Monday, November 4, 2013

Immoral Mondays through Sundays

Robin Hood’s philosophy of “taking from the rich and giving to the poor” is alive and well, fostered by a government hell bent on taking what folks have legitimately made or earned and redistributing it as they see fit. The problem is in this scenario the concept of rich has bled over into the diminishing middle class who bothered to invest in Social Security so that they might have adequate funds when they retired; those who purchased health insurance without government support only to now face losing that which they have; those who believed in entrepreneurship enough to purchase stocks or start to fund industries vital to society’s welfare; or those who put in the time in jobs which allowed them to set aside monies for a retired future. 

Present new age philosophy says work only if you make what you think you are worth via a livable wage not what the market bears; don’t bother to save for education or houses for the government will bail you out making your debts go away; and indulge your fantasies of self-oriented pleasure or decadence because others should be willing to come to your rescue.   We are fast moving away from a democratic republic based on individual responsibility with personal initiative and going warp speed in creating a time when everything is relative though not all that are relative are kin.


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