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When Morons Teach in our Universities

by Diane Rufino on January 30, 2014        



If you don't, then progressive, idiotic, asinine ("ass" inine) law school professors will try to convince you of a ridiculous argument such as the following one, and even worse, shape the minds of future lawyers and judges who will be tasked with interpreting the Constitution --

The following comes from Professor Andrew Koppelman, of Northwestern University, School of Law:

     “My claim is that the 13th amendment (prohibiting Slavery and Involuntary Servitude) is violated by laws that prohibit abortion. When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to "involuntary servitude" in violation of the amendment. 

Abortion prohibitions violate the Amendment's guarantee of personal liberty, because forced pregnancy and childbirth, by compelling the woman to serve the fetus, creates "that control by which the personal service of one man [sic] is disposed of or coerced for another's benefit which is the essence of involuntary servitude." Such laws violate the amendment's guarantee of equality, because forcing women to be mothers makes them into a servant caste, a group which, by virtue of a status of birth, is held subject to a special duty to serve others and not themselves."

OMG !!  Can he be for real?  Luckily for the unborn, Professor Koppelman's claim is premised on a glaring fundamental and fatal flaw..... OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS are grounded in NATURAL LAW. Nature's laws tell us that a woman is genetically and naturally tasked with the miracle of life. No part of the Declaration or US Constitution can conflict with Natural law. Laws are strongest and most sound when they further the laws of nature and are weakest, counterproductive, and most destabilizing when they conflict with them.  

I found Koppelman’s argument offensive and I find the fact that schools employ men of his inability to understand key documents and reason on their behalf very troubling.

PATRIOTS, PARENTS, CITIZENS -- Keep your ears open and expose these asses .... I mean, asinine professors.

To read Professor Koppleman’s troubling article -

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Obama's State of the Union Address Would Cost $40 Billion

The Taxpayers Tab: 

Barack Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address was one of his longest so far, and the price tag for all those words would add $39.995 billion a year to the deficit, according to National Taxpayers Union Foundation's (NTUF's) 14th line-by-line cost analysis of the President's speech.

"Even though the President largely reiterated or reframed issues that have long been on his party's current agenda, the proposals for new federal expenditures he outlined last night would still add up to a hefty price tag," said NTUF Director of Research Demian Brady. "Moreover, his push for new mandates, regulation, and tax hikes, particularly on energy, will give taxpayers and business owners plenty to be wary of."

NTUF's key findings on the President's fiscal proposals:




NC Rep. Larry Pittman targeted by RINOs who would sell you out...

He supported our gun rights in North Carolina!

Grass Roots NC ALERT!

Representative Larry Pittman (R, Cabarrus, GRNC ****) was critical to passing the largest expansion of gun rights in North Carolina history, House Bill 937.

How so? With GRNC support, Pittman led a “floor fight” to return restaurant carry to a bill from which leadership had stripped it. Realizing the seriousness of the effort, House leadership later moved restaurant carry, the Senate improved it, and the rest is history.


The Blaze, January 31, 2014

President Barack Obama announced this week that he would establish a program to help low-income earners save for retirement.

But the new “starter” savings program — called “My Retirement Account” (myRa), for “my Individual Retirement Account” (IRA) — has left a few analysts skeptical.

“His proposal might do some good — not by helping workers, most of whom are unlikely to take advantage of it, but by spurring a discussion about how to fix a broken retirement system,” the Bloomberg editorial board said.

Others are more apprehensive.

“It’s a trap. It will make your savings highly visible to the government, very vulnerable to future special taxes and it drives investments in the direction of financing the government with your savings, rather than the productive private sector,” the Economic Policy Journal said after the president unveiled the plan. “That’s what myRA is all about.”

Moral Mondays on the Move!

The Blueprint NC Left is exporting their Alinskyite tactics to other states...

The American Spectator, by Paul Chesser, January 30, 2014

Last week a Reverend — who resides in the same category of “Reverends” as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — impugned the intellectual integrity of Sen. Tim Scott, alleging that the South Carolina Republican is literally a mindless mouthpiece for the Tea Party.

