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NRA-ILA :: 2011 North Carolina Legislative Session Off to a br/Pro-Second Amendment Start

NRA-ILA :: 2011 North Carolina Legislative Session Off to a br/Pro-Second Amendment Start

2011 North Carolina Legislative Session Off to a Pro-Second Amendment Start

Friday, February 25, 2011

Please contact the House Judiciary Committee and the House Judiciary Subcommittee A!
The 2011 North Carolina legislative session shows great promise as being tremendously successful for those who support our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. A number of pro-gun and pro-hunting reforms have already been introduced, and the NRA is working with key legislators to introduce more.
The state Senate took a big step forward this week with Senate Bill 34, a Castle Doctrine bill, and the House is following close behind with a similar bill, House Bill 74. S 34 was introduced by state Senators Andrew Brock (R-34), Doug Berger (D-7), and Kathy Harrington (R-43). On February 22, the Senate Judiciary II Committee took up S 34 for the second time, and amended it to make a good bill even better. Originally introduced to strengthen the right to self-defense in the home, the bill was amended to expand protections to include self-defense in cars, at the workplace and establish that there is no duty to retreat when faced with a criminal attack when you are in a place you may lawfully be. It also offers protections against criminal prosecution and civil action when one is compelled to use force (including lethal force) against a criminal attack. Yesterday, S 34 passed Second Reading on the floor of the state Senate by a vote of 37 to 13, and should pass Third Reading (the final step to pass in the state Senate) next week.
In the state House, H 74 was filed on February 10 by state Representatives Mark Hilton (R-96), Shirley Randleman (R-94), George Cleveland (R-14), and Rayne Brown (R-81). This legislation was the stronger Castle Doctrine bill when introduced, but with the changes to S 34 this week, they are now quite similar. H 74 should be heard by the full House Judiciary Committee soon, and NRA will be working with state Representative Hilton and other supporters of the bill to ensure it is passed with solid, effective language that will protect your right to self-defense. Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to support H 74. Contact information for the House Judiciary Committee can be found here.
In addition to these Castle Doctrine bills, a number of other pro-gun reforms will soon be considered.
House Bill 111, introduced by state Representatives Mark Hilton (R-96), Jeff Barnhart (R-82), Fred Steen (R-76), and Kelly Hastings (R-110), would remove the prohibition on Right-to-Carry permit holders carrying a concealed firearm into any restaurant that serves alcohol on premises. It would also remove the ability of a local government to ban the carrying of concealed firearms by Right to Carry permit holders in parks. This legislation is scheduled to be heard in House Judiciary Subcommittee A on Wednesday, March 2.
House Bill 63, introduced by state Representatives Phil Shepard (R-15), Mark Hilton (R-96), George Cleveland (R-14), and Jeff Barnhart (R-82), would establish that businesses cannot prohibit law-abiding citizens from parking a car on a private parking lot simply because firearms are secured in the vehicle. This bill is also scheduled to be heard in House Judiciary Subcommittee A on Wednesday, March 2.
Please contact members of House Judiciary Subcommittee A and urge them to support H 63 and H 111. Contact information for the House Judiciary Subcommittee A can be found here.
House Bill 21, introduced by state Representative Tim Moore (R-111), would authorize a hunter to use a portable light and a dog on a leash to help in the retrieval of a dead or wounded big game animal. It also provides for permissible means to dispatch a wounded animal. This legislation passed in the House yesterday, and is now headed to the Senate for consideration.
NRA is also working with state Representative Mark Hilton (R-96) on a comprehensive bill to improve North Carolina’s Right-to-Carry law, as well as address several other areas regarding the laws regulating firearms in the Tar Heel State. There are other bills in the works, and we will be sure to update you on them as they are introduced, or are scheduled for any consideration.

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Member's Corner: Vice Chairman, Nancy Murdoch

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello friends and patriots,

Today I went to Raleigh with Hal and Raynor James to stand with fellow patriots in opposition to the leftist rally sponsored by, SEIU, and name "taking back the American dream". I just learned about this rally on Friday, so it was really a last ditch effort.

We were outnumbered, however we made up with enthusiasm on our side...and of course, facts. Our group was somewhat older and better behaved. In typical liberal fashion a number crossed the street to inform us dummies of the facts and how wrong we all are. (no one from our side crossed the street...we know a wasted effort when we see it.) We also received the tall finger salute on a number of occasions. The left seemed very angry, and accused us of being selfish and not caring about middle America. They had signs declaring that unions are the future of America, and democracy. I'm sure they have no idea that we are not a democracy, but a Constitutional republic. They had a number of printed signs...all of ours were hand made.

I must admit that I somewhat "lost" it with one of those who crossed the street. She was under the perception that it's all the corporations that don't pay taxes that are the problem, and failed to understand that corporations are made up of people that do pay taxes. Then she proceeded to inform us that our grandfathers were all members of unions. Not true in my case...mine were farmers.

I talked to many folks on our side. Even though all were in good spirits, many expressed their fear that this is the beginning of some nasty stuff, and they had never seen American so divided. (And that's after electing a President that was going to end division and cause the rivers to stop their rise, blah, blah, blah.)

I'm not going to chastise anyone, but I must say that we need to get even better organized or we will lose our country. We must do all we can to educate others, as many of those today came from local universities, and are unfamiliar with our Constitution and what made America great. Schools are feeling our children's heads with a false face of the past, present and future. They fail to understand the basics of Economics or human nature. They fail to see that they are pawns of the Democratic (progressive) party, and just keep paying those union dues, and spouting the party line.

We must start making the hard important is my country? We need to be a force to be heard. Get informed, talk to people, and do everything you can to make a difference.

Lastly, I can't tell you what a great time the three of us had. It's always so wonderful to talk to real people that love this country enough to travel (on their own dime) and speak up for our freedom. I hope many more of you will join us the next time...and I promise there will be a next time.

Yours in freedom,

Nancy Murdoch
Vice Chairman, CCTA


Randy’s Right Video Alert…Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Practice What You Preach --EXCELLENT MESSAGE!

GLENN BECK FEBRUARY 25, 2011: Practice What You Preach

Guests:  David Barton, WallBuilders; Life Outreach International's James Robison, Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the American Alliance of Christians & Jews and Vietnam Veteran Dave Roever.

Friday, February 25, 2011

States Should Use Constitutional Amendment to Rein in Federal Government

States Should Use Constitutional Amendment to Rein in Federal Government

Chaos Summer: Why Wisconsin is Only the Beginning

"These protesters are being used. Vladimir Lenin coined the phrase “useful idiots.” These protesters are dupes. They are pawns in a very dangerous game that Barack Obama is playing with the United States of America. Barack Obama and his allies tell us that they are only supporting the Wisconsin demonstrations because they care about the teachers, because they care about the children, but the end result of Obama’s support for these demonstrations cannot be ignored."


