Saturday, September 21, 2013

America-hating Obama a Threat to World Freedom

The impassable roadblock now facing civilized society can be summed up in a single sentence: While radical Islam becomes increasingly intolerant of all others, the West has become hopelessly hooked on ‘Tolerance Overkill’.

The U.S. is tolerating a presidentwhose life’s passion is a poisonous hatred of America.

Not a single Senator from either side of the political aisle has called Barack Hussein Obama out on his palpable hatred of the country that pays his heavy freight.

This is where ‘Tolerance Overkill’ has already taken a not-so-long-ago free society: “I can hear you.  The rest of the world hears you!” The words shouted by President George W. Bush via bullhorn at a decimated Ground Zero in 2001 were replaced 12 years later by a president who trashed freedom by officially throwing America in with al Qaeda, now claiming thousands of lives in Syria.

In 2001, the New York Times openly providing op-ed space for ex-KGB agent, RussiaPresident Vladimir Putin would never have been tolerated without vociferous public outrage.  Nor would Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s op-ed in the Washington Postproclaiming “gone is the age of blood feuds” when those blood feuds were ongoing even as his words were being read,  including today’s terrorist attack in Kenya Mall, where at least 15 are dead when non-Muslims were targeted.

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