Within the constricted worldview of Rev. Dr. (dual honors of dubious worth) William Barber II, leader of North Carolina’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, behaving conservative while black is an offense deserving of discredit. Hence his Martin Luther King Day remarks in Columbia, S.C. condemned “right-wing extremists,” with the Palmetto State’s replacement for Jim DeMint singled out for special denunciation.

“A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy…,” Barber told a crowd of about 300 loyalists at Zion Baptist Church. “The extreme right wing down here finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.”

Thursday, January 30, 2014


The Blaze, Wayne Allen Root, January 29, 2014


My how the mighty have fallen. I was going to report on all the lies in Obama’s State of the Union last night. But it appears he’s more than a pathetic liar, he’s actually a thief too. Obama started out his career at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany with thousands watching. Now he plagiarizes George W. Bush’s speeches? That’s a pretty long fall.

Large swaths of this speech appear to have been lifted directly from Bush’s 2007 State of the UnionSo say Bush’s speechwriter- and he should know his own words. 

Now from plagiarism, we move to the original lies of Obama. The question is does he believe this stuff? Obama actually reported the U.S. economy is in “recovery.” Bernie Madoff has nothing on this guy. In Obama’s economy the food stamp rolls are growing 75 times faster than the job rolls!

Obama said there are 8 million new jobs. Maybe he’s counting people who have stopped looking for work forever, as “getting a job?” I have news for you Mr. President: They didn’t get a job. They went on disability, food stamps or welfare…probably all three. There are almost 100 million working-age Americans not working. That’s almost exactly how many Americans are on entitlements. Coincidence?





The pork Congress approves is just the tip of the spending iceberg

BY  | JANUARY 30, 2014

Not sure what to buy the millionaire golfer who has everything? For Sen. Rob Portman, Ohio Republican, the answer was a $30,000 gold medal for Jack Nicklaus, at taxpayer expense.
Or what's behind an obscure bill to funnel federal funds to chiropractors?

Perhaps that's answered by the seven contributions from the American Chiropractic Association to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gene Green, D-Texas, in the months before the legislation was introduced. Three more contributions came afterwards.

Congress may be deadlocked and unproductive, but that doesn't mean lawmakers aren’t trying to spend tax dollars. In fact, the dysfunction is what keeps them from spending far more of it.
Most of the public's attention focuses on bills that are are about to become law and that enact significant changes.




Letter to the Editor: A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy

"A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy.   The extreme right wing down here finds a black guy to be senator and claims he's the first black senator since reconstruction and then he goes to Washington D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party."

William Barber, president of the NAACP of North Carolina and Moral Monday fame recently made that remark concerning South Carolina senator, Tim Scott.  This is the kind of hateful rhetoric black conservatives get on a daily basis, specifically from other blacks.  The double standard and hypocrisy is astounding, as well as the fact that few are holding William Barber accountable for such a racist  comment. 

Tim Scott’s story should be an inspiration to us all.  He grew up in less than ideal circumstances, but with the help of a mentor decided he would change the direction of his life.  After getting his education, he started his own business and got involved in his community to make a positive difference, eventually becoming a legislator and a senator.  He is no one’s dummy.

Beyond his personal efforts to become successful, Senator Scott has showed personal courage to stand for his beliefs, regardless of their popularity.  With humility and grace he has basically ignored the mean spirited attack from the “moral” Barber.

Apparently the “sin” of Tim Scott and other black conservatives is they have the audacity to refuse to participate in group think.  They see the policies of the Democrat party for what they are:  empty promises which undermine the character of the American psyche.  While it may help some people justify their behavior, their beat of the drum of racism does little to lift people out of dire situations.  Senator Scott’s mentor suggested that he “think” differently and base his choices on rational thought rather than emotional baggage. 

Conservative ideals work for everyone, regardless of their skin color.  The benefits of individualism, limited government and liberty threaten the Democrats who wish to control what others do and think.  To insult someone because of a strange notion that the color of their skin must determine the way they think is the true definition of racism.

Nancy Murdoch, CCTA Education Chairman
Havelock, NC

Black America: Stop The Insanity!

American Thinker, by Lloyd Marcus, January 30, 2014

Remember that spiky-haired blonde fitness guru all over TV years ago?  Her famous line was "Stop the insanity!"  As a commonsense-thinking black conservative, I offer the same clarion call to fellow black Americans: "Stop the insanity!"

