Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sun Journal Letter to the Editor: Voter ID by CCTA Vice Chairman, Nancy Murdoch

December 1, 2011
Congratulations to the Craven County commissioners for passing a resolution requiring citizens to show photo identification before voting. The measure is similar to the bill vetoed by Governor Perdue, which had been passed by the General Assembly.

The arguments used by the left (primarily Democrats) is that voter fraud doesn’t occur, some voters will be disenfranchised and turnout will be affected. The facts refute these issues. There are a number of cases throughout the country documenting voter fraud, and no one can account for the cases that were not discovered. Voter fraud could determine the outcome of close elections, as happened in Missouri in 2010. A candidate won by one vote with 50 citizens of Somalia voting.

When Indiana and Georgia were considering photo IDs, the detractors cried that voter turnout would be low and many minorities would be prevented from voting. After the laws were upheld, the reality was that both states had a higher turnout than normal in 2008 and 2010, especially of minorities.

Early voting and long termed voting periods have increased the opportunity for voter fraud, as has same day registration. Often election boards are understaffed and underfunded to handle the increased scrutiny that is required. Just removing deceased voters is a challenge; identifying felons even more so.

Opponents of voter ID often cite huge numbers of people that have no type of identification, including the elderly, the poor and college students. Photo identification is required in the most mundane tasks in the 21st century, including acquiring a library card, cashing a check or renting a vehicle. Most colleges require photo identification.

Photo IDs will be provided free of charge to those not possessing one, at a low cost to the taxpayer. It will be a very small price to allay the perception of any wrongdoing, and do much to ensure confidence in the integrity of elections. That should be something every citizen would applaud.

Nancy Murdoch, Havelock
CCTA Vice Chairman

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