Follow the Money

Governor vetoes bill in order to protect incentives giveaways

This week the governor vetoed the Legislature’s budget-savings bill in order to protect money in some of the state’s largest incentives funds. Shrouded in secrecy, Perdue’s office sent out a message on Twitter that pointed to several potential projects across the state that they said could be jeopardized if the governor’s deal sweeteners were taken away. The names of the companies being recruited weren't mentioned. The Twitter message went on to say there were "several other, new projects promising 900 jobs and a more than $100 (million) investment that may need a grant to seal the deal." Referencing the “but for” test, Republican lawmakers have said their bill would still allow Perdue to come to the Legislature to approve incentives to lure businesses if they are really necessary during the remainder of the fiscal year. “Perdue's veto proves she'd rather roll the dice with your tax dollars than protect jobs now and right-size state government," tweeted Senate leader Phil Berger.  READ MORE:

Duplicity revealed in DOMA decision? (

Duplicity revealed in DOMA decision? (


February 25, 2011

Newt Gingrich has outlined grounds for initiating impeachment hearings against the president for violating his oath of office. Mr. Obama already has been backed into a corner and now we will see how he and the labor unions react to another threat to the demolition of their power base. The perfect storm is upon him and absolute, corrupt power never goes quietly into the night; this is even more dangerous since his foundation comes out of the Chicago political machine and the church teachings of the Rev. Wright.

Radicals bringing campaign for Shariah to White House

'Islam is the solution and … the perfect system that needs to be implemented'
Posted: February 25, 2011
By Michael Carl
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – Three British Islamic activists are planning a pro-Shariah law rally in front of the White House next week, arguing that it is the solution for all of America's problems.

Read more:

Stimulus anti-obesity campaign | sugary drinks | Michelle Obama | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Stimulus anti-obesity campaign sugary drinks Michelle Obama The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NC Freedom Press Release…

NC Freedom Press Release…Counter Rally Against NAACP and SEIU Teaming Up At Capital This Saturday High Noon!!!

Timely Thoughts--Must Read!

Thu, February 24, 2011

As you all know from the news, we are living in very scary times. Things haven’t been this bad in a very long time, and perhaps 2012 is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

· People are rioting in the streets in nations all over the world, calling for their governments to step down. Some are responding peacefully and others are being gunned down in the streets as if they are nothing more than pestilent rats.

· Our sworn enemy, even as identified in the Bible, not only has barbarically slaughtered over 3000 innocent Americans on 9/11 but they have officially arrived at our shores to stay. Despite an ideology that despises our rules and culture and ultimately cannot exist peacefully in a Christian-based nation, Islamic communities have taken hold all over this country, are challenging our laws, and using our very tolerance and multiculturalism against us. And now our finest lawyers are taking up their cause. Our President has announced worldwide that the United States is the largest Muslim nation. We are at the verge of building a magnificent mosque at Ground Zero as a symbol of Islam’s conquest of the US.

· The Department of Homeland Security, through Janet Napolitano, has identified domestic rightwing groups (such as the Tea Party groups), as being potential sources of violence. In fact, in her report “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Radicalization and Recruitment,” she cites domestic rightwing groups as likely to engage in acts of violence because of the various emerging social and political issues, including:

(a) The prolonged economic downturn (including real estate foreclosures, unemployment, an inability to obtain credit, the outsourcing of jobs)
(b) The election of the first African-American president
(c) Resentment over immigration
(d) The passage of the healthcare reform bill
(e) Opposition to a large central government
(f) Opposition to the current rate of taxation

---- Do these issues sound familiar ?? Groups who legitimately have such concerns, and which intimately concern their lives, are on a Homeland Security watch list as potential sources of domestic violence. I suppose that leftwing groups do nothing to warrant such government scrutiny. This is our very government engaging in “View point” discrimination. This is our very own government attempting to shut the conservative message down by issuing a report claiming that we pose a serious enough threat to internal security to be monitored. How long before Tea Party groups will no longer be able to even associate with one another? How long before the government tries to make that a crime?

· The federal government refuses to do its job to keep Americans safe and secure, which not only means safe from the violence that illegal immigrants bring but also the insecurity that comes from a national debt so gargantuan that our very existence becomes precarious. We have a government that completely disregards the pleas of the American people to close our borders and to give assimilation a fighting chance. But no, the borders are open and violent criminals are pouring in. How many reports must we hear about rapes and violent murders and repeat offenses at the hands of illegals? How many are being swept under the carpet so we don’t have to hear about them and complain? We have no meaningful system to track murderous criminals and in fact, the government simply releases them back onto the streets after briefly detaining them and asking them to “please return for a deportation hearing.” I guess it is only the government who believes criminals have personal integrity because it would rather hire more IRS agents to persecute those not paying healthcare insurance than ICE agents to deport criminal illegal aliens in order to make sure our streets and neighborhoods are safe.

· We have more than half the country that loves this country for all the wrong reasons - for the hand-outs and the freedom to disregard education, work, responsibility, and service to their country. “At some point you run out of other people’s money.”

· bought out Huffington Post to bring liberal media more into the mainstream where feeble minds can latch on to its message of a government nanny state.

· Democrats in government still don’t understand the gravity of our debt problem. We are losing stature in the world’s eyes. We are mortgaging our children’s future. We are putting the integrity of our entire system on the line.

· Americans still don’t understand what it means to be blessed with Liberty and the responsibilities that come from that. They still don’t understand that with liberty comes a great cost and that cost is eternal vigilance.

· Americans still don’t understand that the US Constitution is everyone’s personal charter of freedom. In defending the Constitution and its design for a limited federal government, we ensure our own liberties. If we fail to stand up for violations of this document, we chip away steadily at our very freedoms. Apparently not everyone values robust freedom; Apparently not everyone knows what to do with it. But unbridled freedom is the very core of what America stands for and it’s the very reason millions left their homeland in the 1700’s, 1800’s, and 1900’s to come to her shores.

· Our President has announced that we are no longer a Christian nation and with every official action and with every official word and government action on his behalf, he announces that this is indeed true.

· Our President just announced that he will REFUSE to enforce a national law which defines marriage as between one man and one woman. (I didn’t know he had that option to refuse to do his job). He declared that the law is unconstitutional. (Not the Supreme Court, mind you, but Obama himself made this enlightened decision). We are not a government of men; we are a government of laws. It would serve Obama, apparently a lawyer, to go back and read the Constitution (or read it for the first time, whatever the case may be).

· These are just to name a few of the current problems…..


So please let us not forget or neglect the words of the very document which declared our independence from another government that oppressed the American people – the Declaration of Independence:

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Isn’t that why we have all joined the Tea Party? To recognize that our government has indeed become destructive of the ends for which it was created. And to alter it ….. peacefully

To me it seems the Tea Party movement has been losing steam in our area of Pitt County. Perhaps some have lost the urgency and gravity of the current climate. I hope I’m wrong. It’s a time for action and involvement but instead it seems there is inaction and non-involvement. The coming years will make or break us as a nation. A house divided cannot stand. A nation that doesn’t stand for good cannot ask for blessings. The Bible says we need those blessings or we will perish.

But please know this. In Raleigh, state representatives feel the Tea Party presence and respect its power. This is undeniable. In Washington DC, representatives feel the Tea Party presence and respect its power. I’ve been there and I found this out for myself. The Tea Party movement is historic. It is real and it is very palpable. It stands in a long line of bold attempts by free men to stand up for their inalienable rights in the face of tyranny and oppression.

More and more, the Tea Party can be compared to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. It is a revolt against an oppressive government who believes that people are ruled by powerful men rather than rules. At the height of the Stamp Act crisis, which culminated in the Boston Tea Party, William Pitt proclaimed in Parliament, "The Americans are the sons not the bastards of England." Today, just as back in the 1700’s, we the people are indeed ignored by our government, as if we too are bastards rather than sons and daughters. Our Declaration said this about King George: “A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Could this not easily be said of Barack Obama? The Declaration also cited this offense for justifying our separation from England: “…For abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.” Is that not what Obama and his Czars are trying to do?

