Saturday, January 11, 2014

NCDHHS: a big government mess decades in the making

The Daily Haymaker, by Brant Clifton • 
The liars in the remnants of our state’s mainstream media would have you believe state government was working like a charm prior to the January 2013 inauguration of Republican governor Pat McCrory.  *The seventh seal has been opened.  The Prince of Darkness and his four horsemen are walking the Earth, bringing about the End of Days.  Children are being starved.  Barry Saunders is being discriminated against.  Lefties are being asked to leave the legislative building at closing time.  The Horror!*

It’s clear the lefties are seeking a scalp — or a severed head to mount on a pike at the gates of their Mecca — Carrboro.  It appears they've set their sights on Dr. Aldona Wos, who was given the thankless task by Gov. Pat of managing the lefties’ sacred cow:  The NC Department of Health & Human Services.

I bet most people can’t recall the names of the NCDHHS secretaries in the Perdue, Easley, or Hunt administrations.  Democrats were in charge at that time.  They were hiring a lot of mainstream media reporters as PIOs at state agencies.  Life was good.  Backs got scratched.  Negative stuff RARELY got reported.

Now that Republicans run the show in Raleigh, we’re getting scrutiny never before seen in the history of modern journalism.

I find myself in an usual spot — defending an organ of the welfare state.  I think there is a TON wrong with our state bureaucracy.  But it didn’t start with Pat McCrory or Aldona Wos or Phil Berger or Thom Tillis. 

NC FAST is the current boondoggle being blamed on McCrory, Wos, and the GOP.  The two main contracts for this project were awarded in 2008 and 2010.  Let’s see.  WHO was governor then? 

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