Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Washington Times—Judson Phillips: John Boehner’s war on liberty

Anyone who assumes that the Republican Party and the Tea Party have a similar agenda is greatly mistaken.  The Tea Party agenda includes smaller government, less intrusion of government into the lives of Americans, following the Constitution and liberty.


John Boehner and the House Republicans have a far different agenda. Their agenda includes larger government run by Republicans. Their agenda includes an assault on liberty and intrusions into the lives of Americans. They give the Constitution great lip service, but that is about it.

This week, the House is considering another John Boehner assault on the Constitution and on liberty.

This one is called the “Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act” or LARA for short.  The idea behind the bill is that the Federal Courts should sanction any lawyer or plaintiff for bringing a “frivolous” lawsuit. 
Once again the GOP is throwing out the myth of the frivolous lawsuit clogging the legal system and costing businesses billions of dollars. 


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