What's Happening in the Tea Party Movement?

February 27, 2014 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 pm

The Tea Party 5 Year Anniversary Event 

Hyatt Regency Hotel

400 New Jersey Ave.,  NW, Washington DC, 20001.  

From the bailouts and stimulus of 2008 to the government takeover of health care, a spark was ignited that grew into a vibrant movement of liberty-loving Americans determined to protect their freedoms from an ever growing federal government. Since early 2009, the modern Tea Party movement has been on a path to educate Americans about the importance of having a constitutionally limited, fiscally responsible government that preserves an environment for free markets to thrive. Join us on Thursday, February 27th, as we take look back at the grassroots successes over the past 5 years and pave the way forward for the future of the movement.

Speakers include:  Senator Mike Lee; Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann; Congressmen Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Steve King, Jim Bridenstine, Mark Meadows; Catherine Englebrecht – President and Founder, True the Vote, and many more! 

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Ted Cruz launches dramatic new Tea Party video for 2014

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Beware the left-wing-funded “Main Street” Republicans, Michelle Malkin, January 10, 2014--What do George Soros, labor unions and money-grubbing former GOP Rep. Steven LaTourette all have in common? They’re control freaks. They’re power hounds. They’re united against tea party conservatives. And they all have operated under the umbrella of D.C. groups masquerading as “Main Street” Republicans.  Read it all!

IRS to get 'license to kill' groups that oppose Obama agenda--The Washington Times, January 7, 2014 — The Internal Revenue Service is getting a special new power: a “license to kill” group that oppose the Obama agenda. James Bond’s license to kill isn’t nearly as broad.

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Its new powers will let the IRS destroy certain groups, especially those connected to the Tea Party, by imposing a tax on their work and messages during campaign seasons. Even the value of volunteer work could be taxed.

Suspicion traces the plan directly to President Barack Obama, since he personally met with IRS chief counsel William Wilkins — an Obama political appointee and long-time supporter — in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012, two days before the IRS issued its key internal directives to target Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Now, unless Congress acts quickly to block them, new IRS regulations will deliver a death penalty to many of almost 100,000 grass-roots non-profits known as 501(c)(4) groups. They often provide information to the public about political issues, befitting their tax requirement to benefit social welfare.

The IRS wants to create a new bureaucratic definition that re-labels those common voter information activities by re-naming them “candidate-related political activity.” For short, IRS calls it CRPA, but CRAP would fit better.

This is actually a gag rule. But the IRS’s new speech restrictions do not apply to labor unions, trade associations, political parties, or other non-profit groups such as 501(c)(3)’s. The impact is limited to the 501(c)(4)’s, which are the favorite vehicle for Tea Party groups.

The Left also has 501(c)(4) non-profits which could be muzzled by the new rules. But the Obama Administration is notorious for selective enforcement, meaning it could choose to give a pass to friendly groups while it puts conservatives out of business. They could use this in efforts to shut down groups like the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity and the National Rifle Association, while ignoring People for the American Way, American Civil Liberties Union, USAction and the Democratic Leadership Council.


Obama Donor to head IRS tea party Targeting Investigation, Breitbart, January 8, 2014!
The attorney heading the internal investigation into potential unfair targeting of conservative groups by the IRS is a frequent and significant donor to both the Democratic National Committee and President Obama, Rep. Darrell Issa revealed today, in what he calls a "startling conflict of interest" that jeopardizes the investigation.

Rep. Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter today to Attorney General Eric Holder revealing new information that reached the committee on who is conducting the internal investigations at the IRS regarding the inappropriate targeting of conservative groups. Seeking an explanation as to why the FBI has been unresponsive to the committee, Rep. Issa noted that current and former IRS officials revealed Barbara Bosserman, a trial attorney within the IRS's Civil Rights Commission, is leading the internal investigation.

Tea partyers launch counterattack on IRS nonprofit rules--Washington Times, January 7 (PLEASE TAKE ACTION AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!)--Tea party groups are rallying their troops for a fight over the new rules the IRS is carving out on how to regulate tax-exempt groups that participate in political activities. 


ABC reported that tea party groups were caught off guard when the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service rolled out the proposed rule changes before the Thanksgiving break and now they are calling on members of the grassroots movement to weigh in on the proposed changes before the end of a 90-day comment period.

“They seem hell bent to do whatever they’re setting out to do because of the way they issued the rules and the fact that the comment period happens during the holiday season, Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks, told ABC.  “I think changing the rules in an election year is extraordinarily unfair and unprecedented,” he said.  ABC reported that more than 10,000 people have responded to the call to arm by submitting their comments, which would be looked at by the IRS as it considers the new regulations.  Read more!   

TPN—Judson Phillips:  New Year’s Resolutions, 2014, December 31, 2013--The New Year is almost upon us.  Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions for the New Year are goals.  Goal’s are an excellent beginning but goals without a plan are pretty meaningless.  Benjamin Franklin warned us, “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”  What should the Tea Party’s New Year’s resolution for 2014 and the plan be?

For 2014, we need a few simple issues we can make a Tea Party platform.  We need things candidates can identify with and can use to bludgeon their non-Tea Party opponents.  Here are some resolutions that would make a good Tea Party platform we could all use in 2014.

