Thursday, August 8, 2013

Debunking Media Myths About Student Voters (in NC) | Pundit House

Leftist groups in North Carolina and beyond continue to hold a losing hand in the voter ID game; but with the help of the highly partisan media, they’re trying to bluff their way out of it.
Case in point is the voter ID bill and the superb corrections the NC Senate made to the final version in the area of student ID cards. The House had allowed for 76 different college ID cards to count as “valid ID” for voting purposes; but the Senate, realizing the potential for fraud, simply said “no.”
Before the ink was even dry on the bill, the Soros-backed “Blueprint NC” mobsbegan a campaign to reverse this sensible law. Using their typical agitation rhetoric, one leftist activist called the student ID provisions, “unnecessary, mean-spirited changes that target and punish college students who want to participate in the civic life of their college community.”
While not nearly as colorful, the truth is that no college students will be denied their right to vote. The only impact will be that students will be forced to do one endeavor they have never been required to do before voting: To put it bluntly, they will soon have to . . . well . . . to think before they vote.
In case those words offend any college students reading this column, I have some news that might soften the blow of this “draconian” measure: You won’t need to think too soon, because the Legislature delayed implementation of that provision until January 1, 2016.

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