Why do you continue sleeping with the enemy, voting for liberal Democrats whose policies imply that you are inferior, stupid, and culturally immoral?  When the NAACP and Democrats claim that requiring a photo ID disenfranchises blacks, such implies we are stupid.  For the life of me, I do not understand why millions of blacks are not highly insulted by this absurd claim.  Do blacks fly?  Do blacks drive cars?  Do blacks cash checks?

When Democrats and liberals accept over 70% out-of-wedlock births and fatherless households as a cultural norm in the black community, I am offended.  And yet, I am called a sellout.

Liberal Democrats' policies and programs have destroyed the black family and continue to devastate the black community.  Meanwhile, blacks vote monolithically for Democrats and politically beat up anyone, black or white, who offers commonsense solutions.  For crying out loud, stop the insanity!

God forbid that a black person dares to think outside the liberals 'we-be-simpleminded-blacks-in-need-of gov'ment-intervention-to-survive’ box.  Blacks becoming successful the old-fashioned way -- by earning it -- does not cut it with Democrats and liberals. Liberal media and Democrats grab such uppity blacks by their afros and politically drag their black derrières kicking and screaming back to the liberal Democrat plantation.

There, such blacks are strung up in the public square with their naked backs exposed, made an example for any other conservative-leaning blacks contemplating their escape.  Beaten, battered, and broken black conservatives are flogged within an inch of their political lives with countless articles and operative pundits calling them a stupid n*****, Uncle Tom, and traitor to their race.

A prime example of a black overlord of the Democrat liberal plantation attempting to rein in a black escapee is North Carolina NAACP Chapter President Rev. William Barber.  Black race-baiters typically use Black History Month and Martin Luther King Day to trash America for purposes of extortion.

In celebration of MLK Day, Rev. Barber called black conservative and Tea Party American Senator Tim Scott a puppet, saying, "A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy." 
Senator Scott is about applying commonsense solutions to issues plaguing our country.  Thus, once again, any black who does not view him- or herself as a victim of an eternally racist white America, entitled and in need of lowered standards and expectations, is a dummy, a tool of white Republicans -- a stupid self-loathing n*****.  This is not an exaggeration.

I have been called these names and worse by Democrats and liberals for many years every time I suggest that blacks stop having babies out of wedlock, stop dropping out of schools, stopping killing each other, stop blaming whitey, and assume personal responsibility for their lives.  To me, this is true black empowerment.

I do not know what it is going to take for black America to see the light -- to understand the betrayal of a majority of the modern civil rights coalition.  If these so-called advocates truly gave a hoot about blacks, they would celebrate extraordinary black conservative achievers such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and businessman extraordinaire Herman Cain.  These blacks should be held high for black youths to see what can be achieved in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet via education, hard work, and good choices.

And yet, these blacks are despised by the white liberals and black civil rights leaders.  Why?  In a nutshell, these blacks nuke the Democrats' and liberals' entitlement and big-government narratives.

So while black America believes that white conservative Republicans are burning the midnight oil plotting ways to keep blacks down, Democrats and liberals are the ones keeping blacks enslaved.

With the liberal mainstream media in the Democrats' back pocket as complicit liberal plantation gatekeepers, I will continue praying for divine intervention while pounding on the plantation masters' door.  Let my people go!  My fellow black Americans, it truly is time to stop the insanity.

Reprinted with permission from Lloyd Marcus
Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee PAC


The moment I heard Obama say this--my first thought was another scam to steal the wealth of the American people!  Come on get the neighbors to wake up!!!  ~Lynn

The Blaze, Erica, Ritz, January 30, 2014

Glenn Beck slammed President Obama’s “myRA” proposal on his radio program Thursday as a “bigger lie than ‘if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.’”

The initiative was unveiled by the president during his State of the Union address on Tuesday as a way to help more people save for retirement. Details are still emerging on the specifics of the plan, but the president said it “guarantees a decent return with no risk of losing what you put in.”

