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How Black Leaders Exploit Their People for Political and Financial Gain

The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is showing how liberals – especially blacks – care more about getting the political upper hand than affecting long-term change in black communities. Blacks are used as props to raise political capital. The shooting deaths of two British students — James Cooper and James Kouzaris — murdered last April in Florida by a black youth received no attention by black leaders or President Obama. Three letters were sent to the President that never received a reply. “It would perhaps appear,” friends of the victims said, “that Mr Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time.”


CCTA ACTION ALERT! The Capital is Refusing Triangle Conservatives Unite a Permit for Capital Grounds

Call your state congressman! Capital Refusing Tea Party Permit for 4/14 on Capital grounds!

The Capital is Refusing Triangle Conservatives Unite a Permit for Capital Grounds on 4/14/2012 they are trying to force them to hold their rally on Halifax Square. With Tea Party People coming from across the state like you you couldn't even find Halifax square. What's going on? I thought we had a Republican state legislature? Call your congressman and tell them to stop treating us like cousin Eddy! We Won't go on Halifax square! And the Democratic congress let us hold Tea Parties on the Capital grounds! Is this progress? I think not! Russ Fincham NC Coordinator Tea Party Patriots 910-997-7370

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Message from Our Chairman

Dear friends of freedom,

I, like many of you, have been listening to the the arguments at the Supreme Court this week, and I'm beginning to think Obama wants the individual mandate to be struck down. Hear me out.

If only the individual mandate is struck down and not the whole bill, we will be left with a program similar to Social Security WITHOUT any funding. This could easily lead to a universal healthcare system identical to what is currently in place in Canada and Great Britain. After all the mandate forced healthy citizens to pay for others. And as so much of ObamaCare is already in place, it will difficult to throw it out. Many businesses will drop insurance for their employees, individuals will drop their insurance and accept the government plan, insurance companies will go under, and the government insurance will be the only alternative. I can see the national debt topping $25T by the year 2025, if not sooner.

Please...someone tell me why I'm wrong,

CCTA Chairman, Nancy Murdoch

CCTA ACTION ALERT! House Vote Today on Conservative Budgets!

PASSION TO ACTION!  Melt the Phone Lines

The House is scheduled to vote TODAY on one of the most conservative budgets ever offered. Jim Jordan and the Republican Study Committee have presented a plan that balances the budget in 5 YEARS without raising taxes. By contrast, Paul Ryan’s plan takes 30 years to balance the books and President Obama’s plan never does. Among other things, this budget establishes a moratorium on earmarks, repeals ObamaCare tax increases, and simplifies the current tax code.

If you think it should take less than three decades to get away from a sea of red ink, please call your Congressman and tell them to vote for H.Con.Res. 113 - Cut, Cap, and Balance: A Fiscal Year 2013 Budget.

Also, please be aware of the Cooper-LaTourette Budget that would increase taxes by $2 Trillion! When you call your representative, tell them to vote no on this budget!

Thank you for your work, you are the heart and soul of the movement!

Perdue Aircraft Provider Seeks GOP Senate Seat

More than 90 percent of Ramsey’s campaign donations went to Democrats
(Get out and vote in the Primary, don't let the Democrat Party have 2 Candidates running in the general election. ~ Lynn)
Carolina Journal News Reports

Mar. 29th, 2012

Top photo from Ramsey's website; bottom photo by Don Carrington

Businessman Randy Ramsey (top) is running as a Republican. He has been a long-time Democratic donor and is connected to at least four campaign flights for Gov. Bev Perdue.

RALEIGH — Carteret County businessman Randy Ramsey, who has made substantial campaign contributions to Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue, former Democratic Gov. Mike Easley, and the N.C. Democratic Party, is running in a three-way Republican primary for the 2nd District state Senate seat.

Ramsey is the owner of Jarrett Bay Boatworks, a boat-building company located in Beaufort. He is a registered Republican, but his past support for Democrats, which includes air travel for Perdue and a $2,000 contribution to her campaign in July, has outraged several Republican Party activists.

Before this year, he has given $3,750 to Republican candidates, but more than 10 times that amount to Democratic campaigns and to the state Democratic Party.

Ramsey told Carolina Journal that he gave to Democrats from eastern North Carolina and thought they would help his part of the state, but that he has “been disappointed” in them.

Moreover, either Ramsey or Jarrett Bay is connected with at least four flights provided to the 2008 Perdue campaign, based on records from an investigation by the State Board of Elections. Ramsey says he recalls providing two of the flights, but the records — provided by the Perdue committee — are spotty and incomplete, making it difficult to connect payments with specific flights.

Two former Perdue fundraisers face felony charges related to unreported or improperly reported flights during Perdue’s campaign for governor.

Air travel for Perdue

Perdue was elected governor in November 2008. Investigations and news reports later would reveal that she made extensive use of private aircraft for campaign and official business without paying the owners. Perdue has attributed the initial nonpayments to sloppy work by her campaign staff. A Perdue spokeswoman characterized the free flying for official business as “gifts to the state.”

Through an investigation by the Board of Elections, the public eventually learned that Perdue’s campaign had accepted dozens of free flights. After a hearing in August 2010, the board fined the Perdue committee $30,000.

A spreadsheet listing Perdue’s air travel from 2001 through 2008 became public information during the election board’s August 2010 hearing. That document listed a total of 243 flights, but the details of many of the flights were missing.

The records appear complete for a Sept. 26, 2008, flight in a Beechcraft King Air provided by Crystal Aviation. May 11, 2009, the Perdue campaign committee sent Jarrett Bay Boatworks Inc. a check for $629.34, listing it as a debt payment for air travel related to that flight.

Crystal Aviation is involved in airplane leasing, according to corporation records from the N.C. Secretary of State’s office. Randy Ramsey of Jarrett Bay Boatworks was listed as a managing member in 2004 and as a member in other years.

A Carolina Journal review of Perdue’s campaign reports could not match reimbursements for three other flights involving Crystal Aviation:

• A Feb. 21, 2008, flight listed as New Bern/Charlotte/Chapel Hill/ New Bern was attributed to Crystal Aviation Partnership and Trawick “Buzzy” Stubbs. No cost or payment information was listed. CJ could find no record of payment to Stubbs, Crystal Aviation, Jarrett Bay, or Ramsey.

Stubbs, a longtime friend of Perdue and the law partner of Perdue’s late first husband, recently pleaded not guilty to two felony charges related to the governor’s campaign funding. Stubbs was identified in the Board of Elections’ report on Perdue’s campaign flights as an architect of an “aircraft provider” program, along with Peter Reichard, the campaign’s former finance director. Reichard took a felony Alford plea in February in the state probe of the governor’s campaign.

• A May 4, 2008, flight listed as Beaufort/New Bern/Chapel Hill/Beaufort/New Bern also was attributed to Crystal Aviation and Buddy Stallings. The cost column reads, “cost sheet not completed.” CJ could find no record of payment to Stubbs, Crystal Aviation, Jarrett Bay, or Ramsey.

• A March 8, 2007, flight listed as New Bern/Chapel Hill/Charlotte/Chapel Hill/New Bern was attributed to Crystal Aviation and Buzzy Stubbs. Notes indicate the trip was part official business and part campaign. The total cost was listed as $1,260.60. CJ could find no record of payment to Stubbs, Crystal Aviation, Jarrett Bay, or Ramsey.

