Thursday, February 20, 2014

We’re Going Galt—Packing Up or Thinking Secession, Americans Have Had Enough

There is the growing sentiment toward secession

Canada Free Press, by Gretchen Olson, Thursday, February 20, 2014

Americans are fed up. They feel ignored by representatives more interested in corporate connections than the Constitution. They protest unelected agencies who spy on them and run their lives at home. They complain about the speaker of the house who refuses to follow the principals of his party.

They cry foul at a president using executive orders to force his agenda. They’re angry at lawmakers who aren’t listening even when they do answer their phones, and as taxpayers are overwhelmed with a bottomless pit of debt. Even state legislators and local officials are under fire for taking the bait from federal departments who now drive local school boards, electricity flow and personal healthcare.

Some just shrug their shoulders and say “What can you do?” A great many others, though, are engaging in the American tradition of migrating and removing themselves to areas of the country where they feel they have more control over their lives.


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