Monday, November 21, 2011


November 21, 2011

Craven to ask for photo voter ID

by Sue Brook, Sun Journal New Bern
Warning this article is not exactly honest about the details!
You can read it here:
Congressman Butterfield has declared he will try and stop it.  What is he and the Democrat Party (there were 2 Democrat party representatives at this morning's meeting) trying to hide?  What are they so afraid of?
Ms. Brook also wrote the folling article and it ran in the Sun Journal this morning prior to the Craven County Commissioners meeting and vote on the resolution:
Craven commissioners to consider requiring voter ID

Again Ms. Brooks facts are a little off and her bias is showing! 
I urge voters to contact Congressman Butterfields's office and TELL HIM THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN and we SUPPORT VOTER ID!    Call him at 202-225-3101; fax 202-225-3354.
WITN COVERAGE:  Craven Co. Commissioners Want Local Voter ID Bill
Once again--Mr. Butterfield's numbers are WAY OFF!  Commissioner Dacey reported about 750 people in the county were estimated to need an ID which will be provided FREE OF CHARGE.
FOX 14 Jon Erickson:  Voter ID Proposal Moves Forward
Once again, our chairman Raynor James remarks were taken out of context, (Raynor spoke to the commissioners in support of the bill).
Raynor was interviewed by both stations--I will post any video if they run it.

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