Ramsey told CJ the Perdue committee reimbursed him for two flights, but he didn’t remember the details. When asked who asked him to make his aircraft available to Perdue, he said, “I don’t remember — don’t know who asked.”

NCSU board appointment

In June 2009, Perdue appointed Ramsey to the N.C. State University Board of Trustees. Ramsey filled the vacancy left by board chairman D. McQueen Campbell, who resigned at the request of UNC System President Erskine Bowles.

At the time, Campbell was the subject of news stories and investigations involving free campaign-related flights he had provided to Gov. Mike Easley, for his role in helping Mary Easley obtain a job at N.C. State, and for helping the Easleys purchase a lot in the Cannonsgate development in Carteret County.

In November 2010, Mike Easley entered an Alford plea to a felony charge of failure to report campaign expenditures. Under an Alford plea, a defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges that the evidence against him may lead to conviction from a jury. Easley, the first North Carolina governor with a felony conviction, paid a $1,000 fine.

Party loyalty

The 2nd Senate District is made up of Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties.

The other two candidates are current GOP state Rep. Norm Sanderson of Arapahoe and Pine Knoll Shores Mayor Ken Jones. Incumbent Republican Jean Preston decided not to seek another term.

Some local conservative and Republican activists can’t stomach Ramsey as a Republican candidate.

“Randy Ramsey has been a major player in liberal Democratic ‘pay-to-play’ politics and is not representative of the conservative values of the Tea Party, or what we expect of the Republican Party,” wrote Ken Lang of Stella on the Crystal Coast Tea Party’s website.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Introduced: S. 2237: A bill to provide a temporary income tax credit for increased payroll and extend bonus depreciation for an additional year, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV]: This bill or resolution is in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced into Congress on March 26, 2012. Most bills and resolutions are assigned to committees which consider them before they move to the House or Senate as a whole.

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act - Vote Passed (73-26, 1 Not Voting): This bill would ease reporting and regulatory requirements for small businesses trying to raise capital in order to take the company public. The House passed the bill on March 8, 2012. The Senate adopted an amendment to the bill which will require the House to vote again. It is expected the House will pass the bill this week and send the bill to the president. Sen. Richard Burr voted YES and Sen. Kay Hagan voted YES.

The Clean Water Restoration Act: The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing And Other News--If you have not seen this legislation: S2122 Defense Of Environment And Property Act of 2012 and HR4171 The Focus Act, please forward and share the information because they help to continue to restrengthen private property rights, restrengthens states rights related to water decisions, repeals language that overcriminalizes individuals and businesses.

Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011 - Vote Passed (223-181, 4 Present, 23 Not Voting)--The House passed this bill that would eliminate the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) and cap damages in medical malpractice lawsuits. IPAB was created by the 2010 health care law and is charged with finding savings in Medicare spending. It has no members yet. The Senate is unlikely to take up the bill. Rep. Walter Jones voted YES.

Net Right Daily: ObamaCare & SCOTUS: Day 3

The oral arguments at the Supreme Court over ObamaCare have ended. After 3 days, the fate of ObamaCare hangs in the hands of the 9 justices of the Supreme Court. We can expect a decision in late June.

You can listen to today’s arguments by clicking here and here. Today’s arguments centered around whether the new conditions on all federal Medicaid funding could be considered as unconstitutional coercion of the States (which can be heard by clicking here) and whether striking down the ObamaCare mandate would dismantle the entire law (which can be heard by clicking here).

Beware of predictions of ObamaCare’s demise by the liberal media because they are premature:

"Yesterday, Jeffrey Toobin, a liberal legal analyst for CNN, was rebuked by Senator Harry Reid for predicting that, based on yesterday’s oral arguments, the Supreme Court would rule against Obamacare’s Individual Mandate. But despite early predictions of the Individual Mandate’s demise, a closer look at the oral arguments shows that such analysis is premature.

It is generally agreed that in order to win this case, the respondents (opponents of the law)[1] will have to win over the four conservatives on the bench, Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, as well as, the court’s perennial swing vote, Justice Kennedy......


Beaufort Candidates' Fourm April 3, 2012

Beaufort Candidates' Fourm--April 3, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

The Beaufort Patriot Tea Party, in cooperation with the Beaufort Observer and the County Compass, is sponsoring a Candidates’ Forum Tuesday April 3 at 7:00 p.m. at Beaufort County Community College. Candidates for the legislative seats from Beaufort County as well as the County Commission have been invited to participate.

Click here for more details.

This is an excellent way to gain information about who you will vote for in the May 8th primary. Candidates have been told they will be afforded time to make a statement about the issues they think most important and where they stand on those issues. We will also collect questions from the audience before the session starts and pose some of those questions to the candidates as time permits. If you have a question you want to hear discussed please give it to one of the registrars at the table as you enter the lobby before the session starts.

This will also be an excellent opportunity for each Tea Party Patriot to build their 10 X 10 network. Contact ten people and ask them to come with you, or meet you at the Forum. This presents you with a practical reason for contacting your ten people and sets the stage for doing so again as early voting begins (April 19 through May 5).

We will also have voter registration forms at the table. Anyone who is not registered to vote, or wishes to change party affiliation, may do so by picking up a Registration Form at the Forum and mailing or taking it to the Board of Elections (before April 13).

The May 8 primary will be critically important in determining who will control the majority in both the Legislature and County Commission. It is vital that we select nominees who will offer a conservative choice for the voters in November.

Please plan to attend Tuesday night and get ten patriots to be there with you.

The Beaufort Patriot Tea Party

AFP Hands Off My Healthcare Rally March 27, 2012, DC--4,000 strong for freedom!

It was amazing to be there!  Connie Hanna and I attended, and it was really inspiring, more to come on this!  ~ Lynn
Yesterday, I looked out at the thousands upon thousands of faces and the sea of “Hands Off My Health Care” and “I Am AFP” signs, and I knew our movement was stronger than ever!

Yesterday, your voices, the voices of the American people, were heard over the pundits and politicians from both sides of the aisle. According to one speaker, our voices “rattled the windows of the Supreme Court.” Together, we sent a crystal clear message to the Supreme Court: do the right thing...overturn this disastrous, unconstitutional government takeover of our health care.

From our event, a CNN correspondent reported to Wolf Blitzer, “I want to give you a sense of what the crowd looks like here; it goes on and on and on!”

Click here to see photos of the rally!

Over 4,000 activists joined Americans for Prosperity and our 20+ coalition groups for the incredible Hands Off My Health Care Rally across the street from the U.S. Supreme Court. We heard from great speakers like Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Jim DeMint, Sen. Ron Johnson, Sen. Pat Toomey, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Alan West. We heard from breast cancer survivor, Tracy Walsh, who told her personal story of survival due in part to choices and access provided by our health care system. We heard from Canadian, Shona Holmes, who told how she faced waiting lists and denied treatments for her brain tumor in her home country thanks to their socialized health care system but thankfully she drove south to the United States for the treatments that saved her life.

This fight is far from over, but our fellow Americans are with us. Every poll shows they want to see the health care takeover law repealed. But we've got to keep taking our message of freedom to the American people.

If you have not done so already, make your voice heard by signing AFP's Statement to the Court. We displayed the many thousands of signatures we've collected so far at the Rally, and we're continuing to gather more! Be sure to forward this message to your friends and family, and ask them to sign AFP's Statement to the Court.

We can't let up now. We have to keep pushing hard, and make sure that the President's health care takeover is struck down in its entirety. Until that day comes, Americans for Prosperity will keep fighting with help from activists like you.

