Friday, August 23, 2013


Glenn Beck asked three simple questions of his audience on Thursday: Who is leading us? What do they believe? And where are they taking us?

In determining the answers, Beck paid particular attention to the difference between actions and words, analyzing a number of news stories of the day. 
“[President Obama] can give speech after speech about people coming together, but if he’s not living that, if that’s not his attitude…it doesn’t work,” he said.
Beck highlighted a number of stories into which the president has “injected” himself, while noting his silence on “other divisive stories where there’s a real chance to unite people.”
Note the difference between the president’s heartfelt comments on the Trayvon Martin case, and his silence on the Christopher Lane case, Beck said.

“I’m watching my commander-in-chief and I’m wondering – why doesn’t he care about this case?Beck asked.  “Does he really care about equal justice, or justice sometimes, for the right people?  Is the president really concerned about racism, as he claims he is, or is he only concerned about racism sometimes, with some people?”
“You can make your own decision, but here’s the real question — what are his actions teaching people?” Beck added.  “Where is he leading us?  What is he building?”
In Beck’s opinion, the president is “building a society that says justice is not blind” and “equal justice no longer exists.”
When the president’s actions do line up with his words, Beck said the insight is “breathtaking.”
“[The president] spoke flowingly during the Arab Spring, and his administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood vocally, and their actions met their words — and when that happens, they’re rarely pro-America,” Beck said.

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