Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#NCSEN: FreedomWorks + Greg Brannon = Game changer

The Daily Haymaker, by Brant Clifton, February 4, 2014

Tea Party groups across the state and the Brannon for US Senate campaign are quietly lining up supporters to attend a “FreedomWorks BBQ” in Raleigh on Tuesday evening. Sources familiar with the event’s back story say that this event can be inferred as a coming-together of the Brannon campaign and the national, high-profile Tea Party-affiliated political organization. 

FreedomWorks formed as the Tea Party was just picking up steam in 2009.  It has been a clearinghouse for limited government ideas, and has led the way in educating the public on those limited government principles favored by The Tea Party.   FreedomWorks has also aligned itself with anti-establishment candidates with limited government platforms at the state and federal levels.

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