Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#NCSEN It’s Over: PPP & The Shih-Tzu anoint Senator Thom

by Brant Clifton, January 14, 2014

John Frank says we might as well forget this primary thing.  Thom Tillis is leaving everybody in the dust with his “solid lead.”  

If you are a supporter of one of the other US Senate GOP candidates, reading The Shih-Tzu’s article might leave you a little down.  Me — I like to look at a poll’s details. 

Public Policy Polling’s survey has head-to-head standings that look like this for the GOP field:  Tillis 19%, Brannon 11%, Grant 11%, Harris 8%, Flynn 7%.  There is a margin of error of +/- 4.1% for the GOP primary.  If you add up the vote percentages for the five candidates — That’s 56 percent.  So, undecided and NO opinion are at 44 percent.  Take that 44 percent, and the MOE, and Tillis’ 8 point “lead” is pretty much meaningless. 

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