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. You've got to see the video from yesterday's Hands Off My Health Care Rally in D.C. -- Click here to take a look!

Americans for Prosperity® (AFP) is a nationwide organization of citizen leaders committed to advancing every individual's right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits. AFP has more than 1,900,000 members, including members in all 50 states, and 34 state chapters and affiliates. More than 90,000 Americans in all 50 states have made a financial investment in AFP or AFP Foundation. For more information, visit

Hands Off My Health Care® is a registered trademark of Americans for Prosperity.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Physicians for Reform--Obamacare

I just finished an incredible webinar where Dr. C.L. Gray called
"Whoever Pays Has the Power to Choose"

Folks, it is incredible the power that is ceded to the Department of Health and Human Services and IPAB.

If congress fails to act on a recomendation by the IPAB with 2 3/5 majority in the Senate, it becomes law.

Check out this website,
and Dr. Gray's book, "The Battle for America's Soul"

I am sickened.

Check out "Why Obamacare Must Be Repealed"

Roll-call votes in Congress, March 25, 2012

Here's how local members of Congress voted on major issues in the week that ended Friday:


Medicare cost controls: Voting 223 for and 181 against, the House on Thursday sent the Senate a bill (HR 5) to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board established by the 2010 health law to use expert advice from outside government to slow the growth of Medicare costs. Starting in 2015, this panel will have power to restrain any annual Medicare spending increases that exceed official per-capita projections tied to such factors as inflation and the gross domestic product. Congress cannot reduce the sum of the panel's proposed cuts but can change individual parts after clearing high parliamentary hurdles. President Barack Obama has not yet named any of the 15 panel members, who will serve full time and need Senate confirmation for their six-year terms. House and Senate leaders of both parties will recommend 12 of the 15 nominees; Obama will unilaterally select the others.

The bill limits medical-malpractice awards (which should be a states issue), in part, by capping punitive damages at $250,000; shortening statutes of limitation for filing suits; making it easier for judges to cap attorneys' contingency fees; and requiring plaintiffs seeking punitive damages to prove the defendant acted with "malicious intent" and deliberate negligence in causing the injury. 

A yes vote was to pass the bill.  Voting yes: Renee Ellmers, R-2nd, Walter Jones, R-3rd, Virginia Foxx, R-5th, Howard Coble, R-6th, Larry Kissell, D-8th, Sue Myrick, R-9th, Patrick McHenry, R-10th.

Voting no: G.K. Butterfield, D-1st, David Price, D-4th, Heath Shuler, D-11th, Mel Watt, D-12th, Brad Miller, D-13th.
Not voting: Mike McIntyre, D-7th.

Dispute over Medicare: Voting 180 for and 229 against, the House on Thursday defeated a bid by Democrats to prevent the Republicans' bill on Medicare cost controls (HR 5, above) from contributing to any these outcomes: rationing health care; adding a voucher system that would partially privatize Medicare; ending guaranteed Medicare benefits for seniors or younger people who are disabled; or raising Medicare premiums, deductibles, coinsurance or copayments. 

A yes vote backed the Democratic motion. 
Voting yes: Butterfield, Jones, Price, Kissell, Watt, Miller.
Voting no: Ellmers, Foxx, Coble, Myrick, McHenry, Shuler.
Not voting: McIntyre.


Relaxing rules, raising capital: Voting 73 for and 26 against, the Senate on Thursday passed a bill (HR 3606) to relax major financial-reform laws of the past 10 years to help small and mid-size businesses rapidly enter capital markets, attract investors and create jobs. The bill defines a new category of firms with annual revenues under $1 billion that could float IPOs without first having to meet SEC requirements in such areas as auditing and transparency. For these companies, the bill would waive several investor-protection and corporate-governance rules set by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley and 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-regulation laws.

This bill lowers standards for providing investors with audited financial statements; eases reporting requirements on executive compensation; lets companies "crowd-fund" by using social media and the Internet to solicit large pools of small investors; increases the amount of capital a company can raise and the number of shareholders it can have without registering with the SEC; and raises from 500 to 2,000 the maximum number of shareholders in community banks.

Additionally, the bill reauthorizes the Export-Import Bank through mid-2016 while gradually increasing its lending authority to $140 billion. It extends a Small Business Administration program that provides companies with long-term financing for purchasing real estate and other fixed assets. 
A yes vote was to pass the bill.
Voting yes: Kay Hagan, D, Richard Burr, R.

Internet stock touts: Voting 64 for and 35 against, the Senate on Thursday added requirements to HR 3606 (above) for stricter auditing and transparency on the part of start-up companies seeking to raise capital from large pools of small investors over the Internet — a practice known as crowd-funding. For example, the amendment requires an officer of the company to stand behind the touts of the public offering, places caps on the amount individuals can invest as a proportion of their incomes, and sets up third-party intermediate portals as buffer zones between the company and solicited investors.

A yes vote was to adopt the amendment.
Voting yes: Hagan, Voting no: Burr

Key votes ahead

In the week starting Monday, the House will take up a temporary extension of surface-transportation programs, a proposed Republican budget for fiscal 2013 and later years and several competing budget plans. The Senate will consider bills to improve the U.S. Postal Service and repeal taxpayer subsidies for oil companies. Congress will begin a two-week recess at week's end.

Source:  Thomas Voting Reports Inc.


March 27, 2012, Americans for Prosperity Hands of Our Healthcare Rally, Upper Senate Park, Washington, DC. We must remind the Supreme Court and all of Washington that the President's health care takeover is an affront to free-market principles and our Constitution. Join us for our Hands Off Our Health Care Rally on March 27th outside the Supreme Court. NC buses will leave from: Charlotte Area, Greensboro, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Southern Pines, Sanford, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Wilson, Bolivia, Wilmington, and Goldsboro.

Read more:

March 28, 2012, Craven County Republican Women's Meeting and Luncheon at The Chelsea Restaurant, Middle Street, New Bern, NC. Focus Group meets at 10:45 AM.  Tell One Tell All! "VOTE REPUBLICAN - SAVE AMERICA." Speaker: Hal Wehterman--"Connect the Dots with Terrorism." Menu--Saffron Cream Salmon: Baked salmon fillet over rice pilaf with saffron cream and asparagus OR Chicken Salad Melt: Chicken Salad on rye bread with Swiss Cheese grilled and served with fresh fruit. Rolls, Tea, Coffee and Desert. Cost $ 13.00 inclusive. RSVP Monday March 26, 2012 to Lucille at or 633-0891. Changes to menu for anyone who has a SPECIAL DIETARY NEED.

April 14, 2012, 8:00 am: Craven County Republican Men Breakfast Meeting at the Emerald Country Club, Greenbriar Subdivision, 5000 Clubhouse Drive, New Bern, NC. You will have the chance to meet and hear all three Republican Candidates for NC Senate District 2: Rep. Norman Sanderson, Ken Jones, and Randy Ramsey.  Price is $8.00.

March 28, 2012, 1:00 pm: NC House Select Committee on Immigration-- Come join us in Raleigh for the fourth meeting of the NC House Select Committee on the State's Role in Immigration. The meeting starts at 1 p.m. (BUT GET THERE EARLY) in Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building (LOB). Audience members cannot speak, but our presence influences the Representatives on the Committee. At the second Committee meeting on January 25, Committee members definitely exhibited a tougher stance against illegal immigration than at their initial meeting on December 7. You can use this link to find the bldg and nearby parking: Contact: James Johnson, President, NCFIRE,, 1-888-885-0879.

