Sunday, February 2, 2014

Common Core Study Committee Members Delaying Substantial Action?

February 1, 2014 by Nicole Revels

Did you know that legislation from the North Carolina Common Core Study Committee will not be heard this year if the committee continues their pattern of meeting only every 2 months? Per Committee Rule 7B, the deadline for submitting a piece of legislation for NCGA consideration is April 25; if the committee fails to do so, they will have effectively kicked the can down the road, preventing legislators from having to address Common Core anytime this year.

If the NCGA takes years to determine what you and I already know about Common Core, what happens to the children of North Carolina in the meantime? They will have been used as guinea pigs, with years of their education wasted.

A recent Pundit House article outlines the undesirable aspects of the Common Core standards and their detrimental impact on education in North Carolina. I ask that Common Core opponents continue to send this information to legislators; however, it seems that no matter how much information is provided to the committee members, some members continue to give excuses for their failure to denounce and repeal Common Core from the NC General Statutes.


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