It is said that since our feudal roots in England following the invasion by William the Conqueror (of Normandy, France), every time the people stood up and fought for their rights and freedoms, they were granted recognition and protection of those rights, and with each successful confrontation, they were granted greater rights. It would be an abomination if in our most civilized era, we were not wise enough to stand up for our rights or for the most ingeniously crafted Constitution the world has ever known.

I am not sending this out necessarily to compel you to any action, but rather to remind you to please stand resolute in your commitment to effect meaningful change in this country - for our children and grandchildren. If you can find the time, please continue to be active in the Tea Party, please help recruit, please become involved locally, become visible, become vocal, become active, and continue to educate yourselves on the issues,

Thank You & God Bless,
Diane Rufino

I read the Constitution for the great articles.

Huckabee Slams Obama‘s DOMA Decision as ’Indefensible’

Union Protester Whacks Young FreedomWorks Activist

‘That’s Assault!’: Union Protester Whacks Young FreedomWorks Activist

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

10 Health Insurance Companies Get Obamacare Waivers for Their Own Employees


U.S. Congress

House of Representatives

Republicans attempted to trim the $1.2 trillion 2011 budget bill. At 4:40 a.m. on Saturday February 19, 2011 the House passed a Full Year Continuing Appropriations Act for 2011. The current Continuing Resolution expires on March 4th. The vote was 235 to 189 with 9 not voting. The actual amount that House Republicans cut ranges between $60 and $100 billion according to various sources. Senate Democrats are opposed to the House version and have said that Republicans want a "government shutdown," and President Obama has threatened to veto the bill. For NC Representatives, the vote was along party lines except that Republican Rep Jones (R-3) voted with the Democrats who voted against the budget cuts and continued funding of the government through the current fiscal year that ends on September 30, 2011.

Leading up to the Continuing Appropriations Act, over 100 amendments were debated and voted on. Speaker John Boehner made good on his promise to hear all amendments from the House of Representatives, in contrast to former Speaker Pelosi's leadership. Concerning Boehner's amendment proceedings, Pelosi said, the chamber is "driving itself to irrelevance with the amendment process here."

The most noteworthy amendments are the following:

Rep Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) proposed an amendment from the Republican Study Committee to cut $22 billion more from the bill by reducing the Legislative Branch Appropriations funding by 11 percent, and cutting other non-security funding by 5.5 percent, except for aid to Israel. On Feb 18, 92 Republicans including Rep Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader; and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy joined all of the Democrats to defeat the amendment in a vote of 147 to 281 with 5 not voting. Therefore the pledge that $100 billion would be cut from the 2011 budget was not achieved, wrote Erick Erickson,, saying that Rep Cantor exhibited "a failure of leadership."

All NC Republican Representatives except Walter B. Jones, Jr. (R-3rd) voted for the amendment. All NC Democrat Representatives voted against it.

Four healthcare amendments met with considerable comment. (1) One amendment that passed 239 to 187 with 7 not voting was from Rep Rehberg (R-MT) that "would deny funding for the law from the Labor-HHS [Health and Human Services] Appropriations bill." Rehberg said, "It will create a firewall so that funds from this bill cannot be for that purpose."

All NC Republican Representatives voted for the amendment along with Mike McIntyre (D-7th). All other NC Democrat Representatives voted against it.

(2) Another healthcare amendment passed 246 - 182 with 5 not voting, was offered by Rep Emerson (R-MO) that would "deny funds to allow the Internal Revenue Service to enforce the individual mandate to purchase health insurance in the health care law."

NC Representatives voting for the amendment: Renee Ellmers (R-2nd), Walter B. Jones, Jr (R-3rd), Virginia Foxx (R-5th), Howard Coble (R-6th), Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Sue Myrick (R-9th), Patrick T. McHenry (R-10th), and Heath Shuler (D-11th).

NC Representatives voting against the amendment: G.K. Butterfield (D-1st), David E. Price (D-4th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), Melvin L. Watt (D-12th), and Brad Miller (D-13th).

(3) The House also passed two amendments "to defund the health care law in other parts of the budget," proposed by Rep King (R-Iowa). In both votes (No. 267 & 268) All NC Republican Representatives voted for the amendments, along with Democrat Mike McIntyre (D-7th). All other NC Democrat Representatives voted against them.

Rep Pence (R-IN) proposed eliminating over $75 million a year for Planned Parenthood. Although the Hyde Amendment bans the use of tax money on abortions, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S., according to Rep Pence. The amendment passed 240-185 with 1 voting present, and 7 not voting. In an interview with an NBC affilliate in Richmond, VA President Obama was asked to respond to the vote to defund Planned Parenthood amid allegations against them for "sex trafficking of minors, secret abortions for minors, and giving 'pimp' discounts." President Obama said, "sometimes these issues get manufactured." (From

NC Representatives voting against taxpayer abortions: Renee Ellmers (R-2nd), Walter B. Jones, Jr(R-3rd), Virginia Foxx (R-5th), Howard Coble (R-6th), Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Sue Myrick (R-9th), Patrick T. Mc Henry (R-10th), and Heath Shuler (D-11th).

NC Representatives voting for taxpayer abortion: G.K. Butterfield (D-1st), David E. Price (D-4th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), Melvin L. Watt (D-12th), and Brad Miller (D-13th).

On Feb 18 the House passed an amendment that "would bar the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from using any funding to implement the network-neutrality order it approved in December." The vote was 244 to 181 with 8 not voting, and proposed by Rep Walden (R-OR). "If left unchallenged, this claim of authority would allow the FCC to regulate any matter it discussed in the national broadband plan," Walden stated. The FCC under their own "network-neutrality order" could influence the type of programming that airs over public airways, including conservative talk radio. NC Representatives voted along party lines with Republicans voting for the amendment and Democrats voting against it.

On Feb 19 the House voted to "slow implementation of E15 [a fuel blend containing ethanol]. The vote passed 285 to 136 with 12 not voting. Rep Sullivan (R-OK) offered the amendment that "prevents the U.S. EPA from spending any federal funds on E15" he said. The slow down gives Congress the time to study ethanol further.

NC Representatives voting for the amendment: Renee Ellmers (R-2nd), Virginia Foxx (R-5th), Howard Coble (R-6th), Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), Sue Myrick (R-9th), Patrick T. Mc Henry (R-10th), Heath Shuler (D-11th) and Brad Miller (D-13th).

NC Representatives voting against it: G.K. Butterfield (D-1st), Walter B. Jones Jr. (R-3rd), David E. Price (D-4th), and Melvin L. Watt (D-12th).

Rep Scalise (R-LA) proposed an amendment that would "strip funding for a select list of the so-called czars" that are among President Obama's Czar staff. Positions identified in the bill are: Director, White House Office of Health Reform; Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change; Special Envoy for Climate Change; Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovations, and Council on Environmental Quality; Senior Advisor for Green Jobs; Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury assigned to the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry and Senior Counselor for Manufacturing Policy; White House Director of Urban Affairs; Special Envoy to Oversee the Closure of the Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay; Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation, Department of the Treasury; and Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer, Federal Communications Commission. The vote was 249 to 179 with 1 voting present, and 4 not voting.

NC Representatives voting for the amendment: Renee Ellmers (R-2nd), Walter B. Jones, Jr (R-3rd), Virginia Foxx (R-5th), Howard Coble (R-6th), Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), Sue Myrick (R-9th), Patrick T. Mc Henry (R-10th), and Heath Shuler (D-11th).

NC Representatives voting against the amendment: G.K. Butterfield (D-1st), David E. Price (D-4th), Melvin L. Watt (D-12th), and Brad Miller (D-13th).