March 31-April 1, 2012: The New Bern Gun & Knife Show, Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds, CCTA will be exhibiting. Hours: Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm. Admission: $7.00 and parking is free.

Christian Derangement Syndrome: Bill Maher and the Huffington Post Have It!

by Diane Rufino, March 2012

Not long ago, a blogger wrote: "Recently, my Biology teacher threw a bible across the classroom! Not that I am a Christian, but that's not how you treat other peoples religion. When we asked him why he did it, he said 'That book is full of lies.' Every time I'm in his class, he always talks about how there are many mistakes in the Bible. He's always criticizing the Bible."

What is it about Christianity that causes so many people to become deranged? Why do they it so much more than other religions?

Years ago, liberals suffered a similar type of derangement whenever President Bush was in the limelight. It was called the Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a perfect example. She couldn't pass an opportunity to use the microphone, on any occasion, to call Bush names and criticize his every move. I remember one year, President Bush started his State of the Union Address by congratulating Pelosi on being the first woman Speaker of the House and graciously introducing her as a woman of integrity. She sat there, all smiles, taking in the moment and lavishing the praise he was giving her in front of the entire nation. Yet the minute the Address was concluded and Pelosi was able to get in front of a microphone, her demeanor changed, the rabies kicked in, and she let loose a vitriolic diatribe against Bush. I believe I saw saliva foaming at her mouth. The foaming was not always indicative of BDS, but we often saw it in members of the liberal media. Its goal was not necessarily to show that President Bush was bad for the country - because they never were able to make that case - but rather to show that he was bad for people's mental health. At least that's the way I saw it.

And now we have a similar syndrome - Christian Derangement Syndrome. Similarly, while their goal apparently is to show that Christians are bad for the country, they will never be able to make that case. In fact, the more they carry on, it's much clearer that they are the ones that are harmful. Rather, their default goal is to show that Christians are bad for the mental health of non-believers.

A teacher at Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo, California, was accused of violating the Establishment Clause by repeatedly making statements critical and derogatory of religion in his AP European History class. For example, he told his class: “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.”

He also said: “Aristotle was a physicist. … He argued that there has to be a God. Of course that’s nonsense.” And he made this comment, among many others: "The people who want to make the argument that God did it, there is as much evidence that God did it as there is that there is a giant spaghetti monster living behind the moon." The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the teacher was using appropriate critical thinking skills to teach his students. I imagine that if it were the other way around, and the teacher had been praising God, the Ninth Circuit would have held that there was an improper establishment of religion.

A kindergarten teacher in New Jersey saw the name "Jesus" on a Thanksgiving poster made by one of her students and instantly removed it from a display she made of the class posters out in the hall. God forbid someone should walk by and see that name!! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, the teacher asked the students to make posters depicting what they were "thankful for." The child at issue wanted to thank Jesus. The child was 5 years old. It was a kindergarten hallway. Imagine the confusion the child suffered, being taught one thing at home and in church but being punished for it by her teacher.

And then there's the personal, one-man crusade led by rabid atheist Michael Newdow. He is the man who went to court to try to stop children from being able to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school because it includes the offensive phrase "Under God." He alleged that the words "under God" in the pledge amounted to an establishment of religion, in violation of the First Amendment. He brought the case on behalf of his 9-year-old daughter who he didn't even have custody of. He also brought the case in spite of the fact that the girl herself wanted to continue saying the pledge and didn't want the lawsuit filed. The district court held the pledge was constitutional but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 vote, reversed the decision and held that recitation of the pledge with the words "under God" in the school system violated the Establishment Clause. To celebrate the decision by the Court of Appeals, Time Magazine did a story on Newdow and made him their "Person of the Week."

[The case eventually reached the US Supreme Court in 2004. The Court held that Michael Newdow didn't have standing to bring the case in the first place, so the pledge was affirmed].

A little over fifty years ago, in 1954, when the phrase “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance by Congress, the vote was unanimous. The decision to insert the words "under God" was made "to recognize a Supreme Being" and advance religion at a time "when the government was publicly fighting against atheistic communism." Furthermore, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the act which added the phrase "under God," he announced: "From this day forward, the millions of our school children will daily proclaim in every city and town, every village and rural schoolhouse, the dedication of our Nation and our people to the Almighty."


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Our Nation in peril by CCTA Member, Lou Call

March 23, 2012
Beaufor Observer
We need to be aware of certain machinations that have occurred in past elections that will continue unless we present a united front to these autocracies and secure an honest representation on Election Day, 2012. I am referring to the need for Voter ID's.

The liberal media will not publish what you are about to read; if you are aware, they are hoping you will forget.

First, ACORN is alive and well operating throughout the Country under different aliases. As an example in New York they are now NYCC, New York Communities for Change and occupy the old ACORN office in Brooklyn. In California it's the ACCE, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment. So what's the big deal you ask, they just changed the name.

Well for one thing, Obama and Company are still funding ACORN. One of those ACORN offshoots is the Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA), which was previously known as ACORN Housing. According to Judicial Watch, in July of 2011, they uncovered a $79,819 grant to AHCOA. The Obama administration claimed this grant did not violate the ban because the two organizations were separate and distinct.

An investigative article by columnist Matthew Vadum in the Washington Times on November 28th of 2011 reported that the Obama administration had showered its allies at ACORN Housing with $729,849 so far this year despite powerful, newly unveiled evidence of corruption and massive accounting irregularities at the longtime affiliate of ACORN.

But what about voter fraud (irregularities)? To answer this question we need to look back a few years ago in Nevada when senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink was given a jail sentence of two years for her role in ACORN's fraud-ridden 2008 voter registration drive which procured an astounding 400,000 bogus registrations. (Of course a liberal judge suspended her sentence provided that she abides by the terms of her probation and paid a $4000 fine).

More recently, in Troy New York there is a democratic City Councilmen along with three Democratic operatives who pleaded guilty to felony charges in a voter fraud scandal to try to steal the primary election. Fraudulent Absentee Ballots tied to an ACORN affiliate The Working Families Party were involved.

Still think voter ID is a bad idea? Doesn't it strike you as strange that the majority of opposition over voter ID is coming from left leaning progressives in the democratic party? What can you do to prevent this? You can call, email or write a letter to our Governor demanding that voter ID be placed on the ballot and let the voters decide; be sure to include our State representatives too.

As November draws closer, the year ahead will be a turning point for our great Nation. At stake are the very liberties and freedoms that most of us grew up under. If we allow the Socialists and Marxist to dictate our future, we will have condemned our children and grand children to a life under the dictates of the government. It is that government that will decide the fate of their lives and the direction in which they will go.

Louis Call, River Bend, NC

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: A Vote of Conscience, by CCTA Member, Lou Call

March 21, 2012
Beaufort Observer

As we approach from a distance November 2012, we approach the cross roads of America's future. No longer are we dealing with Democrat vs Republican but a far more sinister threat awaits us on the other side of the elections.

We will have to decide what principles we want to guide us over the next four years. Do we want the foundation of our Nation to rest on our Constitution, the document that has sustained us for 236 years and for which so many have given their lives to defend and uphold or do we wish to follow the course that the current administration wants to impose on us.

It is clear to most of us that our current president is pursuing the ideologies of Socialism (Obamacare) and Marxism (redistribution of wealth). The president rang in the New Year by signing into law the

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with its provision allowing him to indefinitely detain citizens. With Americans distracted with celebrating, Obama signed one of the greatest rollbacks of civil liberties in the history of our country … and citizens partied in unwitting bliss into the New Year.

