Saturday, February 15, 2014

Obama’s Racial Segregation Initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper”

The Independent Sentinel, February 13, 2014, By Sara Noble

Due to inclement weather, Mr. Obama canceled a speech Thursday to explain his new initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper.” The program is intended to persuade private companies to set up mentorships for young black men, help to improve the educational experience of young black men, and to enhance hiring opportunities for black youth.

This is affirmative action program, despite the fact that such programs were struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Finally, the initiative will interfere in school disciplinary policies to ensure fewer black youths are disciplined.

President Obama referenced it in his January State of the Union speech. He is attempting to garner commitments from “foundations, businesses and community groups to help young minority men improve their employment opportunities and intervene before some of them get sucked into the criminal justice system.”

According to The Washington Post, an administration official said the “My Brother’s Keeper” effort will consist of two main parts.

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