It’s an “absolute scam,” Beck asserted, adding that it is “‘Ocean’s Eleven’ except there’s nobody good-looking in it.” The target, the multimedia personality added, is the money Americans are saving for retirement because the government has “burned every other investor.”

Don't miss tonight's debate!

Watch Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza face off over “What’s So Great About America?” 

This extraordinary Left versus Right debate will take place Thursday, Jan. 30, at 7:30 pm EST.  Watch it on

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Tea Party Legislative Update, January 26, 2014

House/Senate Action: Weeks of 1/13/14-1/26/14

The House will be in session Monday through Wednesday of next week.
The Senate will be in session Monday through Thursday of next week.


The President’s State of the Union Address will take place Tuesday evening at 9 PM. The House Republican retreat in Cambridge, Maryland will begin place the following day.

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington – the
highest-ranking Republican woman in the Congress – will deliver the official Republican response to the President’s State of the Union address.

As he did last year, Sen. Rand Paul will offer his own response, via YouTube and other social media channels. And Sen. Mike Lee will offer a Tea Party response, sponsored by Tea Party Express.

Note: In recent weeks, we've heard a lot about the content of the President’s address, with much speculation indicating that he would again focus on income inequality. But in the last few days, the White House has been leaking information suggesting that because polling by outside allies shows that “income inequality” leads too many people to think he’s really talking about income redistribution (which he is), the language has been tweaked, and instead he’ll talk about “expanding ladders of opportunity,” which is language right out of the old Jack Kemp/Ronald Reagan playbook.


The House took up and passed H.R. 3362, the “Exchange Information and Disclosure Act,” requiring the Administration to provide regularly weekly updates on the status of the ObamaCare rollout. The measure passed by a vote of 259-154, with 33 Democrats joining 226 Republicans in support.

As we predicted two weeks ago, Senate Republicans – including the six who voted to proceed to consideration of the extension of emergency unemployment benefits – held firm in insisting that the $6.4 billion measure be paid for realistically. (You may recall, Majority Leader Harry Reid had offered to “pay for” the me asure by extending the Sequester for two more years – a joke of a “pay for” that the Senate GOP immediately rejected.) So far, there’s been no further movement.


As per the October agreement that reopened the federal government, the debt ceiling was suspended until February 7. That’s less than two weeks from now.

In the past, the Treasury has employed what it calls “extraordinary measures” to continue paying federal bills beyond the reaching of the national debt limit. In some cases, this ability has extended for literally months, and early projections this time around indicated that Treasury would be able to use these cash-management gimmicks to buy time through late spring – possibly as late as May or even early June. But February is typically a heavy deficit-spending month, as tax refunds are sent out by the Treasury, so Treasury Secretary Jack Lew sent a letter to the Hill last Wednesday informing Congress that Treasury’s ability to use these “extraordinary measures” to continue paying federals bills will run out by the end of February, and, therefore, Congress must take action early next month.  Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell – no doubt influenced by the fact that he faces a competitive
primary challenge from his right in his reelection campaign – appeared on FOX News Sunday this morning to reiterate his insistence that any debt ceiling increase also include policy riders.

Meanwhile, House Republicans – led by Speaker Boehner – are on the same page, and continue to search for consensus in the House GOP Conference as to what those policy riders might be. Among the possibilities: repealing the “risk corridor” provisions in ObamaCare, to ensure that taxpayers are not stuck with the bill for a massive bailout of health insurance companies; approval of the Keystone XL pipeline; and repealing the medical device tax in ObamaCare.


The White House announced on Thursday that it would release the President’s budget proposal on March 4, roughly a month later than the February 9 deadline required under law. It attributed the delay to the December budget deal. News reports indicate his budget will propose higher taxes on wealthy Americans, and more spending on infrastructure and early education programs.

Meanwhile, there’s been some talk on Capitol Hill that Republicans in the House may decide not to propose and consider a budget for FY2015 at all. Near as I can tell, it’s coming from operatives at the National Republican Congressional Committee and associated consultants, who seem to think that taking votes on a GOP budget is unnecessary (since the budget deal concluded in December includes top-line spending guidelines for FY2015 already), so why risk giving Democrats campaign fodder?

Nevertheless, top House Republicans – including Speaker Boehner and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan – indicate that they plan to move a budget, as the law requires.