Directly on the heels of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) comes the coup de grace in the form of a new bill called the "Enemy Expatriation Act." Space does not permit to go into full details but if the reader will Google both bills it will open your eyes to a dictatorial leader standing in the wings.

A word about the 'proposed' but yet to be passed Enemy Expatriation Act. If the Enemy Expatriation Act passes in its current form, the legislation will let the government strike away citizenship for anyone engaged in hostilities, or supporting hostilities, against the United States.

The law itself is rather brief, but in just a few words it warrants the US government to strip nationality status from anyone they identify as a threat. Carried to the extreme, do citizens or organizations that oppose and protest against the Obama regime fall into this category? I wonder how many of you are even aware of the existence of NDAA or have heard of the impending Enemy Expatriation Act?

After reading this article, some progressive liberal will write to the editor proclaiming that my article is of 'the sky is falling' mentality.

But ask yourself this; why do we have a need for such bills in an open and free society and why is the ACLU, guardians of our freedoms, silent?

Clearly, another four years of Obama will be another four years of a repressive government. Every year that Obama sits on the throne, a small bite of our liberties disappear in the quagmire of government regulations. The time has come to put aside party politics and look to your conscience to guide you. The future of a free America hangs in the balance and at risk is the future of our children and grandchildren; we owe it to them to stop this tyrannical government.

God Bless America!
Louis Call, River Bend, NC

Vote "yes" on the Marriage Protection Amendment and convince everyone you can to do the same!!

Note:  We must urge everyone to come out and vote in the May Primary on this amendment!  Those opposing this protection for marriage will be out in full force and they are counting on voter laziness to defeat this amendment! 

On May 8, 2012 NC voters will have the choice to amend the state constitution to read:
Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts.

Opponents of the measure argue that the amendment is unnecessary because there is already a state law prohibiting same sex marriages and that the language of the amendment could be used to deny benefits to heterosexual families. But this marriage protection amendment law would prevent a judge from overturning the already existing ban on same sex marriage in North Carolina, as it has been done in MA, VT, NH, and other states.

I am amazed at the people who say they are voting against the marriage amendment because it doesn’t go far enough. That bothers me greatly. I do not understand why anyone would say they are voting against it because it doesn’t go far enough. This bill is a start! If it doesn’t go far enough, we can amend it later.

The institution of marriage is the heart of the whole reason for which God created us . God says the purpose of marriage is to preserve the human race, according to Genesis 9:1. “And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. He sent Noah and his wife, male and female, into the ark. He used similar wording regarding the animals in Gen.6:20: They are to reproduce after their kind. He made sure there was male and female of every kind, to preserve them.

Nearly two-thirds of likely North Carolina voters in the latest Civitas poll support the Marriage Protection Amendment that will be on the primary ballot on May 8, and support for the amendment increases among those who are opposed at the mention of a recent lawsuit challenging the state’s marriage laws.

Please vote “yes” to support the marriage protection amendment.

Linda Harper, President
Citizens for Constitutional Liberties ( Wayne County Tea Party)

Conservatives must: Do our own research. Operate on principle, follow the law, respect the rights of others, behave calmly, and trust the God of the Bible.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tax the Military--The below listed links outlines President Obama’s plan to increase the cost of health care coverage to active duty and retired military personnel

Tax the Military--The below listed links outlines President Obama’s plan to increase the cost of health care coverage to active duty and retired military personnel following of the November 2012 election, eventually leading to an increase in cost to them of 345%.

The President has authorized those massive charges to military personnel to be deducted from their pay, while giving government union employees a complete pass, with no charges to them for their health care coverage. The President’s action will make it very difficult in the future to recruit new personnel to join the US Armed Forces; possibly his intent is just that, to reduce manning of the US Armed Forces, a proposed reduction in manning that has been termed dangerous by the President’s own Secretary of Defense. That proposed reduction in the level of manning will be spread coverage of US assets by personnel even thinner than would be required for deployments and other counter terrorist protection. By forcing military personnel to pay for the new dramatically increased cost of coverage for medical benefits, when civilians in government will not face increases in their cost of medical coverage is unconscionable. It should be the other way around; military personnel wounded in combat should not be required to pay for their own medical coverage out of their pay, but civilian union employees should be required to pay for their medical coverage. In the future, when potential military recruits realize that their pay will be substantially reduced by such heavy deductions from their pay for medical coverage, they will prefer to apply for civil service positions where there are no costs for medical coverage. This latest unabated assault on the US Military by the Obama Administration will eventually destabilize the all-volunteer military force and open the way for Obama to recruit his new National Security Force, which is outlined in the flawed Obama Health Care Bill; that provision is in the legislation that was forced upon the American people by a Lame Duck, Democrat Controlled, Congress just before the last Christmas recess hat congress would have in 2010.


Martial Law Executive Order: History Should Cause Concern, Not Comfort

President Obama's National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16 does to the country as a whole what the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act did to the Constitution in particular -- completely eviscerates any due process or judicial oversight for any action by the Government deemed in the interest of "national security." Like the NDAA, the new Executive Order puts the government completely above the law, which, in a democracy, is never supposed to happen. The United States is essentially now under martial law without the exigencies of a national emergency. Even as the 2012 NDAA was rooted in the Patriot Act and the various executive orders and Congressional bills that ensued to broaden executive power in the "war on terror," so the new Executive Order is rooted in the Defense Production Act of 1950 which gave the Government powers to mobilize national resources in the event of national emergencies, except now virtually every aspect of American life falls under ultimate unchallengeable government control, to be exercised by the president and his secretaries at their discretion.

New Santorum Ad References Ahmadinejad and Ominous ‘Obamaville’….SPOILER ALERT: Liberals Don’t Like It

The Santorum campaign launched what is slated to be the first video of an eight-episode series showcasing the president’s incompetence and the harsh reality of life in America over the last four years, entitled “Welcome to Obamaville.” The minute-long video is not your everyday political ad, and has elicited criticisms from several media commentators.

“Obamaville,” in the ad, is described as “more than a town” but “a cautionary tale.” The video forecasts a future if Barack Obama is reelected that includes small businesses struggling, families worried about their jobs and futures, long waits to see a doctor, gas prices through the roof, the freedom of religion under attack, and “a rouge nation and sworn american enemy” becoming a nuclear threat. When describing the “rouge nation” the video cuts to television screens displaying Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The video features ominous narration and directing that is more reminiscent of an episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” than a political ad.


THE BLAZE: CNNMoney Caught Changing Report on ‘Green’ Jobs Numbers, Casting Them in More Positive Light

At 7:50 am Friday morning, CNNMoney reported on the embarrassingly small number of jobs the “green” energy industry has contributed to the nation’s workforce. The story was titled “‘Green’ jobs just a small portion of workforce.”


THE BLAZE: ‘This Is Such a Crock’: Limbaugh Calls Out President for ‘Approving’ the Keystone Deal

During a segment of the Rush Limbaugh show on Thursday, the host took on President Obama for claiming he “approved” the construction of the new Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Okla., to the Gulf. “Obama could not have stopped this leg of the Keystone pipeline if he’d wanted to,” Limbaugh said. He’s simply there…There’s no other way to say it. He’s just glomming onto it. It‘s like trying to be present when the Ten Commandments are given at the burning bush and claiming you wrote ’em.” Well, that’s not exactly how that story goes, but you get the idea. Limbaugh was amazed that the president would try to position himself as a proponent of oil drilling



one of its goals is to diminish private property ownership. What better way to accomplish this than to put restrictions on the young farm family members to make it just a bit harder for the young to learn how to work the farms so that they will be able to take over the family farm as their parents age. The video points out that the average farm owner is 60 years old.

