Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2nd Amendment Trampled in Havelock, NC (Home of the Marine Base Cherry Point!

(Please read carefully and I ask that between now and December 12, 2011, that you call and ask each of these gentlemen to support your Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights, and to honor the NC law that goes into effect, December 1st (House Bill 650 / S.L. 2011-268).  Instead of arguing that they don't know of any reason the parks will be safer if the well trained, law abiding citizens with concealed carry permits are allowed to excercise their RIGHTS--now that the state law has passed, THEY MUST PROVIDE REASONING WHY THE COMMISSION SHOUD GO AGAINST STATE LAW AND TAKE AWAY THEIR RIGHTS!  Flood them with calls and emails, ask you friends and neighbors to do the same and please, please come to the meeting on December 12th!)

CONTACT INFORMATION:  http://www.havelocknc.us/Government/MayorBoardofCommissioners.aspx

29 November 2011

These four men trampled on the Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans last night.


Dear CCTA members and friends,

First, a great big THANK YOU for all the loyal and patriotic citizens, all great Americans, who came out to fight against the Havelock local ordinance to restrict 2nd Amendment rights that the State of North Carolina intended to re-instate the day after tomorrow. CCTA was very well represented!

About five times as many people were present to oppose the proposed ordinance than were there to support it. Five speakers spoke in opposition to the proposed ordinance (Nancy did a great job of speaking for us) and only one speaker spoke in opposition. In spite of all that, the four men you see pictured above ignored their oaths to defend and support the US Constitution and voted to restrict our 2nd amendment rights!

I had a hard time believing it as I saw it unfold. Mayor Sanders ( on the left) did not vote, but certainly let the charge to adopt this unconstitutional ordinance. Commissioner Stuart (2nd from the left) said he had researched the subject, read from a Supreme Court ruling and then voted for the ordinance. Is he unable to read a sentence as simple as the 2nd Amendment and interpret it himself?   Note:  Commissioner Lewis, 3rd from the left, actually said it wasn't up to him to 'take up for the second amendment'.  Funny, I thought they took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States!  ~Lynn

They even went so far as to have a long rambling presentation by the City Attorney who seemed to just stir in it and confuse the issue. A planned tactic I'm sure. The staff made a presentation based on "a webinar on this very subject." I just bet. And what liberal think tank did that come out of?

I also want to thank Commissioners Walsh and Liner for honoring their commitment to uphold and defend the Constitution. They tried valiantly to convince their fellow Commissioners to do likewise, but to no avail.

Because the proposed ordinance did not receive a "super majority" vote, it must come up for another vote on 12 Dec. This time it will take only a simple majority to pass the ordinance. We MUST try again to stop this ordinance from being adopted. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Hal James
CCTA Chairman, Watchdog Committee

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