Week before last, a study by McKinsey & Co. revealed that the ObamaCare exchanges had made little progress in actually extending insurance to those who had previously been uninsured. In fact, according to the study, of the roughly 2.2 million people who had signed up for insurance on the federal and state exchanges through the end of December, only 11 percent had been previously uninsured. Those who failed to use the exchanges to enroll cited two big reasons – the high cost of insurance premiums (cited by 52%), and the difficulty of navigating the web sites (cited by 30%).

That same week, Gary Cohen, the director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at HHS, testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations that the back end of is still under construction, and he refused to pin down an estimated completion date. The “back end” is the automated system that sends payments to insurance companies after someone enrolls on one of the exchange web sites. Without this information, the insurance companies literally have no idea who’s enrolled, and who gets a subsidy. They’re flying blind.

Documents released by HHS last week show just how serious a problem this is – to justify firing CGI Federal (the main contractor on and awarding the contract on a sole-source basis to Accenture, HHS revealed that they believe this problem puts “the entire health insurance industry at risk” … “potentially leading to their default and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers.” Then the memo went even further, saying that if the problem isn’t fixed by mid-March, “they will result in financial harm to the government,” and went on to add that without the necessary fixes, “the entire health care reform program is jeopardized.”

Also that same week, Speaker Boehner announced that House Republicans would offer – and possibly vote on – a replacement for ObamaCare. That promises to be one of the main topics of conversation at the House Retreat that begins Wednesday.

Support for an alternative comes, generally, from the conservatives in the House GOP Conference, who want an issue agenda to run on, not just something to run against. And, as virtually always happens, the GOP consultant class, whose thinking generally runs along the lines of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” opposes them. These consultants see a continued bad economy and a continued disastrous rollout for ObamaCare as their tickets to victory in the 2014 midterm elections, and they seek to minimize opportunities for the Democrats to turn things around.


As we discussed in our call two weeks ago, House Republican leaders have begun quietly circulating a set of principles on immigration reform that includes a proposal to offer legal status to illegal immigrants. Their thinking is simple – no one believes you can round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants, so we’ve got to find a way to create a legal status for them short of citizenship.

We expect the one-page document will be released at the House GOP Retreat later this week.
The new principles will envision a legal process by which illegal immigrants can admit guilt and pay fines and any back taxes, and then gain the right to live and work in the U.S. and travel abroad. It will insist that no legalization provisions take effect until border security and other enforcement measures are in place, sources familiar with the draft said.

Unlike under the Senate bill, they will not automatically qualify for citizenship – what critics call a
"special path." But legislation being crafted by Republican lawmakers, apparently with the support of House leaders, would let newly legalized immigrants apply for legal permanent residence, also known as a green card, using the pathways available to anyone else. And here’s the problem for us – once someone has a green card, he or she is eligible to apply for citizenship.

Some House conservatives are planning to introduce their own alternative immigration proposal, which will focus on enforcement of current laws and providing economic assistance to unemployed citizens before providing legal status to illegal immigrants. The alternatives being circulated properly take note of the fact that the White House- and Senate-approved legislation isn’t problematic just because it creates an amnesty for the illegal immigrants who are already here, but it drastically increases the number of foreign unskilled guest workers who could be imported, which would depress wages across the board.

On Thursday, 15 of these conservative House Republicans met with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to discuss ways to block the House GOP Leadership’s efforts.

As a reminder, Tea Party Patriots put our own principles for immigration reform last summer. They can be found by clicking on this link.  Stay tuned as this plays out.

So Help Me God

Monday, January 27, 2014, Christian Mercernary

So Help Me God

The battle for American liberty is the battle for American Christianity. Christians largely don't get it. They are locked into a religious viewpoint, oblivious of the greater battle being waged against them and the word of God. 

In order for the new socialist order to be completed in the United States, they must not only defeat the forces of liberty, but also the forces of Christianity. It is actually the religious zeal that they fear more than a few dedicated patriots. I suggest that the Marxist bureaucracy thirsts for the rebellion of the patriots, to kill off the last few hold-outs of Constitutional authority and to forever brand "patriots" as lunatics who should be disarmed and exterminated. 


