Wednesday, November 6, 2013


People Who Like Their Health Insurance Can Keep It With ObamaCare

Kay Hagan aided and abetted O-Care’s ‘You can keep your plan’ LIE--Facts can be such troublesome things.  The mainstream media has been gushing over the “courage” shown by Senator Kay Hagan — affectionately know in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ –for her efforts to seek a delay in the ObamaCare enrollment deadline.  The problem for Madame Pantsuit here is that she was out front from the very beginning peddling the spin — that we all now know was a lie — that you can keep your existing health plan if you want to.


Kay Hagan:"A Lot Of Positives" For Small Business In ObamaCare    BUT

Small businessinsurance costs up; report finds flawed Obamacare rollout a contributing factor

Hagan took credit writing bill as memberof the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee...

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