In addition, last year there was a government ruling that required a commercial operators licence to operate farm machinery. You had to be at least 18 years old to get one of these licenses so a 15 - 17 year old would not be able to operate the farm machinery. The requirements for this commercial license also restricted the elderly so it would restrict the grandparents from operating the farm equipment too. This is a very diabolically clever way to kill off the family farms - all in the name of protecting the young and the old !!!! Isn't it wonderful how the liberals keep our safety foremost in their policies. Once you are aware of their goals, all their restrictions and regulations make perfect sense!.  - VIDEO - Senator John Thune speaking against Labor Department's New Restrictions on family farms

Carolina Journal: NC Immigration Policies

Obama Shortchanging Immigration Enforcement, Critics Say

N.C. sheriffs decry contraction of federal 287(g) program--North Carolina sheriffs worry that President Obama’s proposed 2013 budget would defund an effective initiative to combat illegal immigration while expanding another program some critics blast as more like amnesty than enforcement, reports Carolina Journal. “Any time there’s an effort to take away an enforcement tool … that’s an issue of concern,” said Eddie Caldwell, executive vice president and general counsel of the North Carolina Sheriffs Association. He said sheriffs have not been provided details of the proposed cuts. The 287(g) program trains and deputizes local law officers to assist in immigration enforcement. The Secure Communities program is a computerized fingerprint system operated exclusively by federal agents who decide which cases to process. Obama’s budget slashes 287(g) 25 percent, from $68.3 million to $51.3 million, with 24 positions eliminated. Jurisdictions using 287(g) task forces, which go into the field, and have low criminal identification and arrest numbers, would be defunded. The other model puts local 287(g) officers in jails to process arrestees.


Video: Deneen Borelli-On Freedom and her new book Blacklash

Deneen speaks about her new book, Blacklash How Obama and the Left are Driving America to the Government Plantation) at FreedomWorks'

Friday, March 23, 2012

AMERICAN THINKER: The Executive Order Controversy

On Friday, 3/16/2012, President Obama issued an executive order called "National Defense Resources Preparedness" (NDRP), posting it on the White House's official website. Almost immediately, the blogosphere exploded with the news. Citizens began calling their TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers, demanding coverage. At the time of this writing, the furor has yet to abate.

The NDRP traces its origin to the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950, which attempted to establish a framework for placing the nation on a "war footing" as quickly and in as efficient a manner as possible should events warrant. In an age of highly industrialized warfare, the basic building blocks of military success are composed of mundane elements such as supply chains, resource availability, parts, access to raw materials, and skilled labor.

Over the years, the DPA has seen many revisions, and the executive orders issued to implement those revisions presupposed an imminent threat of war. In 1994, then-President Clinton issued Executive Order 12919, which expanded the provisions of the DPA rather dramatically, declaring its applicability to peacetime.

The need for the DPA is legitimate. A great deal of our energy infrastructure, utilities, and financial system are in fact entirely private enterprises, not public/government entities. Getting the government running again in the event of a catastrophic attack is one thing, but not providing the same reconstitution effort for the privately owned elements of the nation's infrastructure would still leave us without electric power generation, food distribution, etc.

In the event of cataclysmic war or a natural disaster of similar scope, we could not afford to wait on the private sector to recover at an ordinary pace with purely private funds. Under such circumstances, the need would be urgent and the resources few.

The issue is how to balance the necessity of granting sufficient power to the only entity large enough to do the job -- government -- while still maintaining the private ownership and control of the means of production and the economy as a whole.

The Executive order issued by Obama on 3/16 is largely a restatement of the 1994 Clinton order with a few functional changes. It moves the authority for implementing the provisions of the DPA from the director of FEMA to the Department of Homeland Security, which did not exist at the time of Clinton's presidency. There have been pedestrian additions of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to the purview of the secretary of energy (as well as a curiously specific redefinition of bottled water as a "food resource" rather than a water resource), but nothing is particularly out of step with the order Obama's EO supersedes.

So what is the problem? Well, considering that the authority of the DPA has never been meaningfully exercised, and that the pre-emption of authority claimed by the Clinton-era EO 12919 has been similarly dormant, why would the Obama administration choose this particular time to update an obscure and unused authority? It is this question many believe must be asked and answered, and sooner rather than later.

In an attempt to provide that answer, allow me to don an appropriately stylish tinfoil hat before I present a plausible scenario.

1) In early March 2012, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Senate Armed Services Committee that it is the position of this administration that international organizations such as NATO or the United Nations have at least as much, if not more authority to deploy U.S. troops, with or without congressional notice or permission.

2) A week later, the NAACP petitioned the U.N. Human Rights Council to involve themselves in our election process -- specifically our November presidential election, in order to monitor the vote for instances of voter suppression. It is the fantasy of the NAACP that laws requiring presentation of a photo ID to cast a ballot are in actuality thinly veiled efforts to keep the poor, elderly, and non-white populations from voting, presumably for Obama.

3) Attorney General Eric Holder has spent his tenure creating a hair-trigger system of race-conscious prosecutions, most notably in reference to cases involving voter fraud. His previous employee, J. Christian Adams, has built a second career from simply exposing the injustice of Holder's Department of Justice.

4) Most recently, Holder struck another blow against the concept of verifiable voting by forestalling Texas's proposed Voter ID law, saying it "goes against the arc of history." Aside from the attorney general basing his decisions on perceived "historical arcs" rather than clear and established law, the end result is the same: the creation of an air of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming election.

Now (as I adjust my tinfoil hat to a jauntier angle), let me tie these points together.

By employing repetitive reporting of "uncertainty about the reliability of the presidential election tally" by the major media, compounded by expressions of the same uncertainty by administration officials, the left could install that narrative amongst the segments of the population that pay little or no attention to the day-to-day practice of politics.

Could the NAACP then, with support from the Department of Justice and the administration, make the case to the U.N. that the election was in fact tainted, and subsequently persuade the member nations of the U.N. to declare the election invalid? It is possible, and such a declaration is certain to bring chaos to the streets of every major city in our country, as well as a great deal of smaller ones. To restore order, the president might need to deploy troops. Should the Congress resist the move, the administration might simply appeal to the U.N., which could request/order the deployment of troops by a willing and complicit Secretary Panetta.

And of course, President Obama would simply continue in office, for the sake of stability, until this could all be sorted out.



OBAMA’S EDUCATION DEPT. PARTNERS WITH SOROS--Seeks world where 'each person on Earth can contribute to sum of all knowledge'

The Department of Education has partnered with billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute to promote a global education initiative that seeks “a world where each and every person on Earth can access and contribute to the sum of all human knowledge.” Education Secretary Arne Duncan kicked off a $25,000 “Why Open Education Matters” competition that will give a cash prize for the best short video explaining the benefits of what is known as Open Educational Resources, or O.E.R., for students, teachers and schools.


How Many Times Has Obama Lied To The American People?

