Friday, September 20, 2013

The Hoax of Global Warming, AKA, Climate Change and Death of Coal Mining

Not content with various country killing plans,Obama seeks now to apply more new rules through his infamous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that greatly concerns those who say his new “change” will be even less loved than the nightmarish “Hope and Change” of 2008. 

These next new changes could possibly result in deaths to our citizens and excessively high costs in their applications; in fact, one of Obama’s own former appointees who has deep concerns that these new coal regulations could kill, was published in the following story on September 19, 2013.

“New clean-energy rules pushed through by the Obama administration are raising concerns that they could cripple the coal industry—and may require power plants to use technology so risky that even the president’s former top energy official once warned it could ‘kill.’

“The EPA, by Friday, is expected to release a new proposal to set the first-ever carbon dioxide limits for new power plants.

“To meet those emissions caps, power plants would likely have to use what is known as ‘carbon-capture technology,’ which involves burying the carbon underground.

“The technology, which is still under development, remains expensive and not commercially available. But there are lingering safety risks.

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