Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Effects of Obamacare.

Real Lives. Real Stories. Real Consequences.

Self-employed family struggling under costly Obamacare: “Along with the reduced income, our health insurance has almost tripled. My son has Type I diabetes and needs health insurance. I don’t know what we are going to do in November. In the last year, we have exhausted all our savings.” Ann Marie’s complete story

Primary physician faces challenges in treating patients: “The looming regulations in Obamacare have created an environment in which her husband must try to keep the typical patient-examination time to eight minutes, or he risks losing his business due to ever increasing overhead costs.” Mishelle’s complete story

Husband trying to make ends meet after hours cut: “Obamacare is not only destroying our healthcare; it is destroying the American middle class. So far, the total lose to our family is $14,700 a year and has forced me to seek another part-time job to try to make ends meet.” Kris’ complete story

Disabled man loses lifelong doctor: “Because of Obamacare and the changes being made by insurance companies, my son was told that his insurance would no longer cover treatment at Duke Hospital.” Marilyn’s complete story

Single mom loses full-time employment, foregoes college aspirations: “My hours at work were cut back, so I couldn’t reach full-time status. The company even stated that it was in preparation for Obamacare. I am presently starting my second part-time job and really unsure if I can arrange my college classes to fit between the two.” Kristen’s complete story
Restaurant owners must curtail generous employee benefits: “So the real losers are the employees. They are losing benefits that we gladly paid in the past.  And we’re losing the ability to attract the best workers because our benefit package has been slashed by federal mandates.” Kathleen’s complete story

Medi-Cal patient’s tale of government care: “I am already on state-funded healthcare, and it was nearly impossible to get a simple operation. They kept me sick for a whole year. My personal doctor was useless, but that is a fact that many people on state healthcare already live with….it is just normal for us.” Kristen’s complete story

Medical worker worries about future of practice: “The reduction in Medicare fees has already affected the practice’s bottom line, since 60% of our patients are Medicare patients. My doctors are in doubt about how long they will be able to participate in the Medicare program if the fee reductions and new strangling regulations continue.” Velma’s complete story

Single mom who can’t afford Obamacare premiums: “I found out I get the “privilege” of paying $175/month for a $6,000 deductible. Yippie! I get by paycheck to paycheck as it is. This extra money out of my pocket is JUST what I needed.” Jessica’s complete story

Retiree can’t keep his well-liked catastrophic plan: “Obamacare has cost us the insurance we liked and wanted to keep. It has forced me to put a price on my life of whatever is in our medical savings account.” Chan’s complete story

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