Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Aug 13

·       At 6:19 PM the Mayor solicits Board discussion.  The first question is from Alderman Bucher.  He wants to understand something about any vote for approval the Mayor has just referred to.  He  says that "the Board took a straw poll, no motion, no second.  So, we didn't vote to do this, but we voted to proceed and investigate it.  Is that the recollection the rest of you have?"  Bettis interjects before any of the Board members can answer Mr. Bucher.  The Mayor says, "In order to explain that, I presupposed you'd ask that.  Veronica has printed copies for the Board of the minutes of that meeting (the 2-16-13 Retreat).  Section C of the minutes of February 16, 2013 reads: 
·        "C. Dscuss application for 146-12 waterfront easement
·       The waterfront easement was discussed.  The Board directed Mr. Epperson to look at purchassing the marina and applying for the 146-12 easement."      
·       Alderman Bucher retorts, "I don't recall voting, specifically.  I'm interested in what the rest of the Board recollects".  Mayor Bettis shoots back, "the only way we direct the City Manager is by a vote".  Alderman Outlaw offers that "this is exactly what happened verbatim...I was in the minority - I was not in favor... but there was a majority vote to direct the City Manager to proceed..."  It was kind of a direction, not necessarily a vote.
·       Rhonda Taylor
·       CCTA Watchdog Reporter for NB Bd of Aldermen

·      Ward 6  

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