Monday, August 12, 2013

Rule of the Republicrats


If there was any lingering doubt that Americans live under one-party statist rule, the events of the past several weeks should have removed them.  When it was revealed that the federal government has been illegally spying on every American's telephone call records and emails, members of both parties expressed their enthusiastic support of the program.  Now, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has publicly attacked Republican Senator Rand Paul -- one of the few members of the US Congress that still believes in the America of our revolution.
For a century and a half we have been ruled by these same Republicans and Democrats, who compete with one another for the seats of power.  As the power of the central government has grown to unimagined proportions, the two parties have merged into one political cartel.  True, the two factions have competing plans for how to exercise that power -- but they mean to exercise it.  The conflicting talking points and talking heads on cable news keep up the veneer of a competing vision for America between Republicans and Democrats, but fundamentally -- where it really counts -- the two parties are identical.

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