Tuesday, November 22, 2011

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION: New Common Sense--Applying First Principles to the Issues of Today

Debating America

Tonight, the contenders for the GOP presidential nomination gather in Washington D.C. at the CNN/Heritage/AEI debate on U.S. foreign policy. Here's an exclusive preview.

Currently, there is little logic to America’s international priorities and actions abroad. U.S. troops are leaving Iraq, entering Uganda, and toppling foreign leaders while “leading from behind.” Looming budget cuts risk current operations and preclude much needed military modernization. Fundamentally, there is no consensus about America’s proper role in the world. What America needs—especially from her presidential candidates—is a prudent approach to foreign policy that applies America’s founding principles to today’s international relations.

Despite bitter disagreements over particular foreign policies, the Founders agreed on the broad guiding principles of American grand strategy: Maintaining independence abroad so that America cannot be coerced by other powers; securing national interests such as commercial navigation and advantageous treaties; and promoting the cause of liberty which informed America’s understanding of justice abroad. A better understanding of these principles will enable America to meet the challenges of today.


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