Saturday, December 21, 2013


Before diving into the core problem it is imperative, you fully comprehend what Progressivism is at its fundamental principle.  It is bathed, dressed, hair and make-up complete as though it were a bride on her wedding day, for everyone to “ooo” and “Ahhhh” while walking down the aisle.  However, when we look beneath the surface of the stark white dress, we can be frightened by its true evil and “butt ugly” nature. 


Progressivism as defined by Halpin and Conor in “The Progressive Intellectual Tradition in America,“ moving beyond the status quo to more equal and just social conditions consistent with original American democratic principles such as freedom, equality, and the common good.”  They continue noting, “The original Progressive Era is known for two major developments: One, Political Reform …and Two, Economic Reforms….Progressives’ overall goal was to replace a rigid economic philosophy…with a more democratic political order.”  HOLD ON, there is more!  They also note, “Progressivism has always been a part of a broader global movement to build more humane, just, and economically stable international community based on full opportunity and self-determination for all citizens.”


Wait we had that before these nut-jobs and we still have it now.  What?  Do you have a choice to:  turn left or right?  Take drugs or not take?  Study or not study?  Work or not work?  Marry or not marry? Cheat on your wife or not cheat?  Attend school or skip school?  Be an apprentice, learn a trade or not work and live off the government?  Everything is just as it is.  IF you are displeased with where you are at in life…YOU hold the power to make different decisions and change your circumstance!  NOT one person needs the United States Federal Government to direct their decision-making.

Ready for the kicker?  Halpin and Conor noted in the conclusion of their writing, “Progressivism-the promotion of human autonomy within a democratic national community-thus provided Americans with the means and ideas to shape their own lives and destinies in better ways.  It provided them a viable way to free themselves from the tyranny of excessive corporate power and a corrupt political class…It made economic behavior subject to public regulation.”


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