NC Representative Walter B. Jones, Jr (R-3rd) proposed Amendment No. 95 that would have reduced "by $400 million the amount made available to the Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund;" and "increase by $400 million the amount made available to the Defense Spending Reduction Account" that is "designated as savings." The amendment failed in a vote of 135 to 294 with 4 not voting.

NC Representatives voting for the amendment: Walter B. Jones, Jr (R-3rd), Howard Coble (R-6th), Larry Kissell (D-8th), and Heath Shuler (D11th).

All other NC Representatives voted against the amendment.


The Senate passed the FISA Sunsets Extension Act of 2011. Both Senators Burr and Hagan voted to pass the bill that extends some "expiring provisions of the Patriot Act for 90 days." (MegaVote)

Both Senators Burr and Hagan also voted to approve the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act that reauthorizes $34.6 billion for two years. The House is working on its own version that would cover four years.

North Carolina Governor and the General Assembly

Balanced Budget Act of 2011

On Feb 10 the NC Legislature ratified the Balanced Budget Act of 2011 (Senate Bill #13). Governor Perdue vetoed the bill on Feb 22 which would have given ". . . her the authority she requested to cut $400 million in the current fiscal year and target another $400 million in immediate savings to help tackle next year's budget," according to Senator Phil Berger. Berger also stated, "Gov. Perdue's veto makes it more difficult to balance the state's budget without cutting teachers' jobs and negatively impacting our classrooms. And while her solution is to raise taxes that destroy private sector jobs, Senate Republicans refuse to reach further into North Carolinians' pockets."

The problem for Gov. Perdue may be that that the bill "diverts funds from business incentive programs Perdue supports, including Golden LEAF ($67.5 million), the Tobacco Trust Fund; the One North Carolina Fund, and Job Development Investment Grants," according to the Carolina Journal Online.

However, Gov. Perdue's veto may be overturned if three-fifths of the General Assembly votes to do so, according to Bloomberg News. House Speaker Tillis has said that about $10-$20 million is in dispute in a bill that will save tens of millions for NC.

House Bill 2 " Protect Health Care Freedom"

The bill passed in both the House and the Senate and was sent back to the House for a minor change approval before it is sent to the governor. The bill addresses Obamacare provisions requiring that citizens purchase health insurance indicating that a person should not be compelled to purchase health care services from an insurance provider. It also states that the NC Attorney General has the duty to represent its citizens in enforcing the NC law. Therefore, NC should join with other states in law suits against Obamacare. Gov. Perdue told the Charlotte Observer recently she would not veto the bill, but she does not intend to sign it either, saying 'it's not worth a battle,'" (Carolina Journal Online)

Governor Perdue's Budget

Governor Perdue presented her $19.9 billion budget proposal last week. She says there is a $2.4 billion budget deficit for NC. Her budget centers on extending a 1 cent temporary sales tax increase that was scheduled to expire; cutting the corporate tax rate to 4.9 percent, from 6.9; protecting education funding for teachers and teaching assistants; transferring funding from janitors and technology to the counties; eliminating 10,000 state government jobs (currently only 3000 are filled), and closing some state parks and welcome centers.

The legislators in Raleigh will review her budget and make their own proposals, but Perdue has veto power over the budget. Perdue has recently said, "I don't know how to spell tax increase," but that changed with her budget. Republican legislators have vowed to end the "temporary" tax that the governor wants to extend. On transferring funding liabilities to the counties, Republicans said the counties would have to either "raise taxes or cut services," according to the Greensboro News & Record.

Sources:;," Eric Cantor's Failure of Leadership," Feb 22, 2011 and "On Obama's 'Trip to the Center,' He Stumbles Over Planned Parenthood," by Ben Howe, Feb 21, 2011;, "More Amendments Roll Through The House," by Humberto Sanchez, Billy House and Matthew DoBias, Feb 18, 2011 and "House Passes Amendment to Block Funds for Net Neutrality Order," by Juliana Gruenwald, Feb 17, 2011;, "House vote to slow E15 a 'clarion call' for industry," by Holly Jessen, Feb 21, 2011;, "House Votes to Defund 'Obamacare" as Government Inches Closer to Shutdown," Feb 18, 2011 and "House GOP Moves to Eliminate Obama 'Czars;'" Feb 21, 2011; Update, Feb 21, 2011;; Greensboro News & Record, "GOP Unhappy Perdue keeps extra sales tax," by Mark Binker, Feb 18, 2011 and "Editorial: Get serious about taxes," Feb 20, 2011;, "Perdue's plan: a wily, political budget, by Rob Christensen, Feb 20, 2011 and "Veto foreseen, but it's a 'fight worth having;'" by J. Andrew Curliss, Feb 21, 2011: Senator Berger's Press Release, Feb 22, 2011;;, "Showdown between General Assembly, Perdue over budget cutting possible," by Sara Burrows, Feb 21, 2011; MegaVote, Feb 22, 2011;, "NC Legislature gives final ok to savings bill," by AP, Feb 10, 2011; and

Monday, February 21, 2011

Anarchists, Socialsts, and Marxists Invade Wisconsin Capitol

Glenn Beck Show- February 21, 2011


Tonight: Democracy sounds great, but even the Founders knew that it would eventually lead to mob rule and that’s what is happening in the Middle East and what is happening right now in Wisconsin. A Republic is when representatives are elected to act on behalf of the people. In a Republic, Obama campaigned on hope, change and healthcare. Well, he won and he got to pass the legislation he ran on. The result? His approval ratings have dropped 20 points and Democrats lost seats in the midterm elections. That’s what happens in a Republic. Glenn also briefly touches on Middle East happenings.

Sun Journal Letter to the Editor by CCTA Vice Chairman, Nancy Murdoch

Health care

February 19, 2011

If the Obama health care plan is so great, why have so many companies and entities been granted waivers? Over 500 waivers were granted last December bringing the total to over 700. Some of these exemptions have gone to groups previously supporting and demanding government run health care, such as SEIU. In fact, 40 percent of the waivers have gone to unions. No one has been able to ascertain what guidelines are used for granting waivers, but it appears that some sort of cronyism is in play.

Once again the federal government plays the commerce card in an attempt to meet the Constitutional mandate. To call this a stretch is an understatement. Requiring everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, to buy insurance is the very core of the bill, as funding would be too costly otherwise. Even the administration recognizes this fact. If this bill is left to stand then the government can demand that we purchase anything, and we will have tipped the scale from freedom into a European style socialist democracy, the very system that our forefathers escaped in the search for liberty.

It appears that many Americans have given up on freedom and traded it for the illusion of security. With government health care on the horizon, not only the poor and elderly will depend on government, but all of us will be under the thumb of control. Americans still say they love freedom, but many are unwilling to do the work required to keep it. By allowing the government to remove the risks, rewards and consequences of decision making, we are destroying our freedom.

There is a group of people in America that believes people are incapable of making good decisions for themselves, and that they are smarter and more educated than the rest of us, and conversely should make the decisions that will benefit us the most. Another group is willing to go along with the first group either through apathy or a feeling of helplessness. Freedom lovers (the third group) are willing to do the hard work and have the patience, two attributes in short supply these days, in order to retain control over their own lives; to succeed or fail.

For those who would question what freedoms we have lost, either they are living in a cave and not reading this newspaper, or are completely clueless to the number of regulations and laws that are making it difficult to be a law abiding citizen. Falsely believing they are safer and more secure, they tolerate the intrusion into every aspect of their lives. When will we stop using human weaknesses and the failures of society as an excuse to replace freedom with more government control?

