Friday, January 10, 2014

IRS to get 'license to kill' groups that oppose Obama agenda

The Washington Times, January 7, 2014 — The Internal Revenue Service is getting a special new power: a “license to kill” group that oppose the Obama agenda. James Bond’s license to kill isn’t nearly as broad.

The power to tax is the power to destroy. Its new powers will let the IRS destroy certain groups, especially those connected to the Tea Party, by imposing a tax on their work and messages during campaign seasons. Even the value of volunteer work could be taxed.

Suspicion traces the plan directly to President Barack Obama, since he personally met with IRS chief counsel William Wilkins — an Obama political appointee and long-time supporter — in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on April 23, 2012, two days before the IRS issued its key internal directives to target Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Now, unless Congress acts quickly to block them, new IRS regulations will deliver a death penalty to many of almost 100,000 grass-roots non-profits known as 501(c)(4) groups. They often provide information to the public about political issues, befitting their tax requirement to benefit social welfare.

The IRS wants to create a new bureaucratic definition that re-labels those common voter information activities by re-naming them “candidate-related political activity.” For short, IRS calls it CRPA, but CRAP would fit better.

This is actually a gag rule. But the IRS’s new speech restrictions do not apply to labor unions, trade associations, political parties, or other non-profit groups such as 501(c)(3)’s. The impact is limited to the 501(c)(4)’s, which are the favorite vehicle for Tea Party groups.

The Left also has 501(c)(4) non-profits which could be muzzled by the new rules. But the Obama Administration is notorious for selective enforcement, meaning it could choose to give a pass to friendly groups while it puts conservatives out of business. They could use this in efforts to shut down groups like the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity and the National Rifle Association, while ignoring People for the American Way, American Civil Liberties Union, USAction and the Democratic Leadership Council.

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