Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blacks and Whites standing together for American Jobs

By Anthony Bruno
July 17, 2013

On Monday, July 15th I attended an event which brought to light what the majority
of the senators who voted in favor of the immigration bill refused to address, the
great damage illegal immigration is doing to our country.
The event was organized by Leah Durant, of the Black American Leadership Alliance
(BALA) and had the support of Tea Party and other grass roots groups who share this concern.
Although not widely publicized, it was attended by approximately 500, with a list of notables
from Congress and the Black community. All echoed the concerns we do not hear over the
airwaves or read in print.
All the "numbers", unemployment, lower wagers, cost of social services provide an indictment of
our Federal government for its failure to address the problem illegal entrants have done to our
Yet, the senators who voted in favor of this bill did not seem to care. The pro-immigration bill proponents
refused to accept the impact this bill has on the most vulnerable citizens, poor, low skilled American workers.
Fortunately, BALA and grass roots groups know first hand the reality of the failure of govt. and are standing
firm to stop the continuation of illegal entry which this bill will foster..
And, thankfully, there are strong voices in Congress such as Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, and  Steve King
who are fighting the battle against the majority in both chambers. All spoke on Monday.
But, what these few members face is a tremendous uphill battle, and just like the odd combination of
a Black organization and a mostly White grass roots contingent, we see a similar one on the other side.
We see pro-amnesty groups on the same side as the US Chamber or Commerce and the Wall Street
Journal  propagating the lie we need the 11 million illegals as we have a labor shortage, while failing
to mention more than 23 million Americans are unemployed and another 10-15 million are under employed.
No such consideration for American citizens, while there is an endless amount of empathy for the
plight of the illegals living  "in the shadows", a hollow soundbite the public has had to digest for more
than a decade.
But, there is one very disturbing side to the battle; the disinterest of the Congressional Black Caucus
(CBC) to get  involved to aide THEIR constituents who have suffered the most by every employment
I took the opportunity on Monday to ask the same question to 4-5 of the Black speakers, "Is the CBC
supporting your efforts to stop the immigration bill?"  Sadly, the answer was the same. NO, the CBC
does not care, they know they will not lose these voters.
So, here we are....Special interests inside and out of govt, going down a path which will worsen the
state of every working American, thanks to greed and partisan poltics.
What is the answer?  I know what it ISN" give up the fight. We can not be satisfied with status
quo governance....allowing politicians to ignore us.
We need to seek out every member of Congress who is willing to stand for what is right for our country,
not what pressure groups want done. Let them know we "have their back", especially when leadership
twists their arms to support bad legislation as this immigration bill is.
Additionally, every grass roots group across the country must make the immigration bill its highest priority
as it is for the Black American Leadership Alliance. Seek out any group equally concerned. Build your
own local coalition and target your legislators.
If nothing else, this past Monday demonstrated liberal and conservative do have a common bond, and
together they can counter the assault being waged by our Congress, president and special interests.
This is the link of the event
In closing, one request....please forward this on to anyone you know equally concerned, especially to members
of Congress who represent you.

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