Nancy Murdoch, CCTA Vice Chairman
Havelock, NC

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Randy's Right

What Happens When the Banks Close Their Doors By David DeGerolamo

The following articles dealing with banks are all less than three weeks old. While we are focusing on the emergence of “Democracy” in Egypt, a global financial collapse is ignored and our stock market seems to be unstoppable even though the daily trading volume is less than half what it was in 2008. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Iceland banks were not included below since their bank crisis is well documented. I included Ireland to show the relationship between bank failures and elections. The cost of food and energy becomes irrelevant when the banks close their doors.

Top 10 CR Amendments for Conservatives to Watch - HUMAN EVENTS

Top 10 CR Amendments for Conservatives to Watch - HUMAN EVENTS

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Origin of Law by: John Ainsworth

What is the Origin of Law in our country?

A few quotes from our founders will help us, “We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” ~James Madison


Univ. of Mich. charges pro-life student group unconstitutional fees for hosting Alveda King event

The Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter Monday to the University of Michigan over unconstitutional fees it assessed to a pro-life student group after it sponsored a speaking event with Dr. Alveda King, the pro-life niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.“Pro-life student groups should not be singled out to pay fees that others do not have to pay. The type of fee assessed to Students for Life has been repeatedly ruled unconstitutional,” said ADF Senior Counsel David French. “A very basic and clear constitutional principle is that the government cannot place this sort of price tag on free speech simply because that speech might offend somebody.”Students for Life hosted a two-part speaking event featuring King in October of last year. Upon learning that a few students opposed to King’s views planned to protest at the event, the university insisted on providing Department of Public Safety officers even though Students for Life believed such security was unnecessary.


Obama's FY2012 Budget: Taxes, Taxes, and More Taxes

Obama’s Taxes….His Gift List for You

“President Obama released his budget yesterday morning. Rather than focusing on Washington’s over-spending problem, the budget calls for higher taxes on families and small businesses to pay for even more government spending. Under the Obama budget, tax revenues will grow from 14.4% of GDP in 2011 to 20% of GDP in 2021. By comparison, the historical average is only 18% of GDP.

Tax hike lowlights include:

  • “Raising the top marginal income tax rate (at which a majority of small business profits face taxation) from 35% to 39.6%. This is a $709 billion/10 year tax hike
  • “Raising the capital gains and dividends rate from 15% to 20%
  • “Raising the death tax rate from 35% to 45% and lowering the death tax exemption amount from $5 million ($10 million for couples) to $3.5 million. This is a $98 billion/ten year tax hike
  • “Capping the value of itemized deductions at the 28% bracket rate. This will effectively cut tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, property taxes, state and local income or sales taxes, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and unreimbursed employee business expenses. A new means-tested phaseout of itemized deductions limits them even more. This is a $321 billion/ten year tax hike
  • “New bank taxes totaling $33 billion over ten years
  • “New international corporate tax hikes totaling $129 billion over ten years
  • “New life insurance company taxes totaling $14 billion over ten years
  • “Massive new taxes on energy, including LIFO repeal, Superfund, domestic energy manufacturing, and many others totaling $120 billion over ten years
  • “Increasing unemployment payroll taxes by $15 billion over ten years
  • “Taxing management capital gains in an investment partnership (“carried interest”) as ordinary income. This is a tax hike of $15 billion over ten years
  • “A giveaway to the trial lawyers—not letting companies deduct the cost of punitive damages from a lawsuit settlement. This is a tax hike of $300 million over ten years
  • Increasing tax penalties, information reporting, and IRS information sharing. This is a ten-year tax hike of $20 billion.
“Add it all together, and this budget is a ten-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike over present law. That’s $1.5 trillion taken out of the economy and spent on government instead of being used to create jobs.

“The ‘tax relief’ in the budget is mostly just an extension of present law, and also some refundable credit outlay spending in the tax code. There is virtually no new tax relief relative to present law in the President’s budget.”

Read more:

HR 692--Nuclear Family Priority Act.

HR 692:  To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to make changes related to family-sponsored immigrants and to reduce the number of such immigrants, and for other purposes.  Sponsored by:  Rep. John Gingrey [R-GA11].  STATUS:  Introduced 2/14/11 and Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.


This bill would do more than any other single action to reduce overall legal and illegal immigration numbers.  With the simple passage of this bill -- and at no expense to the federal government -- H.R. 692 would reduce the number of permanent work visas for foreign citizens by nearly a quarter million a year!

H.R. 692 would eliminate family chain categories that have been engorging the U.S. labor force with unneeded workers. These permanent work permits are handed to these relatives:

• without any regard to their skills
• without any regard to their education
• without any regard to their own humanitarian claims
• without any regard to whether there is a job for them.

The Chain Migration categories are among the worst examples of an immigration system that is on auto pilot and floods the country with new workers, new users of infrastructure and new users of public services without any regard to their effect on the American people.

Under H.R. 692, recent immigrants no longer would be able to bring additional immigrants into the country because they are:

• brothers and sisters
• adult children
• parents

The only immigration that immigrants would be allowed to control in the future would be to bring in their spouse and minor children -- the traditional nuclear family.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong about an immigrant being able to bring siblings, parents or adult children into the country. But the numbers add up to an effect that is a profound disservice to the American taxpayer, to the American worker and to the American citizen.


H.R. 692 is named the Nuclear Family Priority Act.  Once again, it has been introduced by Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.).  This bill conforms with what polls show most American think immigration policy should do in terms of families. That is, most Americans don't think an immigrant should demand to bring his/her entire extended family once he/she has been granted the incredible opportunity to be an immigrant.

Immigrants allowed into the U.S. can visit their extended family by air travel once a year (just like many Americans do with relatives that live in other states) or more. They can communicate with their extended family daily by phone and hourly by internet and other social media. Their extended family can come to the U.S. to visit them.

But immigrants should NOT feel entitled to put large extended families on waiting lists to get permanent U.S. work permits.

Until 1959, immigrants weren't allowed to send for parents, adult children or siblings.  But Rep. Gingrey's H.R. 692 provides a major humane offer to immigrants who want to care for their aging parents over extended periods.

H.R. 692 allows immigrants to bring their parents to the U.S. on VISITOR visas that can last as long as 5 years, and can be renewed.  But unlike current conditions, H.R. 692 imposes these conditions on parents:

• Parents are not immigrants and cannot become U.S. citizens
• Parents wouldn't be able to petition for other relatives to immigrate
• Parents wouldn't be allowed to use taxpayer-supported public services
• Parents' health care would have to be fully provided by their naturalized U.S. citizen children
• Parents wouldn't be allowed to hold a U.S. job.
• Violation of the restrictions would result in parents being sent home.

But the bottom line would be nearly a quarter million fewer new immigrants each year to be competing for jobs and competing for public services and demanding more physical infrastructure and requiring vast new amounts of natural habitat to provide for their residence, work, recreation, etc.

ACTION:  Contact your US Representative and ask them to support and co-sign HR. 692 to dramatically reduce the foreign competition for U.S. jobs needed by 22 million unemployed Americans who can’t find a full-time job.

Council of Governments loses another representative

Today's Sun Journal has an article titled "Council of Governments Loses another Representative." The article states that the Treasure, Mr. Masters, resigned because, "On a professional level, I cannot and will not be associated with any government organization that is so totally unaccountable for taxpayers' funds."

