Friday, February 7, 2014

#NCSEN: Tillis “mentor” in midst of Outer Banks fishing fracas

The Daily Haymaker, by Brant Clifton •  2014

Commercial fishermen along eastern North Carolina have been knocking heads for some time with state regulators.  Local fishing interests fear that regulations pushed by environmentalists with pull in Raleigh are endangering their livelihood and threatening the local economy.

The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) of North Carolina is blamed by locals for the current regulatory environment.  One factor that might have won the CCA its success in Raleigh  their lobbyist in Raleigh, until September 4 of last year, was none other than former state House speaker and Thom Tillis “mentor” Harold Brubaker.

For those not so familiar with this ongoing fight in the east, soak in the words of longtime Outer Banks GOP leader Browny Douglas in his plea to state senator Bill Cook: 

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