Friday, September 6, 2013

What kind of president would throw in the world’s lot with evil al-Qaeda?

What kind of a president could reportedly sleep when four courageous Americans were being slaughtered in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya—but within a week of the first anniversary of the tragedy send the U.S. military to fight side by side with al-Qaeda in Syria?

What kind of president could play 15 rounds of Spades while the SEAL Team 6 sent by him was taking out Osama bin Laden?

What kind of president would allow his Secretary of State to announce to the world that Saudi Arabia would be willing to finance the U.S. attack on Syria?  John Kerry could have added and “we’ll borrow the rest from China”.

No kind of president.  And that’s precisely what Barack Hussein Obama really is.
Obama has always needed to be the ‘Man from Nowhere’ in order to avoid accountability for anything he does.

This ‘Man from Nowhere’ cuts and runs from his own words.  That’s what Obama did yesterday in Sweden when he said: “The World set the red line, not me”.

Like so many cowardly deniers in the world today, Obama refuses to acknowledge that in many places, including Syria, Muslims are killing Muslims. 

What kind of president on the day before he was to sell congress on attacking Syria, would send out a White House video addressing the Islamic Society of North America’s 50th annual convention, congratulating Muslims for “the many achievements and contributions they have made to American society from its early history to the present day”?

CONTINUED:  What kind of president would throw in the world’s lot with evil al-Qaeda?

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