may have been caused by an explosion.
San Diego 6 News has reported that a witness in a nearby business is claiming the explosion occurred before Hastings’ car hit the tree. An explosion before impact, which would slow down the vehicle, would explain the minimal damage observed on the palm tree. Other physical evidence at the crash site also is not consistent with a high-speed, out-of-control impact.
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Police storm homeschool class, take children by force

Four children, ages 7 to 14, have been forcibly taken from their home by police armed with a battering ram, and their parents have been told they won’t see them again soon, all over the issue of homeschooling, according to a stunning new report from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

HSLDA, the world’s premiere advocate for homeschoolers, said the family of Dirk and Petra Wunderlich has battled for several years Germany’s World War II-era requirement that all children submit to the indoctrination programs in the nation’s public schools.
The shocking raid was made solely because the parents were providing their children’s education. HSLDA discovered the paperwork that authorized police officers and social workers to use force on the children contained no claims of mistreatment.
“The children were taken to unknown locations,” HSLDA said. “Officials ominously promised the parents that they would not be seeing their children anytime soon.”
The raid, which took place Thursday at 8 a.m. as the children were beginning their day’s classes, has been described by observers as “brutal and vicious.”
A team of 20 social workers, police and special agents stormed the family’s Darmstadt, Germany, home. HSLDA reported a Judge Koenig, who is assigned to the Darmstadt family court, signed an order authorizing the immediate seizure of the children by force.
“Citing the parents’ failure to cooperate ‘with the authorities to send the children to school,’ the judge also authorized the use of force ‘against the children’ … reasoning that such force might be required because the children had ‘adopted the parents’ opinions’ regarding homeschooling and that ‘no cooperation could be expected’ from either the parents or the children,” HSLDA said.
Dirk Wunderlich told the homeschool group: “I looked through a side window and saw many people, police and special agents, all armed. They told me they wanted to come in to speak with me. I tried to ask questions, but within seconds, three police officers brought a battering ram and were about to break the door in, so I opened it.”
His narration continued: “The police shoved me into a chair and wouldn’t let me even make a phone call at first. It was chaotic as they told me they had an order to take the children. At my slightest movement the agents would grab me, as if I were a terrorist. You would never expect anything like this to happen in our calm, peaceful village. It was like a scene out of a science fiction movie. Our neighbors and children have been traumatized by this invasion.”
Human rights violations
Michael Farris, HSLDA founder, said in a report the actions violated a number of established European precedents, including provisions of the European Convention of Human Rights.
“The right to homeschool is a human right,” he said, “and so is the right to freely move and to leave a country. Germany has grossly violated these rights of this family.
“This latest act of seizing these four beautiful innocent children is an outrageous act of a rogue nation.”
Farris said the U.S. Constitution is “not alone in upholding the right of parents to decide how to educate their children.”
“Germany is a party to numerous human rights treaties that recognize the right of parents to provide an education distinct from the public schools so that children can be educated according to the parents’ religious convictions,” he said.
“Germany has simply not met its obligations under these treaties or as a liberal democracy. HSLDA and I will do whatever we can to help this family regain custody of their children and ensure that they are safe from this persecution. This case demonstrates conclusively why the Romeike asylum case is so important. Families in Germany need a safe place where they can educate their children in peace.”
As WND reported, the Romeike case has been submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. A judge several years ago granted asylum in the U.S. to the family, which fled Germany because their children were forced to go to public schools.
The Obama administration, unhappy with the outcome, appealed and obtained an order from a higher court that the family must return to Germany. The Obama administration has argued in court parents essentially have no right to determine how and what their children are taught, leaving the authority with the government.
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Why we need a convention of the states now

