Sunday, September 22, 2013

Canada Free Press: Too Late to Reverse Indoctrination?

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, September 22, 2013

Scanning the newspaper today, I was wondering what else would shock me in the education section, knowing that we are a few decades too late to do much about it even if we tried.

A teacher in Virginia has ordered a student to turn his shirt inside out because the message content was offensive. The t-shirt pictured Si Robertson, the jocular sage uncle of the Duck Dynasty clan, a tight-knit family with traditional Americanvalues, who believe in God, country, and hunting. The wonderful Robinson family members are the type of Americans who made this country great. 

Progressives have labeled and derided real patriotic Americans who are proud of our history, of our exceptionalism, of our way of life, the “cling to your guns, Bible thumping, and fly over country” Americans.

Conservative Americans’ healthy values are being challenged by self-loathing, dumbed down indoctrinated progressives who hate their country and everything it stands for. Liberal teachers and administrators do not bat an eye when their students show up for class in Che Guevara, Karl Marx, and Fidel Castro t-shirts – those are enlightened garments and it would violate their freedom of speech to tell them to change into more appropriate clothing.

Does it surprise me that the whole country is now adopting Common Core educational standards that introduce revisionist history on purpose, praise wrong answers if the students feel good and justified in their incorrect calculations, and “educators” teach Ebonics instead of proper English? It does not surprise me because the decay and rot have been coming for years – it has accelerated since the introduction of the State Department of Education in 1979-1980. Carter was such a terrible president but his crowning achievement was the toxic Department of Education.

A Maryland school board meeting recently turned into bullying of parents when they tried to ask questions about the adoption of Common Core standards without community input. One father was assaulted by a man wearing a white t-shirt with the words “Security” written on it. This parent was later arrested after being physically forced out of the meeting while the superintendent droned on.  Why were the rest of the parents silent and not jumping to help him? Is this America anymore? You be the judge.

Common Core standards do not represent just abject mediocrity; they indoctrinate students into community organizing and the collective mindset

Common Core standards do not represent just abject mediocrity; they indoctrinate students into community organizing and the collective mindset, the hallmarks of socialism/Marxism. Michelle Malkin said, “Stanford University professor James Milgram, a prominent dissenting member of the Common Core math standards committee, has exposed how the muddled standards would leave American students at least two years behind the rest of the planet.”

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