Thursday, September 19, 2013

Joe for America: You Didn’t Build These Ten Things – Barack Obama Did

It’s not like he didn’t warn us that his goal was to fundamentally transform America – but most of us didn’t think that meant wrecking the economy, killing the golden goose, giving away the farm and generally screwing the pooch. But here we are and here are the top ten things Obama owns – despite him blaming everyone else – he built them:

10. Food Stamp Nation:The government said the recession ended in 2009, but people getting on food stamps didn’t. The Obama Administration dispatched armies of workers into the streets to find people eligible to get on the program and it’s worked:  A record 47.8 million people are on food stamps as of December 2012 — a 70 percent rise since 2008. It will be over 100% by this year’s end.   

9. The Sin of Envy: It used to be not that long ago that folks who succeeded were looked up to and emulated. Not anymore, because after 5+ years of Obama propaganda, the successful, go-getters, job-creators, upwardly mobile, wealth-creating Americans are nothing more than evil white devils who exploit poor working families – then don’t pay taxes. Forget that the top ten percent of taxpayers pay .. oh forget it -you’ve heard it a million times and would rather hear Obama’s pitch I guess. Anyway – he built it, he owns it.   

8. Destruction of the greatest healthcare system in the world: They’ve been trying for 100 years to control us by controlling our health care, but it took a community organizer to force, lie and bribe it through. Everyone, Barack Obama included, knew the American people didn’t want socialized medicine. Polls showed it. Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat by promising to vote against It. He forced and bribed it through anyway and now is ignoring key parts of it and issuing waivers to keep it alive.   

7. Goodbye To Our Children’s Future: $17 trillion in debt and $90 trillion in unfunded mandates assures many generations of economic slavery. Yes, it’s you President Obama. You. Not Bush, Not the fairy god spender. You.


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