Phyllis Schlafly was the general of the army in the battle against the Equal Rights Amendment. I was a line officer called into duty when, in 1978, Congress purported to change the deadline for the ratification of that amendment.
On behalf of three Washington state legislators, I filed the first legal challenge to the constitutionality of the misuse of the Article V process by Congress. My lawsuit was later consolidated with a similar case filed by state legislators from Arizona and Idaho.
Phyllis and I traveled together throughout Washington state to urge support for my lawsuit. She helped raise the funds that allowed us to battle both the federal government and the National Organization for Women.
We won that case at the federal district court level. The Supreme Court granted review but put the case on ice until the second deadline expired. When 38 states failed to ratify by the date of the “extended” deadline, the Supreme Court ruled the whole matter to be moot.
We were together then. Now Phyllis argues against the use of Article V, while I am helping to lead the effort for the Convention of States Project, which seeks to use the power of the states to rein in Washington, D.C.’s, abuse of power.
I tell this story to illustrate two points in response to Phyllis Schlafly’s latest argument against a convention of states. First, knowledgeable conservatives can legitimately disagree on this issue. Phyllis Schlafly and I have been friends for well over 30 years and have worked together on countless causes. She is a true blue conservative, and I am a true blue conservative. We both have substantial experience in Article V issues – she as a political leader and advocate and I as a constitutional litigator.
I am not the only true conservative to disagree with Phyllis on this. Talk-show host Mark Levin and Sen. Tom Coburn are among the many conservative leaders who, like me, have begun to call for a convention of the states to stop Washington, D.C., from abusing its power.
When longtime conservatives disagree, it is time to listen to the merits of their arguments rather than making snap judgments when one side proclaims that no conservative can disagree.
Recounting our work together on the ERA litigation leads to my second point. Phyllis argues, “Article V doesn’t give any power to the courts to correct what does or does not happen.” Phyllis knows better. She was present in the federal courtroom in Boise, Idaho, when I (along with other members of our litigation team) argued that Congress had misused its Article V power. We won in court. And Phyllis and I both celebrated that victory. The courts can and have stopped the abuse of the power granted by Article V.
But I disagree with Phyllis on an even more fundamental issue. She argues that the Constitution was illegally adopted as the result of a runaway convention. This argument is an old one, but the complete history shows it to be an unjustified slander against the Constitution itself.
The anti-federalists invented this calumny against the Constitution, and the public schools have repeated it for so many generations that most Americans accept it as true. I am baffled by any friend of the Constitution who argues that it was illegally adopted. Why should an illegal document be defended at all?
Proponents of the “illegal Constitution theory” like to point to the phrase that called the Convention “for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation.” But the call for the Convention issued by Congress didn’t end with that phrase. The very same sentence also said that the purpose of the Convention was to “render the federal constitution adequate to the exigencies of Government & the preservation of the Union.” The call of the Convention used the terms “Articles of Confederation” and “federal constitution” interchangeably in the same sentence.
The Convention wasn’t limited to proposing one amendment or a thousand. It wasn’t required to send a series of amendments back for individual consideration. It was perfectly within the call of the Convention to put together a new package to “render the federal Constitution adequate” to save the nation. And that is what the participants did.
In order to negate the slander against the Constitution, it is incredibly important to understand the next two steps in the process of its adoption and to compare them with the requirements for amendments to the Articles of Confederation. Any change to the Articles required the approval of Congress and the ratification by all 13 state legislatures.
The Constitutional Convention proposed two important changes in this process. First, rather than having the Constitution approved by state legislatures, they recommended convening special ratification conventions in each state. Second, they recommended that the number of states required to approve the Constitution be changed from 13 to nine.
It is the change in the amendment process that receives the most attention from those who claim that the Constitution was illegally adopted.
But contrary to what you were taught in the public schools, that change in process did not happen without proper approval. Congress first approved the new process and sent this recommendation to the state legislatures. All 13 state legislatures approved the new process by calling for ratification conventions in their own states.
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IRS continues to hound Tea Party Patriots, demands more data for tax-exempt status - Washington Times

The initial firestorm surrounding the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups may have subsided, but tea party leaders say the situation has only become worse and may lead to more lawsuits against the embattled agency.

