Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Obama Watches While Republicans Steal His Economic Story

The attempt by North Carolina's governor to take credit for his state's economy may serve as a warning to the White House of the perils of being too negative.

National Journal, by James Oliphant, January 15, 2014

President Obama heads for North Carolina on Wednesday, a state whose Republican governor seems to have swiped the president's feel-good message on the economy out from under him before he's even been able—or willing—to use it.

With Obama set to offer another sober dose of reality in a speech about how the recovery has fallen short, Gov. Pat McCrory has been declaring a "great Carolina comeback" due—naturally—to GOP policies, not anything out of the White House.

And yet, there's still no sign from the administration that the president is prepared to strike a sunnier tone on the economy. Aides say that instead, the president, in advance of his State of the Union address, will continue to hammer away on job creation, investment, and education initiatives to show that he's working to improve conditions for the middle class and other struggling sectors nationwide.

If that means Obama is curbing economic enthusiasm, so be it because the White House just does not believe it has a full story—complete with a happy ending—to tell yet.

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