Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Equality Under the Law

The people living in the colonies wanted to create a society where everyone was equal under the law. They were disgusted with the British society that was divided into classes where certain individuals were granted special rights and privileges that were not available to all. Our founders wanted everyone to have equal opportunities but they detested the idea that some individuals or groups would be able to secure special treatment or entitlements for themselves and their political allies.

The idea that people could band together to form factions in order to acquire political power to steal the property of others allows groups to do what it is unlawful for the individual to do on his own. The idea that a group has the right to pick another man's pocket makes the law an instrument in the hands of a tyrant. If we allow this to go on we are giving our consent for the government to use its power to abuse rather than protect the rights of the individual.

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