Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House to Vote on Temporary Budget that Defunds Obamacare

The House of Representatives is gearing up for a vote on a continuing resolution (CR) that will defund Obamacare. The question is, are the Republicans' heart in it? National Review reports:  Speaker John Boehner huddled with House Republicans this morning at the Capitol. According to several sources in the closed-door meeting, the speaker confirmed his plan to bring a continuing resolution to the floor that funds the government and defunds Obamacare. "On the CR, we know what the position of this conference is," Boehner said, speaking before his colleagues. "Every member in this room is for defunding Obamacare while letting the rest of the government continue to operate. We're going to put Obamacare defunding directly into the CR. And then we're going to send it over to the Senate, so our conservative allies over there can continue the fight. That's where the fight is." "On every major issue we've faced for the past two and a half years, the math has been the same: House Republicans either find a way together to get to 218, or the Democrats who run the rest of Washington essentially get everything they want," he added, pressing for House GOP unity. 

An earlier idea of using a procedural trick by House Republican leadership in order to fund Obamacare and keep the government from shutting down was floated. We had RINO Eric Cantor to thank for that, and fortunately that idea has been shelved. So what's going on now? It appears that instead of two parts to the CR, one that funds the government and one that defunds Obamacare, the CR will contain both. It will be sent to the Senate where men with some cajones will actually take a stand in favor of defunding Obamacare; men like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Rand Paul (R-KY). However, the chances of the Senate allowing such a measure are pretty much zero. Sure, the House gets to say, once again, they made a "symbolic" stand against Obamacare as they have 40 other times. However, in the end, it becomes meaningless if they don't stand their ground completely, even if it means a government shutdown. However, Representative Paul Ryan (R- WI) demonstrates he is more concerned with maintaining his power than he is defunding Obamacare and maintaining principle. 

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