Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Can a Marxist who wants to take down the Free West really be “not a bad guy”?

Obama, O'Reilly and the Fundamental Transformation of America

Canada Free Press, Dr. Judi McLeod, February 5, 2014

If the entire Congress is willing to give President Barack Obama a pass on being a Marxist/Socialist,  why shouldn’t the allegedly right-of-centre Fox News Corp. comfortably do the same thing?

Whitewashing the fact that top Fox guy Bill O’Reilly said of Marxist Obama:  “He is not a bad guy.  I think people misread him”, Fox News followed O’Reilly February 2nd interview by heaping praise on him for “asking the right questions”.

If there was any chance of Obama answering the “right questions”, he would never have shown up for the Fox interview.

Planting doubt in the minds of viewers that Obama is only being “misread”,  in effect enables him to continue spreading Marxist misery as the seemingly unstoppable Marxist transformer of a beloved America.

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