The article goes on to say that March 1 is the deadline for member communities to decide if they want to continue to be involved.  The article also says the Mr. Masters owns a "non-profit" organization (read can only pay salaries, not pay out profits, so when income goes up, salaries tend to go up,too) that specializes in writing grants (there is that word I hate) and grant management services for local governments and he is personally involved in "revolving loans." I suspect that his involvement should be carefully scrutinized.

It should be clear to anyone now that Craven County needs to take this opportunity to remove itself from this organization.

Hal James, Chairman
CCTA Watchdog Committee

READ THE ARTICLE:  Council of Governments loses another representative, 2/16/11

Professional Islamists | The Weekly Standard

Professional Islamists--The Muslim Brotherhood’s long march through the institutions.

Ted Kennedy Shrine to Cost Taxpayers Millions

You’ve got to hand it to him, even in death former Democratic Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy can spend the taxpayer’s money and drive conservatives mad.
At issue this go around is an educational institute honoring the late “Hero of Chappaquiddick”: the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. The structure is set to cost taxpayers no more than $68 million, $38.3 million of which has already been appropriated for the project.

Read more:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Member's Corner: LOU CALLING!

Tue, February 15, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Committee rejects plan to fully defund ObamaCare

Time to play hard ball with House Republicans. Please consider sending a $15. FAX. There is too much at stake not to get involved. ~ Lou


The House Rules Committee has rejected Rep. Steve King's proposal to FULLY DEFUND ObamaCare, failing to agree to "protect" King's amendment when it comes to the House floor.

Bottom line -- Republicans on the Rules Committee refused to play hardball to fully defund ObamaCare. By doing so, they are allowing Pelosi's "mandatory" self-funding provisions -- which many say are unconscionable if not unconstitutional -- to stand! This will force this Congress to approve most of the funding for ObamaCare.

FoxNews says King's provision would "cripple all government operations devoted to executing the health law."



Grassfire Nation

Grassfire Nation, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a million-strong network of grassroots conservatives that is dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real impact on the key issues of our day.

Copyright 2011 Grassroots Action, Inc.


ACTION -- Send a free fax to your U.S. Representative and urge him/her to co-sponsor the End-Chain-Migration bill.


Dear Friend,

The North Carolina General Assembly will begin debate this week on an important bill to lower health care costs in North Carolina by reforming Medical Liability laws in our state.

Americans for Prosperity supports these efforts to lower costs to taxpayers and patients by reforming our court system which favors greedy trial lawyers over doctors, nurses, and patients.

Medical tort reform has proven to be very successful in other states; they have seen an increase in the number of doctors and medical professionals as well as lower overall medical costs.

Americans for Prosperity will join with Texans for Lawsuit Reform to provide information to the public about the success of tort reform in the Lone Star State at a luncheon event on Wednesday, March 2 at noon at the Cardinal Club in downtown Raleigh. Please sign up today.

I ask you to contact your lawmakers today and ask them to support Senate Bill 33 which would:

1. Place a Reasonable limit on noneconomic damages.  Medical patients who are injured through negligence should be fully and fairly compensated for their injuries, including their economic losses. But damage awards for noneconomic losses are inherently subjective. Because such awards are arbitrary, they are unpredictable – which pushes up the cost of liability insurance. And higher insurance costs drive up medical expenses for everyone. A reasonable limit of $250,000 in noneconomic damages per patient would help ensure rational trial outcomes, reduce the cost of insurance, address defensive medicine, and promote patient access to health care, especially in rural areas and urban centers.

2. Create efficient division of medical liability trials into two phases. State law should require judges to divide, or “bifurcate,” medical liability trials into two phases upon the request of either party. Trials would be conducted more efficiently and juries could more properly weigh the separate issues of liability and damages under a sensible system that divides liability trials into two phases.

3. Require periodic payments of actual future economic damages.  North Carolina should join the 36 other states that allow periodic payment of future economic damages until death. This approach is more fair, more objective, and more methodical. Payment is guaranteed through a trust or an annuity, so there is no financial risk to the patient.

4. Provide for equitable alternatives for appeal bonds.  State law should allow defendant medical providers to post appeal bonds in the amount of the judgment or the maximum payment under their liability insurance, whichever is less. Either way, the plaintiff patient still would be assured of receiving payment of the required bond.

5. Create sensible standards for emergency care.  By law, emergency room doctors must treat every patient who shows up, facing life-and-death crises involving critically ill patients whose medical histories they don’t know. They often must make split-second decisions with limited information and few good options. Reflecting these realities, state law should require plaintiffs to prove a greater deviation from the standard of care for emergency treatment.

If you would like more information on why Americans for Prosperity supports Senate Bill 33, Click Here to read why we believe it will lower health care costs and improve access to care

AFP-North Carolina fully supports Senate Bill 33 and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.

Dallas Woodhouse, State Director
Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina

Log on to learn more!
AFP North Carolina Website

North Carolina General Assembly Report for CTTA

February 15, 2011

(BAD BILL) (senate bill filed S11)

HOUSE BILL 35* Short Title: NC Military Business Center Funds. (Public) Sponsors: Representatives Glazier, Lucas, Parfitt, and Brisson (Primary Sponsors). For a complete list of Sponsors, see Bill Information on the NCGA Web Site.



The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. There is appropriated from the General Fund to the Community Colleges System Office the sum of one million two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($1,250,000) for the 2011-2012 fiscal year to support the North Carolina Military Business Center (NCMBC). These funds shall be used to sustain business and development and assistance services from 12 offices across the State to connect North Carolina companies with federal contracts worldwide; to support four State community colleges in their efforts to continue statewide business development originating from the five military bases in the State; to strategically position North Carolina businesses to win major service contracts and subcontracts in future military construction at North Carolina bases; to leverage BRAC-related business development and recruitment opportunities; and to continue two existing full-time and one part-time staff positions at the NCMBC and one part-time position at Fayetteville Technical Community College.

SECTION 2. This act becomes effective July 1, 2011. 17

Referred to: Appropriations. February 7, 2011

Summary: (In my opinion)

Though this bill sounds nice, this is not the job of our General Assembly. The focus of our General Assembly should be in the limiting of unnecessary appropriations, not the extension of such practices. The state of North Carolina ranks the highest in the South East for tax burden. The general assembly should be spending its time on cost cutting measures, that make all our businesses more competitive rather than, less competitive measures that favor a few.

(GOOD BILL) (senate bill filed S47)

HOUSE BILL 64* Short Title: Restore Partisan Judicial Elections. (Public) Sponsors: Representatives Sager, Dixon, Cleveland, and Jones (Primary Sponsors). For a complete list of Sponsors, see Bill Information on the NCGA Web Site. Referred to: Elections. February 10, 2011


02/10/2011 Referred To House Committee On Elections

Summary: (In my opinion)

This is a good bill. This bill allows for the public to be better informed about the overall sentiment of the individual they are electing. Since many voters, are uninformed concerning judicial candidates, this would at least allow the voter to know which party the judicial candidate is affiliated with.

( GOOD BILL) (no senate bill as of yet) Sponsored by Rep. Sanderson

HOUSE BILL 65 Short Title: North Carolina Farmers Freedom Protection Act. (Public) Sponsors: Representative Bradley (Primary Sponsor). For a complete list of Sponsors, see Bill Information on the NCGA Web Site. Referred to: Agriculture. February 10, 2011



The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. Title. – This act may be cited as the "North Carolina Farmers 4 Freedom Protection Act."

