Monday, July 29, 2013

Canda Free Press: Besting Barry through Chattering Class Communication

Blog it! Write it! Tweet it! Skype It! Shout it! ‘Like’ it!

The most effective way to survive President Barack Obama is to keep right on doing what he doesn’t want you to do.  In one word: Communicate.

These are the days when Communication is more important than most anything else. Communicate to as many others as you can by every means possible.  Communication is how Obama keeps his control over America.

Patriots taking a page out of Obama’s book will one day turn the tables on the most anti-American president in history.

While he takes away jobs and deliberately stokes racial unrest, Obama wants you to suffer in silence. 

Don’t comply.

“He’s stealing our country!”  “He’s canceling the Constitution!”  “He’s disappearing individual rights!”  “He’s impersonating the Creator!”

Shout it from the rooftops!

Blog it!  Write it! Tweet it! Skype It!  Shout it!  ‘Like’ it!

Talk it up among your friends.  Put back real meaning in the term ‘ChatteringClasses’.  Make yours ‘The ChatteringClasses of all Time’.

Be like the iconic 9/11 picture of the firemen raising the flag at Ground Zero that almost never made it to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum all because it was deemed by Museum Creative Director Michael Shulan as “too rah-rah American”.

When you have an American president traveling the globe putting down America, when he’s not at home working on fundamentally transforming America, it is impossible to be “too rah-rah American”.
Don’t worry about a mainstream media in the tank for Obama and ignoring the news that matters.
Patriots prefer the Internet over the mainstream media.  The pentagon’s so worried about it that this is the headline on Drudge this morning: ‘Pentagon vows American people should hear it from us, not as scoop on DRUDGE REPORT’.

“On Thursday, the DoD bemoaned and the fact that, because of citizen journalists, social media and other online platforms reporting news in real time, the public is more quickly becoming aware of the constant patterns of contradictions and habitual lying by a government long ago captured by a group of corrupt interests.”

Ignore the government’s all too willing Ministry of Propaganda Mainstream Media by being your own media.  You know more about the news than the mainstream media because you have been living the Marxist Misery ever since Obama was sworn in on Jan.20, 2009.

Obama and Company need you to think that they’ve got you coming and going.  They’re reducing civil society to life in a goldfish bowl and the mainstream media reminds you where you are on a daily basis. 
The NSA, IRS, DHS, FBI, CIA are peering in at you, watching your every move.  Make thatpaid to peer in at you.  There is no longer any privacy in your not-so-long-ago-private vehicle,  and Big Government can both demand and get the password to your website.

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