The Blaze, Becket Adams, January 24, 2014

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Thursday that the Internal Revenue Service should be used more aggressively to keep Tea Party funding in check, explaining that this would help “weaken” and “exploit” the conservative movement.

Schumer during remarks to the Center for American Progress argued that Tea Party groups have an unfair financial advantage over left-leaning groups because of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, at one point even suggesting that President Barack Obama go around Congress to impose stricter campaign finance laws.


The Blaze, January 28, 2014

If retired Army Staff Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford could speak to President Obama before tonight’s State of Union, he’d tell him that the seven bullets fired into his body by Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan not only physically disabled him but tore through his soul.

He would ask Obama why the promises he made more than five years ago to take care of the 32 survivors and the families of the 14 people killed, including an unborn child, have not been fulfilled. He would ask his commander-in-chief to stand up for truth and reclassify the shooting as a terrorist attack. He’d ask him to honor the men, women and families with Purple Hearts and compensation like those who were honored in the Pentagon terrorist attacks and Boston Marathon bombings

"Operation American Spring"

Watch "Operation American Spring: The Last Gasp Of A Dying Republic" on YouTube

The Tea Party 5 Year Anniversary Event

On Thursday, February 27, 2014, the Tea Party movement will be five years old. Five years ago, Americans around the country spontaneously united to stand up to government waste, government overreach and government abuse. Five years ago, we said “no more” to watching our elected officials ignore the Constitution and the free market principles this country was founded on. With the auto bailouts, stimulus packages, Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), and the utter abandonment of fiscal responsibility, it was clear Washington was in need of a serious intervention.
Five years later, the Tea Party movement has made significant progress. The 2010 landslide elections showed us that the American people are tired of being let down by spend-happy politicians in Washington. Last year during the budget battle, we learned when we are united, we can accomplish great things, like forcing Congress to listen to the people and stand up to President Obama. Still, there’s work to be done. America still has serious challenges ahead in the form of Obamacare, immigration reform, and runaway spending.
On February 27, the Tea Party Patriots will gather at the Hyatt Capitol Hill to celebrate the movement’s five-year anniversary, reflect on past successes, and pave a path forward. Join Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin and other liberty-loving Americans including Sen. Mike Lee (UT), Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX), and Rep. Steve King (IA), as we continue to fight for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

For more information on the event or to reserve your place today, please click here!

WHAT: Tea Party 5th Anniversary
WHEN: Thursday, February 27, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (EST)
WHERE: Hyatt Regency
400 New Jersey Avenue Northwest
Washington DC, 20001
  Please register at link.

Confirmed Speakers:
Senator Mike Lee (UT), Reps. Michele Bachmann (MN), Louie Gohmert (TX), Steve King (IA), Jim Bridenstine (OK), Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), Matt Salmon (AZ), and more pending…
Activists: Catherine Englebrecht (TX), Woody Hertzog (WA), Cindy Pugh (MN State Rep), KCarl Smith (AL), Claire Gray (NC), Christopher Wright (VA), Mark Herr (TN), Marianne Gasiecki (OH Elected to Local School Board), Michael Patrick Leahy (Organized the first call), Keli Carender (Organized first protest 72 hours before Rick Santelli’s rant), Jenny Beth Martin – Co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, and many more.

Note: A lunch and dinner session will be added. Information and tickets for those sessions will be made available in the near future.


Video: Why Are We Afraid of Islam?

Posted by Victoria Jackson on January 28, 2014

Dr. Bill Warner answers simply, “Because every civilization Muslims have infiltrated for the last 1400 years, they have annihilated. That’s why they’re bad neighbors.”
They are infiltrating America right now.

I believe this is why the mainstream media does not report the truth about Islam. I believe this is why Obama does everything he can to appease them, help them, and facilitate them. Fear.
At the 15:30 mark on this video, Bill begins a quick world history lesson on the the murdering rampage of the Muslims across the world. He explains that terrorism is how Islam won converts.

Read more and see the video!  

NC Core study committee meeting

Representative Larry G. Pittman
North Carolina General Assembly
House of Representatives
1321 Legislative Building
16 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

January 21, 2014

Here is the official announcement of the next Common Core study committee meeting. I regret to inform you that there will be no public comment allowed. It has been my opinion from the beginning that public comment should have been allowed at every meeting of this committee, but I don’t get to make those decisions. 

