Sunday, February 9, 2014

Barack’s Assault on Work Merely His Latest Stupid Insult Against Common Sense

Obama's Diabolical Attack on Employment is a Clear Rejection of Mankind's Genesis Mandate

Canada Free PressBy Kelly OConnell , Sunday, February 9, 2014 

The confounding statement by Obama’s spokesman regarding whether Americans under ObamaCare will choose to work is nothing short of appalling and nonsensical. Certainly, of all the myriad attacks Obama has launched against Americans, this may be the most fundamental and perverse. For what kind of a person, let alone leader, tries to persuade others that work is an option?

That Barack has unbiblical and even anti-Christian ideals has been noted since his advent. But this recent broadside against work is a new low. For it is in the Garden that God commands Adam and Eve to be productive. But to reject this is to collectively turn our backs upon wisdom, common sense, experience, and revealed wisdom.

So what is Barack up to in his 2-term attack upon productivity? From a Marxist perspective, there are a number of reasons to oppose full-employment. First, since the US has a capitalist system, this must be overturned. Second, since capitalism is more highly productive than socialism, it must be shut down so as not to make Marxism suffer by comparison. Third, if Marxist revolution is needed to create a socialist utopia, then this will more likely happen if more people are out of work. Fourth, since unemployed people are more psychologically unwell, the more joblessness we have, the more dissatisfied will be Americans with the current system, and therefore more supportive of revolution.

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