Eliminate waste in government. 98% of all Americans oppose government waste. The 2% that support it work for the government.   The question is how do we eliminate waste when Congressmen and Senators are always adding it and don’t want to cut any programs?  Read more

2014: The Resurgence of the Tea Party--Posted by Lloyd Marcus on January 5, 2014.
It is not looking good for the Tea Party and our efforts to restore America in 2014. The Obama Administration, mainstream media, major liberal advocacy groups and the GOP establishment have launched an extremely well-funded war against us.  

So, how do we compete?  

Answer: We do what we did in 2010. The Bible says one will put a thousand to flight, but two will put 10,000 to flight. (Deut. 32:30) In other words, when we are united our power and effectiveness increases exponentially. The 2010 Republican sweep of the elections driven by the Tea Party confirms this truth.  Well worth reading the entire article!

December 2013

State Board of Elections sends a message to the TEA Party: “Shut up and fall in line as we tell you to.”  The North Carolina State Republican Board of Elections met this morning (12-20-13) at 9:00 a.m. and kicked off the meeting with a real “Boss Hog” attitude.  The State Board of Elections is the state agency charged with overall responsibility for overseeing the administration of the elections process and campaign finance reporting in North Carolina. The State Board itself is composed of five members, who are political appointees of the Governor.  Read on!  

TPN—James Herbert Harrison:  Tea Parties need to promote – themselves-- It occurs to me that a major call in the game plan of Democrats and establishment rhino Republicans is to marginalize us in the Tea Party as a few radical bible thumping, gun toting, and government hating zealots.  It's time to pool some resources and run some commercials promoting the Tea Partiers themselves in addition to the causes they value. These advertisements should feature some typical Tea Party members who are the local insurance agent, the local mechanic, the barber, the farmer, the contractor, and/or the doctor. Are these the wacko radicals these socialists keep talking about?  Continue reading!  

Rangel: Tea Party Ready To Destroy Republicans, Economy, Nation Because They Hate Old, Sick, And Poor So Much--Appearing on MSNBC this week, Charlie Rangel expressed his opinion regarding the future of the Tea Party and Republicans.  People are coming to the office saying thank you so much. Nobody knows the amount of complaints people have that they have been cut off from insurance; they went bankrupt because of the bill, that they reached their limitations, they had a precondition, and so for those who are against it, without any plan at all, I am amazed that they can get by with it. You would think that the tea party has no old folks, no sick folks, no poor folks, no one on social security, no one on Medicare, no one that needs a living wage. You know, when you’re on the right side, whether it’s politics or business, you have to be patient. And we do have some people that don’t mind killing the Republican Party in 2016, embarrassing the Congress and having the economy to fail and they have proven that.​  Video and more.

Tea Party Patriots--The Doctor Patient Medical Association has launched its "Keep Your Doctor"Campaign. They are working on short term patches to keep people from losing their doctors on January 1 when Obamacare's new policies and networks kick in. E-ail information.

The Reason GOP is Not Going after the IRS for Harassing Tea Party Groups--Two seemingly unrelated articles caught my attention. Here’s the first one: “Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel noted on Friday [Dec. 13] that Barack Obama and the IRS have a new plan to target Tea Party groups in advance of the 2014 elections. During Thanksgiving week, the Treasury Department announced a proposal to limit the political activity of 501(c)(4) groups.”  One would think that Republicans in Congress would be outraged. The silence is deafening.  We know that the IRS was going after conservative groups, many of which were associated with the newly formed Tea Party movement. It was a big story for a time, and then it seemed to die.  Read more!  

Obama to Make IRS Tea Party Targeting Legit--Democracy is such a quaint notion. Why let it get in the way of doing so much good in the world? I mean, what if it turns out people don’t want their money redistributed? That they want it for themselves and will vote to keep it. Greedy bastards. Writing today in the Wall Street Journal, columnist Kimberly Strassel outlines how the White House is seeking to legitimize the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups by issuing a regulation that would reclassify them as political outfits that don’t qualify for tax-exempt status.  Continue reading.  

Boehner Declares War on the American People:  Statement by Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder of Tea Party Patriots, on comments made by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner:

“Speaker Boehner thinks ‘outside groups’ are the problem? Does he really think the American voters who are involved in the tea party, who got him elected, should not demand accountability of their elected representatives?
“The Speaker’s anger and ire is misdirected towards the wrong people. President Obama is choosing whether to enforce laws in the country or not by whim. He changes policy through press conferences and tweets. He rewrites law by fiat.  Members of Congress renege on their pledges not to spend more or increases taxes on hardworking Americans.  READ MORE HERE!  
Issa: FBI impeding inquiry into IRS targeting of conservative groups--The House’s chief investigator says the FBI is stonewalling his inquiry into whether the agency and the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative group True the Vote for special scrutiny, and Rep. Darrell E. Issa is now threatening subpoenas to pry loose the information from FBI Director James B. Comey Jr.  Mr. Issa, California Republican, and Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, are leading the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s IRS inquiry. They also said the FBI is refusing to turn over any documents related to its own investigation into the IRS, which began in the days after an auditor’s report revealed the tax agency had improperly targeted tea party groups for special scrutiny.