Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NC PASSES VOTER ID, FINALLY! Will liberals ever stop lying????

Check out the Student Leftist Activist:

MOLLY MC-UPDATE!  The poor NCSU 'radical' who fears she will lose her voting rights because she doesn't have ID...

See her pathetic lies on You Tube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ba5UCB31AI


Students Already have ID--As the State Senate continues to debate HB 589 VIVA, Voter Information Verification Act, it’s always interesting to find the little facts that make liberals arguments look so lame.  Here’s one or their complaints: Voter ID will disenfranchise college students who do not have ID cards.  Maybe people will be surprised and maybe a few embarrassed to learn a lot of schools (if not all) require a valid ID, i.e. DMV, passport, military, to acquire a school ID UNCrequires an ID card for their students and staff. Here are the requirements for ECU and Duke and Elon. There is no doubt that every college in North Carolina requires a valid ID of every student on campus.

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