Thursday, September 19, 2013

Revised, Expanded JLF Report Tackles Key Common Core Questions

Education expert Stoops offers parents, voters, taxpayers helpful resource

Sep. 19th, 2013
RALEIGH — Just five months after releasing a report that outlined key questions surrounding new Common Core public school education standards, the John Locke Foundation has revised and expanded the report -- nearly doubling the number of questions answered.

"Parents, educators, and taxpayers continue to raise serious questions about the Common Core State Standards Initiative," said report author Dr. Terry Stoops, JLF Director of Research and Education Studies. "As we continue to learn more about Common Core and its potential impact on public education in North Carolina, we see a strong demand for good, solid information."

Written in a question-and-answer format, Stoops' revised report expands the number of topics addressed from 35 to 60. Stoops also grouped questions in categories to help readers find the information they seek more quickly.

"Readers will find information about the very basics of Common Core -- What is it? Who wrote it? What grades and subjects are covered? -- along with sections focusing on Common Core in North Carolina, the federal government's involvement, the impact on testing and accountability, as well as Common Core's impact for classroom teachers and data collection," Stoops said. "The report also addresses political and legal questions surrounding Common Core, and it discusses sources of opposition and support for these new standards."

Among Stoops' updates are questions dealing with recent developments in North Carolina's General Assembly and executive branch. "While the report makes clear that there is no standard left versus right or Democrat versus Republican dimension to support or opposition to Common Core, the revised report mentions Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's decision this summer to question the adoption and implementation of Common Core," Stoops said,. "The report also discusses legislative action in 2013, including a bill to create a Common Core study group. That measure stalled in a state House committee."

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