SECTION 2. Findings. – Regulation of intrastate commerce does not fall within the powers of Congress. Under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the power to regulate intrastate commerce is a power reserved to the states, as it is not enumerated as a power of the United States.

SECTION 3. Reserved Powers. – All foodstuffs, or products produced for the purpose of consumption as nutrition, food (fruit, vegetables, meat, and spices), vitamins, or supplements, that are produced in and remain within the borders of the State of North Carolina, to include the producers, the means of production, and the produce, shall fall solely under regulatory authority of the State of North Carolina and are not subject to federal regulation.

SECTION 4. Labeling. – In order to fall under the provisions of this act, the packaging of all foods and produce that are produced in and remain within the borders of the State of North Carolina shall be printed, stamped, or otherwise labeled "Made in North Carolina" or "Made in N.C."

SECTION 5. Enforcement Prohibited. – Public employees employed at the federal, State, or local levels, including, but not limited to, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Food and Drug Administration, State Bureau of Investigation, Highway Patrol, sheriff's departments, and municipal and county police departments may not within North Carolina enforce the provisions of the federal statutes upon foodstuffs and produce in intrastate commerce. Violation of this section is a Class 1A misdemeanor.

SECTION 6. The Governor and Attorney General each may enforce the provisions of this act in court by seeking injunctive and other relief.

SECTION 7. This act is effective when it becomes law.

02/10/2011 Referred To Committe On Agriculture

(HB 65 Continued)

Summary: In my opinion

This is a good bill. This bill clearly states both the limitation of federal and state powers in interstate commerce, on food products. This will help our farmers, by not be forced to take part in less profitable practices that do not include other states. Therefore, this will allow farmers to market products grown here to those who live here, at a better price.

Example of fed abuse: Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942), was a U.S. Supreme Court decision that dramatically increased the power of the federal government to regulate economic activity. A farmer, Roscoe Filburn, was growing wheat to feed his chickens. The U.S. government had imposed limits on wheat production based on acreage owned by a farmer, in order to drive up wheat prices during the Great Depression, and Filburn was growing more than the limits permitted. Filburn was ordered to destroy his crops and pay a fine, even though he was producing the excess wheat for his own use and had no intention of selling it.

(BAD BILL) (no senate bill as of yet) Sponsored by Rep. Wainwright

House Bill 71

HOUSE DRH50026-SHz-5 (01/13) Short Title: Housing Funds for Indiv. With Disabilities. (Public) Sponsors: Representatives Weiss, Farmer-Butterfield, Earle, and Pierce (Primary Sponsors). Referred to:




The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. There is appropriated from the General Fund to the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency for the North Carolina Housing Trust Fund the sum of ten million dollars ($10,000,000) for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and for the 2012-2013 fiscal year to finance additional housing options for individuals with disabilities.

SECTION 2. This act becomes effective July 1, 2011. 13

02/10/2011 House Filed

Summary: In my opinion

Not the responsibility of our state government. This also allows for more costly duplication within government. Bill would cost $10 Million per fiscal year(Give aways--how Wainwright keeps getting elected, Lynn C)

BAD BILL ( no senate bill as of yet) Sponsored by Rep. Wainwright

HOUSE BILL 51 Short Title: PTA Parental Involvement/Dropout Prev. Funds. (Public) Sponsors: Representatives Lucas and Glazier (Primary Sponsors). For a complete list of Sponsors, see Bill Information on the NCGA Web Site. Referred to: Appropriations Subcommittee on Education. February 9, 2011




The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1. There is appropriated from the General Fund to the North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers, Incorporated, a nonprofit organization, the sum of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for the 2011-2012 fiscal year to continue the North Carolina PTA Parent Involvement/Dropout Prevention Initiative.

SECTION 2. This act becomes effective July 1, 2011.

02/10/2011 House Re-ref Com On Appropriations

Summary: In my opinion

Though this may be a worthwhile cause, it is not the responsibility of the General Assembly to force taxpayers to give to charity. This bill also does not include the percentage of appropriated funds going to the consumer of the non-profit’s services. Bill would cost $500 thousand per fiscal year.

It is important that a bill you like or dislike, gain momentum or be defeated from the time it goes into committee. Bills with a similar House/Senate resolution, are usually the quickest to pass. This is because committees in both chambers have “studied” the proposed legislation.

It is important that everyone be involved in watching for wasteful, over-reaching legislation. The North Carolina General Assembly has a great website that easily allows those concerned, to follow what is being filed and considered in committees.

How to be notified when committees are meeting.

1. Go to the NC General Assembly web site ( or just Google NCGA.

2. On middle of the navigation bar, Click on Committees

3. At the bottom of the page click on “Committee Meeting Notices Via E-Mail”

4. There, you can choose from many different committees to follow or choose them all. You must do this for each chamber of the General Assembly, if that is your intent.

5. After clicking on the chamber and the committee you would like to be notified, type in your email address, confirm and subscribe.

If there is a specific bill you are following, this is the best way to follow and either help it get passed of see that it fails. It is almost too late when a Bad bill has made its way out of the committees and almost too late when a Good bill is stuck in a committee and “crossover”* is soon approaching.

*Crossover (non-revenue, non-appropriating bills, must be read before the house / senate by May 12 to be considered in the respective chamber)

Submitted by Mark Griffin



February 15, 2011

A recent Sun Journal article informed me of yet another instance of assessors treating the taxpayers unfairly. The first instance in which I learned the assessors were going all out to extort money from the citizens was when Tyker Gonzales appealed to me as CCTA’s Watchdog Chairman to look into the fact that property anywhere near water was being assessed at least $25,000 per acre. I went out to Johnnie Wetherington’s farm and took a look at what he and Tyker Gonzales were talking about. What I found shocked me. I had to walk 200 yards, at least, in a swamp to get to the body of water in question. Turkey Quarter Creek was not even visible from any place on the farm that was dry enough to walk through without getting muddy feet (which I did).

I then went to the assessor’s office and talked to Glen Jones about this situation. He informed me that everyone with property “on” a body of water had been treated fairly because they had all been charged with at least one developable lot valued at $25,000. Huh? Screw a lot of people and it’s ok? He also stated that it was the property owner’s responsibility to use the appeal process, but he would take my inquiry seriously and “they” would go out again and take a look at Mr. Wetherington’s property. I believe Dan Jenkins went out there and changed the assessment to eliminate the “water view” assumption. Well, while he was at it, he decided that much of the farm was commercial because they boarded stock that did not belong to them and had a show ring. The net result was a higher assessment (incidentally, Jenkins did not even go near the creek, did all his discussion in a building and under a tree near the building). That’s when Tyker really went to work and learned that they were screwing a huge number of farmers out of Present Use Value treatment for their farmland as provided for by North Carolina law. They are willing to make the refunds only if the people who have been cheated ask for refund.

While following the letter of North Carolina law, the situation described above could also be expressed differently and still be accurate. Present Use Value refers to valuing a property for tax purposes to reflect what it is being used for “in the real world” now. It’s a farm, so we’ll tax it at a value that reflects what a farm is worth today. However, in order to be taxed on that value (instead of a value that might occur some time in the future if some developer were willing to buy and develop the property in such a way as to cause it to bring in more income thereby causing the property to have more value) the owner must make an application to be taxed on the value of his/her farm today. Huh? Is this reasonable? Maybe North Carolina law needs to be changed.

