Friday, January 31, 2014

When Morons Teach in our Universities

by Diane Rufino on January 30, 2014        



If you don't, then progressive, idiotic, asinine ("ass" inine) law school professors will try to convince you of a ridiculous argument such as the following one, and even worse, shape the minds of future lawyers and judges who will be tasked with interpreting the Constitution --

The following comes from Professor Andrew Koppelman, of Northwestern University, School of Law:

     “My claim is that the 13th amendment (prohibiting Slavery and Involuntary Servitude) is violated by laws that prohibit abortion. When women are compelled to carry and bear children, they are subjected to "involuntary servitude" in violation of the amendment. 

Abortion prohibitions violate the Amendment's guarantee of personal liberty, because forced pregnancy and childbirth, by compelling the woman to serve the fetus, creates "that control by which the personal service of one man [sic] is disposed of or coerced for another's benefit which is the essence of involuntary servitude." Such laws violate the amendment's guarantee of equality, because forcing women to be mothers makes them into a servant caste, a group which, by virtue of a status of birth, is held subject to a special duty to serve others and not themselves."

OMG !!  Can he be for real?  Luckily for the unborn, Professor Koppelman's claim is premised on a glaring fundamental and fatal flaw..... OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS are grounded in NATURAL LAW. Nature's laws tell us that a woman is genetically and naturally tasked with the miracle of life. No part of the Declaration or US Constitution can conflict with Natural law. Laws are strongest and most sound when they further the laws of nature and are weakest, counterproductive, and most destabilizing when they conflict with them.  

I found Koppelman’s argument offensive and I find the fact that schools employ men of his inability to understand key documents and reason on their behalf very troubling.

PATRIOTS, PARENTS, CITIZENS -- Keep your ears open and expose these asses .... I mean, asinine professors.

To read Professor Koppleman’s troubling article -

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