We have been told that public comment will be allowed at the third meeting of the committee. However, that meeting will not occur until after the short session this summer. 

Although no public comment will be allowed on February 20th, it is still a good thing to have as many concerned citizens present as possible. We will continue to keep you informed as things develop.

Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

January 21, 2014


TO: Members, Committee on Common Core State Standards (LRC)(2013) 
FROM: Rep. Bryan R. Holloway, Co-Chair
Sen. Dan Soucek, Co-Chair

SUBJECT: Meeting Notice

The Committee on Common Core State Standards (LRC)(2013) will meet at the following time:

DAY DATE TIME LOCATION:   Thursday February 20, 2014 10:00 AM 643 LOB

Parking for non-legislative meeting attendees is available in the visitor parking deck #75 located on Salisbury Street across from the Legislative Office Building.
Parking is also available in the parking lot across Jones Street from the State Library/Archives. You can view a map of downtown by visiting

If you are unable to attend or have any questions concerning this meeting, please contact Isabel Villa-Garcia at

Dan Soucek (Chair): (919) 733-5742(919) 733-5742
Chad Barefoot: (919) 715-3036(919)
Warren Daniel: (919) 715-7823(828)
Martin Nesbitt: (919) 715-3001(828)
Buck Newton: (919) 715-3030(919) 715-3030
Earline Parmon: (919) 733-5620, (336) 767-7395,
Jerry Tillman: (919) 733-5870, (336) 431-5325,
Tom Apodaca: 919) 733-5745, (828) 696-0574,

Bryan Holloway (Chair): 919-733-5609, 336-985-0826,
Marcus Brandon: 919-733-5825, 336-987-3357,
Tricia Cotham: 919-715-0706, 919-715-0706,
Jeffrey Elmore: 919-733-5935,
Craig Horn: 99-733-2406, 704-844-9960,
Larry Pittman: 919-715-2009, 704-782-3528,
(Larry has already expressed opposition to CC, having introduced the bill to halt it during the last session.)
Michael Speciale: 919-733-5853, 252-635-5326,
Tim Moore: 919-733-4838, 704-739-1221,

Race for NCGOP Vice-chairman a true test of THE Pope’s “party loyalty” message

State GOP vice-chairman Joyce Krawiec’s appointment to an unexpired state Senate seat from Forsythe County has created a job vacancy within the party hierarchy.  Krawiec’s move to the Senate meant that she had to resign her party post.  Party insiders are expected to meet within a month to pick someone to finish her unexpired vice-chairman term.

Read it here.  

#NCSEN: Brannon picks up major Tea Party endorsement

News broke last night that a second major Tea Party organization here in North Carolina has endorsed Republican US Senate candidate Greg Brannon.

Moore Tea Citizens – one of the largest and most influential grassroots organizations in the state — gave its blessings to the Cary OB-GYN’s effort to unseat incumbent Kay Hagan Monday evening.  MTC president Miriam Chu announced the news to Brannon while he was in town opening his new Southern Pines campaign headquarters.


Non-NC money for Hagan's re-election exceeds in-state contributions, $4.3M to $2.4M...

Senator Hagan Campaign Finance Analysis & Infographic

With the start of the candidate filing period rapidly approaching, the 2014 US Senate race in North Carolina is heating up. 

Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan now has one announced primary opponent in Will Stewart, an owner of a computer repair and website building business in Pender County, and one potential rival in Dr. Fred Westphal, a retired professor from Fayetteville.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Billy and Karen Vaughn at South Carolina Tea Party Convention

Parents of one of the Seal Team 6 members that were murdered.

Please take a moment to watch and listen!

West Virginia Introduces Legislation to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

The Federalists,BY STEVE STRAUB ON 
It would be AWESOME if more states took action to nullify unconstitutional laws, don’t you agree?
Via Tim Brown at Freedom Outpost:
Last week I reported on the fact that Tennessee made the move to nullify all federal gun laws by introducing new legislation. Now West Virginia is following suit with their version of the “Firearm Protection Act.”