Friday, December 13, 2013

And the GOP next man in line for 2016 is…

Tea Party Nation—Judson Phillips

December 13, 2013

By now, everyone should know how the Republican Presidential nominating process works.

The GOP establishment gathers and decides who the next man in line to be President is.  There are certain prerequisites.  For example, no conservatives need apply.  You must be a liberal and they prefer that you be from the Northeast.  After all, that is such a winning combination.   Just ask President Romney.

Recently the Republican leadership had a meeting with operatives and staffers to tell them how to run campaigns.  That too has worked out so well in the past, right?  Just ask Mitch McConnell why he still isn’t the Senate Majority Leader.

At the training session, the Republicans unveiled the “New GOP Model for Campaigns.”  Unfortunately, it is pretty much going to be like the old model, which involves ignoring conservatives and losing important races.

But, they are already highlighting the 2016 Establishment nominee.

Who is he?


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