Next I learned about Mrs. Stott who owns a fairly large tract of land on the Trent River. Her property had been assessed at about $1.8 million dollars because it has potential development value. The county has approved no such development. No infrastructure has been built, and no lots have been laid out. I asked the assessors if Mrs. Stott placed a covenant on her property prohibiting development thereby changing the legal use to which the property could be put, would her assessment therefore have to be reduced? Glen Jones refused to give me an answer.

Now comes the news that the assessors have not followed the law in assessing property of military service members. What next? If a private company’s employees had overcharged its customers, the company could not make amends fast enough. But our county’s employees say they again leave the burden on the citizens to ask for redress. Is this a way to treat our nation’s defenders?

Craven County assessors obviously have a built in bias toward higher taxes. From their perspective, higher taxes are needed to produce the revenue it takes to pay high salaries to county employees, to pay high premiums for health insurance policies for county employees, to make large contributions to county employees’ retirement plans, and so on. Their enlightened self-interest is diametrically opposed to the best interest of the citizens, and they are well aware of it. Are there some county employees whose mindset it is to be a “public servant?” Yes, I think there are, but I think they’re few and far between, and I doubt that any of them have anything to do with the process of taxing our citizens.

Tyker Gonzales has won a major victory for the taxpayers. She has fought to the point that many, many more farmers have obtained Present Use Value treatment for the assessment of their farms as provided by North Carolina law. And she is not stopping there, she and Jason Jones, President of Craven County Farm Bureau and Past Chairman of the Craven County Board of Commissioners are continuing their efforts to get fair tax treatment for farmers and other business people. The BOC granted an unprecedented extension of time for all taxpayers to file.

Tyker Gonzales



Obama should not have “emasculated Mubark” in front of the world. Pressure should have been applied in private call. To make matters worse, various members of the administration gave out conflicting public comments. Our allies think we can not be trusted. Our enemies think we are a joke.

President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.73 trillion spending blueprint that pledges $1.1 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade through spending cuts and tax increases. The projected savings would be dwarfed by the $7.21 trillion in cumulative deficits over that 10-year period.

Obama’s new budget projects that the deficit for the current year will surge to an all-time high of $1.65 trillion. For 2012, the administration sees the imbalance declining to $1.1 trillion, giving the country a record four straight years of $1 trillion-plus deficits.

Obama would achieve two-thirds of his projected $1.1 trillion in deficit savings through spending cuts including a five-year freeze on many domestic programs. The other one-third of the savings would come from tax increases, including limiting tax deductions for high income taxpayers, a proposal Obama put forward last year only to have it rejected in Congress.

The Obama budget recommendation, which is certain to be changed by Congress, would spend $3.73 trillion in the 2012 budget year, which begins Oct. 1, a reduction of 2.4 percent from what Obama projects will be spent in the current budget year. The Obama plan would fall far short of the $4 trillion in deficit cuts recommended in a December report by his blue-ribbon deficit commission. Obama’s efforts are timid at best and include new increased spending in several areas including selected areas of education, biomedical research, energy efficiency, high-speed rail and other areas Obama judged to be important to the country’s future competitiveness in a global economy.

This past week the Senate continued debating the Federal Aviation Admin. bill but mostly was in recess while Senate Democrats conducted their legislative agenda retreat in Charlottesville, VA. What emerged from their multiple-day retreat was a clear message that they intend to attack the GOP as they construct their budget cutting Omnibus appropriations bill which will continue the funding of our Federal Government through the end of this fiscal year. (Sept.30, 2011). This Continuing resolution or CR as it is commonly called will be the subject of debate on the House side and some talk on the Senate side this coming week. The Senate Majority Leader said on the Senate floor last week that the Congress needs to concentrate on the “quality of the cuts not the quantity.” He went on to say that the cuts should not “take teachers out of the classroom or police officers off the streets.” This theme will be echoed throughout the halls of Congress beginning this week as the Senate resumes the Federal Aviation administration bill, the House begins action on the Omnibus spending bill and the President submits his annual budget to Congress Monday, Feb. 14.

The House side will begin their debate on the spending bill as early as Tuesday. The Chairman of the Appropriations comm. Cong. Rogers (R-KY) posted the $100B in cuts late last week. You can view them here:

The House of Representatives will vote this week on a measure that will begin defunding ObamaCare! That initiative coupled with two proposed pro-life bills make this session of Congress one of the most promising pro-life sessions in many, many years.


February 11, 2011: H.R. 73 passed the House, providing for consideration of the resolution (H.Res. 72) directing certain standing committees to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations and orders from agencies of the Federal Government, particularly with respect to their effect on jobs and economic growth. Passed 255-169, 9 not voting. 100% of Republicans supporting, 91% of Democrats opposing. (Jones voting Yea).

February 10, 2011: H. Res. 79: Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 514) to extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011. Passed 248-176, 9 not voting. 98% of Republicans supporting, 92% of Democrats opposing. (Jones voting Yea).


H.R. 3: The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act: Sponsored by: Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) This bill would take away tax benefits for employers who provide health care if the plans offer abortion coverage. STATUS: House Judiciary: Committee Hearings Held on February 8, 2011.

H.R. 10: “The Executive in Need of Scrutiny”: To amend chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, to provide that major rules of the executive branch shall have no force or effect unless a joint resolution of approval is enacted into law….”

H.R. 140: Birthright Citizenship Act of 2011--To amend section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth. Sponsored by: Rep. Steve King [R-IA5] with 61 co-sponsors. This bill would end giving U.S. citizenship to the births of illegal aliens, temporary foreign workers and foreign tourists. STATUS: On Jan 24, 2011 the House Committee on the Judiciary: Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement.

H. R. 308: Large Capacity Feeding Device Act, “To prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D.-N.Y.) and 57 Democrat cosponsors, H.R. 308 would restrict -- criminalize, actually -- the transfer and possession by law-abiding citizens of large capacity feeding devices, more commonly known as magazines, that accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition

H.R. 358: The Protect Life Act-- To amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to modify special rules relating to coverage of abortion services under such Act. Sponsored by: Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.), now has 121 co-sponsors. This bill is aimed at those who would get insurance through state exchanges. It would block those consumers from purchasing abortion coverage. STATUS: Feb 1, 2011: House Committee on Energy and Commerce: Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.

H.R. 374: Life at Conception Act--To implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person. Sponsored by: Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and currently has 61 co-sponsors. STATUS: Jan 20, 2011: Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

H.R. 421: Full Faith and Credit Act-- To require that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the debt limit is reached. Sponsored by: Rep. Tom McClintock [R-CA4] and 60 co-sponsors. STATUS: Jan 25, 2011: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

H.R. 483: To create an electronic employment eligibility verification system to ensure that all workers in the United States are legally able to work, and for other purposes. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) has introduced a new House bill that would require the mandatory use of E-Verify for all businesses in the United States. The Triple E-VICT Act would help the 22 million Americans who can't find full-time work by ensuring jobs don't go to illegal aliens. STATUS: Referred to House Education and the Workforce Committee on 1/26/11.

H.R. 605: To amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to repeal certain limitations on health care benefits. Introduced February 10, 2011 Rep. Erik Paulsen [R-MN3]

S. 91: Life at Conception Act—Introduced by: Sen. Roger Wicker [R-MS] on January 25, 2011; read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The bill will define personhood from the moment of conception. Sen. Wicker has 13 co-sponsors thus far.

S. 149: A bill to extend the expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 until December 31, 2013, and for other purposes. STATUS: Jan 25, 2011: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. Senate Democrats are set to fast track the companion legislation (S. 149) to the House bill, as they seek to bypass the committee process and push the bill straight to the floor.

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