New documents show the depth of information the IRS is seeking from Tea Party Patriots, a leading conservative group that first applied for 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status in late 2010 and one of many organizations singled out for extra scrutiny by the Obama administration.

An IRS letter sent to the group last week and obtained by The Washington Times contains a laundry list of requests related to virtually all the group’s activities, including its involvement in the 2012 election cycle and its get-out-the-vote efforts, fundraising activities, all radio and TV advertising, and other information.

The IRS also is asking for detailed financial records, including “the amounts and percentages of your total expenses that were for fundraising activities in the tax year 2011, 2012 and 2013.”

The Aug. 20 request came as a shock to Tea Party Patriots, which said it already has provided to the IRS extensive information on all of its activities and thinks it is long past time to receive a “yes” or “no” answer.

The letter also is proof that, while President Obama and other liberals have referred to the situation as a “phony scandal,” conservative organizations still are targets, said Cleta Mitchell, a Washington, D.C., lawyer representing the Tea Party Patriots and several other conservative groups.

“This is tantamount to an audit. This is the continuation of the same thing they’ve been doing for four years. They have not stopped,” she said Thursday. “Tea Party Patriots has responded to all of the requests of the IRS to date, but that has gotten us nowhere. They just keep asking more questions. We are now looking at potential legal remedies, but that’s not easyCongress has made it quite difficult to sue the IRS.”

The letter, according to the IRS, is simply an attempt to gather information necessary for the agency to determine whether the Tea Party Patriots is eligible for tax-exempt status under current law. Meeting the tax-exempt criteria requires that a group’s “primary” function and activities not be political in nature.

CONTINUED:  IRS continues to hound Tea Party Patriots, demands more data for tax-exempt status - Washington Times

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Conservatives Must Remove Traitor RINOs in Primaries or By Recall

The most nauseating of all political actions is the betrayal of the trust the voters place in their elected candidates after they get elected.  It tears down any promised platforms for the future of the country as stated in the Party’s mission during the election campaign and tells the voters of that Party that it’s OK to go back on the promises they made; in other words, become a lying traitor to the Party’s pledges of action on the issues.  Why is it that the overwhelming number of such ‘Benedict Arnolds’ are RINOs and have residence in the Republican Party?'

If you want to find out who these double dealing and confused individuals are, follow closely the votes taken in both houses of Congress.  Of course you’ll find RINOs only in the Republican Party in keeping with the translation of the cited capital letters R. I. N. O., “Republicans In Name Only”.  There is no nationally known nickname for Democrats who practice this form of treachery that I have ever heard, such as D. I. N. O., “Democrats In Name Only”. 

Plainly speaking, it is the practice of going against what their Party has promised during the campaign intra-actions for the sake of their own pleasures, causing the public to view the offenders as traitors who easily break their campaign promises proving themselves as being untrustworthy. Democrats absolutely LOVE RINO’s. 

Democrats are great at lying to and betraying the entire country; Clinton and Obama being at the leadership for that mendacious madness, but the practice of comparing their votes with their political platforms usually finds more conformity than is found in the Republican Party votes.  It’s their platforms that are anti-American and would be better left ignored; bigger government, bigger spending, bigger taxes, amnesty for lawbreakers, more jobs for illegal aliens, and a whole litany of errors against the public good.

Many Republican politicians are lured into the roles of the RINO by the false promises of so-called ‘bipartisanship’ a political condition assurance by Democrats to “work together” for a common goal that they, the Dems, vow will be good for the country – as in raising the ceiling of the national debtwith impunity and amnesty for all illegal aliens, one venture that is most assuredly NOT good for the country resulting in bigger government, bigger spending and bigger taxes; all Democrat idealistic dreams but in reality, more poverty, more joblessness for citizens, more welfare and giveaways of taxpayer dollars. To Democrats, bipartisanship means, “we’ll do it my way.”