Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Art Pope and his family have done more actual good for the poor in NC than all but a very few others...

So it was said yesterday, to impugn the “morality” of someone who uses his money in this way:  To mitigate the effects of the federal government shutdown that spanned the first half of October, the John William Pope Foundation has announced $185,000 in grants to humanitarian charities in central, eastern, and western North Carolina.

“The Pope Foundation is always honored to help these vital humanitarian nonprofits with financial support, support that is leveraged by their great volunteers and staff,” said Art Pope, President and Chairman of the Pope Foundation.

“With the added uncertainty and potential increase in need due to a partial federal government shutdown, the Pope Foundation decided to give earlier and more to help these private and volunteer charitable institutions fill the gap and offer a hand up to those most in need,” Pope said. …

I sure would like to see a list of Barber's donations to the poor!

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