So, the man that lied when he promised not to accept public funding of his campaign; the man that lied when he said no abortions would be covered by his health care scheme; the man that lies every time he speaks about the amount of oil at this countries disposal; the man that lies when he says a President can’t do anything to reduce the price of gas, and then plans an October Surprise release of our emergency oil to temporarily do just that; the man who proves his own lies when a temporary release of oil has a diminutive, symbolic reduction in the price, but he insists a daily flow of our own oil form our numerous sites (which he now has off-limits) would have no effect on oil prices (no link, just common sense economics); the man who lied when claiming unemployment would never go above 8%, and who now lies every day about the real unemployment numbers; the man who lied when he claimed to barely know the unrepentant, racist, anti-American terrorist that helped start his political career; the man who lied when he claimed no one would lose their doctors or health plan under his healthcare bill; the man who lied about “shovel ready” jobs; the man who lied, along with many others, about his supposed birth certificate; the man who lied when he claimed he did not vote three times to let infant survivors of abortion die of neglect, forbidding their treatment; the man who lied when he swore to uphold the Constitution, and has belittled it, complained of its “constraints”; and who has ignored it by taking private property and giving it to his union thug friends (GM); or using recess appointments when the Congress is not in recess, or deciding he has the right to kill Americans at will; or start wars with an OK from the UN, but no Congressional approval; the man who lied when he swore to uphold our laws, and then appointed a black supremacist who is intent on ignoring any civil rights violations against whites; who is intent on protecting every national border but America’s from harm; who has been a willing accomplice in the scheme to defraud Americans into giving up their borders and Second Amendment gun rights, but has succeeded in getting American agents killed instead (and their underhanded roles have been discovered); the man who lied about not taking money from lobbyists and giving us a more transparent government;


NC DEBATES will be airing the Republican Council of State Debate live from Wait Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University on March 27, 2012.

The event is open to the public or can be seen via steaming video. This debate, hosted by the Wake Forest College Republicans, Forsyth County Republican Men's Club, and NC Tea Party will feature candidates from the following contests: Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer Superintendent of Public Instruction and Commissioner of Insurance. Candidates are still confirming their availability, so more races may be debated. The event will begin at 7:00. Visit on March 27 for the Republican Council of State Debate streaming LIVE from Wait Chapel.

The Blaze: ‘Democrats, Socialists and Communists…We Are All Together’: Piven Draws Chilling Connections

‘Democrats, Socialists and Communists…We Are All Together’: Piven Draws Chilling Connections

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brietbart: The Vetting — Obama 1995: ‘Scapegoat’ The ‘Top 5%’


In a newly-uncovered interview from the Hyde Park Citizen newspaper circa December 28, 1995, Barack Obama explains his philosophy on income inequality in the United States, especially in light of economic difficulties:

In an environment of scarcity, where the cost of living is rising, folks begin to get angry and bitter and look for scapegoats. Historically, instead of looking at the top 5% of this country that controls all the wealth, we turn towards each other, and the Republicans have added to the fire.

In that interview, Obama explains that his perspective on the “top 5%” was shaped by his experiences abroad:

It's about power. My travels made me sensitive to the plight of those without power and the issues of class and inequalities as it relates to wealth and power. Anytime you have been overseas in these so-called third world countries, one thing you see is the vast disparity of wealth of those who are part of power structure and those outside of it.

These comments are reminiscent of both the most radical Occupy Wall Street rhetoric and Obama’s infamous comments in San Francisco in April 2008 in which he stated that Americans suffering difficult economic times “get bitter” and “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.”


Craven County Republican Women's Meeting and Luncheon

Tell One Tell All

Craven County Republican Women's Meeting and Luncheon, March 28,2012
at The Chelsea Restaurant, Middle Street, New Bern, NC,
Focus Group meets at 10:45 AM

Speaker:  Hal Wehterman--"What is Sharia Law in America"

Saffron Cream Salmon:  Baked salmon fillet over rice pilaf with saffron cream and asparagus  OR Chicken Salad Melt:  Chicken Salad on rye bread with Swiss Cheese grilled and served with fresh fruit.  Rolls, Tea, Coffee and Desert.  Cost $ 13.00 inclusive.

RSVP Monday March 26, 2012 to Lucille at Phone:  633-0891.  Changes to menu for anyone who has a SPECIAL DIETARY NEED.



March 28, 2012, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m., Room 643,
Legislative Office Building, 300 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27603
You will need to get there as early as possible!

The public is invited to address the North Carolina House Select Committee on the State's Role in Immigration Policy during a committee meeting to take place on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m., in Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC. The meeting will open with presentations to the Committee and will close with public comment during the final hour of the meeting

This Select Committee was created under the authority of the Hon. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis to study and examine the State’s role in immigration policy, including the effectiveness of laws already in effect pertaining to immigration as well as best practices in other states. The Committee includes 12 members of the North Carolina House of Representatives: Representative Iler (Co-chair), Representative H. Warren (Co-chair), Representative Brisson, Representative Cleveland, Representative Faircloth, Representative Folwell, Representative Hamilton, Representative Jones, Representative Pierce, Representative Starnes, Representative Stevens, and Representative Wray.

As part of the Committee's information gathering process, the Committee Co-chairs invite members of the public who wish to make public comment to the Committee on the State's Role in Immigration Policy to attend. Individuals who wish to address the Committee may sign-up between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on March 28 prior to the hearing outside of Room 643. Speakers are asked to limit comments to three minutes. If more speakers sign-up than time is allotted to speak during the public hearing period, the chairs will select speakers from the list by random lot during the public hearing. Speaker substitutions will not be permitted. Speakers are encouraged to furnish a written copy of their comments if possible. The Committee will also accept written comments from the public from those who do not wish to speak.

For more information, contact Carla Farmer, Committee Clerk, (919)301-1450,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


ONE NATION UNDER SOCIALISM—John McNaughton’s new painting and video

Lloyd Marcus: Republicans: Black America's True Friend

Black pundits say that to be black and Republican makes one a despicable race-traitor worthy of no-holds-barred punishment. As a black conservative Republican, I'm not frightened by this; it just angers and frustrates me. My frustration comes from the knowledge that those claiming to have black America's empowerment and best interest at heart are the “elephant-in-the-room” problem. They lie to black America. Who are “they”? They are democrats committed to keeping blacks viewing themselves as victims. They are racist bitter black politicians with huge chips on their shoulders, seeking eternal “payback” for America's original sin of slavery. These black politicians are rewarded by the democrats for delivering black votes.


THE BLAZE: Supreme Court Sides With Private Property Owner in Landmark EPA Case

March 21, 2012
Today, the Supreme Court has sided with an Idaho couple in a private property rights case, ruling they have the right to go to court to challenge an Environmental Protection Agency policy that blocked construction of their new home and threatened fines of more than $30,000 a day.

In 2007 the EPA halted private property owners Mike and Chantell Sackett from building a new home on their property adjacent to a scenic lake in Idaho. The reasoning? The agency said part of the property was a wetlands that could not disturbed.

The first phase of construction had already been completed on the private residence when federal officials showed up and ordered a halt in the work. A fine of $30,000 a day would be levied against the Sackett’s were they to continue building. The couple was then disallowed by the agency to obtain the permits needed to continue construction in local courts.


Beck: Progressive ‘Mission Accomplished,’ Now on to Phase II — Communism

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Federal Watchdog & Tea Party Report—March 20, 2012

Defend Property Rights Against EPA 'Navigable Waters' Overreach
The notorious Clean Water Act of 1972 has been used by both the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to curtail mining, control land use in agricultural zones, stop expansion of energy companies, and bring an end to construction projects. The ‘navigable waters’ authority is one of the many dangerous avenues that have allowed the agency to engage in enormous unconstitutional assaults on the rights of property owners. Farmers, ranchers, homeowners, business owners, and municipalities have been forced to abide by costly, and sometimes impossible-to-achieve, EPA mandates that have little or nothing to do with protecting the environment and even less to do with exercising legitimate federal authority.

