Sunday, November 3, 2013

Richard Burr stands by his man. (And THAT man is Mel Watt.)

Barry Obama is trying to appoint the most leftist member of North Carolina’s congressional delegation to a key administration post.  And North Carolina’s only Republican senator is trying to help make that happen.

On Thursday, Richard Burr — key fundraiser for US Senate candidate Thom Tillis — was one of ONLY TWO Republican senators to vote in favor of Watt’s appointment as director of the Federal Housing Finance Authority. Watt’s confirmation is looking less likely, and leftists are praising Burr for his “courage.”

Campaign for Liberty has an excellent post detailing why the Watt nomination HAD to be stopped: 

For starters, John Berlau, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), argues that “Two prerequisites for any nominee for government posts is dedication to transparency in government and a respect for the privacy of citizens.”  In this regard, Re p. Watt fails both.

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