Legislation introduced by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) would target these abuses by the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers. The Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012, S. 2122, with seven cosponsors so far, would rein in the EPA's regulatory overreach over "navigable waters" on private property that has destroyed the American dream of home building for many Americans. A companion bill will soon be introduced in the House. EPA could actually track the flow of water up a pipe and into your house, and call that a navigable water.

H.R. 452: Medicare Decisions Accountability Act of 2011: To repeal the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act providing for the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Sponsor: Rep. Phil Roe [R-TN1]. Status: Reported by Committee. The committees assigned to this bill or resolution sent it to the House or Senate as a whole for consideration on March 8, 2012. This bill would repeal the so called “Death Panel” which would have 15 bureaucrats appointed by Obama with only 1 person from the healthcare arena allowed. Rep. Roe says this bill has bipartisan support, but will likely be merged with HR 5 Malpractice Reform Bill which does not have bipartisan support.

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Act: The U.S. Senate has approved of a $109 billion bill that provides two years of funding for transportation and transit projects around the country. The bill may or may not be taken up by the U.S. House Representatives depending on if they choose to write a separate House bill, but hopefully what will be left out of any final version is an amendment by Montana U.S. Sen. Max Baucus. His amendment funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to the tune of $1.4 billion for fiscal years 2013 and 2014 — quite a jump from the $323 million it is currently receiving in FY 2012. This Fund helps purchase and protects lands across the country. Evidently the line of thinking within the Senate is more U.S. lands are in need of being purchased and protected by the federal government. (Sen. Burr voted against this bill and Sen. Hagan voted for it.)

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act - H.R.3606: The Senate is scheduled to take up this House-passed bill that is intended to make it easier for small and mid-sized companies to go public.

Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011 - H.R.5: This House bill would place caps on damages in certain medical malpractice lawsuits. Heritage Foundation Opposes Federal Tort Reform Bill. The problem with most of the proposed reforms in H.R. 5 is that the law governing medical malpractice claims is a state issue, not a federal issue. Despite H.R. 5's reliance on the Commerce Clause, Congress has no business (and no authority under the Constitution) telling states what the rules should be governing medical malpractice claims.

Republican and Democratic Congressmen are trying to amend H.R. 5 to protect states' and individual rights before the House votes on it later this week. Americans who cherish their God-given rights should call the U.S.Capitol switchboard at 202-225-3121, ask to speak with their Congressman and insist that he/she oppose that bill unless the unconstitutional language is removed.

Two important rallies coming up as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to hear the case on the constitutionality of Obamacare:

March 24, 2012: Tea Party Patriots, Road to Repeal Rally, 12:00 Noon, Washington, DC

March 27, 2012: Americans for Prosperity, Hands Off Our Healthcare Rally, Upper Senate Park, Washington D.C.

Washington Examiner Op-Ed by Sen. Jim DeMint: Export competitiveness, import cronyism: The case against Ex-Im

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

There are two kinds of companies who receive corporate welfare from Washington: successful businesses that don’t need it, and unsuccessful companies that don’t deserve it.

Everything else you hear from politicians when corporate welfare comes up – rhetoric about public-private partnerships, about matching Europe’s subsidies of foreign competitors – is a mere distraction from the truth: They are mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future to subsidize the politically connected.

This was the case with Solyndra, the infamously bankrupt solar-panel manufacturer who turned close political ties to the Obama Administration into more than $500 million in sweetheart loan guarantees.

It was the case with the auto bailouts, in which President Obama repaid the massive contributions union bosses made to his 2008 campaign by bailing out and then handing over to them two free car companies.

It has also been the case with taxpayer subsidies to Enron, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, General Motors and Chrysler, Wall Street -- and even Greece! Washington bailouts and subsidies don’t make industries stronger. They pick winners and losers, create unintended consequences for American workers, and often end in expensive failures.

The push to reauthorize and increase the Export/Import Bank is the latest example.

Ex-Im, as it is known, is a federal program that gives politically appointed executives power to lend mainly to foreign companies that buy American products and services. Started decades ago with a lending cap of $5 million, like all federal programs its grown over time and now has a taxpayer subsidized $100 billion cap. Senate Democrats want to further expand it by 40% to $140 billion. Ex-Im also has specific mandates to subsidize politically-popular causes like green energy.

What’s wrong with this? In principle, it’s wrong because all companies – foreign and domestic – should compete on a level playing field, so that success goes to those companies who offer the best products and services at the lowest prices.

In free market finance, we all benefit as businesses compete for investment that follows those with the best innovations, highest quality, at a price buyers are willing to pay.

Not so with government-run finance where funding decisions are made more often based on politics instead of economics. That’s why corporate welfare is so inefficient.

It was just this kind of political mischief that spurred banks to make subprime mortgage loans and led General Motors to make an unpopular, expensive, flammable electric car – all the while putting taxpayers on the hook for the losses.

It also explains why Ex-Im has financed over $10 million in loans benefitting Solyndra before it went bankrupt and even financed over $600 million in loans to Enron projects before Ken Lay went to prison. In 2010, General Electric made $150 billion in profit, paid no corporate taxes but was helped by over $1 billion in Ex-Im loans that same year. Ex-Im even made loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars to a solar company to sell solar panels -- to itself.

But more importantly, this is why corporate welfare is so unfair. For every company that benefits, there are a dozen competitors who suddenly find themselves at a disadvantage in the marketplace.

It’s no surprise then that Ex-Im’s loans have come under increased scrutiny for hurting thousands of jobs in the American airline industry. In fact, Ex-Im is required by Congress to conduct reviews on how their loans to foreign companies could endanger American jobs, but in over 90% of the loans, these reviews are never performed.

And what’s worse, Washington sends competitors the signal that the easiest way to get ahead isn’t to make better companies, but to lobby Congress for special taxpayer benefits.

And so a vicious cycle emerges. Washington's attempt to centrally manage the economy only transfers wealth from taxpayers to corporations, it takes those corporations’ eye off the ball, dulling our economy’s competitive edge and slowly making America less and less competitive in the increasingly competitive global market.

Is it fair that foreign countries subsidize their companies? No. But, America didn’t become the world’s strongest economy by trying to out-socialize Europe, and we won’t win the future by picking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars. The American way to address subsidized foreign companies is to beat them in the free market.

If foreign competitors can’t get by without subsidies, it means they can’t compete with our best. And if we’ve reached the point where America admits that our best can’t beat theirs, all the subsidies in the world won’t save us.

Congress should stop the corporate welfare gimmicks and get serious about our real problems. America now has an unsustainable $15 trillion debt and soon the developed world’s highest corporate tax rate, economic anchors dragging our economy down that cannot be remedied by taxpayer subsidies for a few industries. If the President and Democrats in Congress really want to help American companies to compete globally, they’ll help Republicans reform the tax code, reduce burdensome regulations, and repeal Obamacare that is crippling businesses and will bankrupt our nation.

In a free market, all businesses are equal, and everybody wins. In a crony capitalist market, some businesses are more equal than others, and before long, everyone loses.

Jim DeMint is a Republican U.S. Senator from South Carolina.

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