Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Grinch Still Trying to Steal Christmas

By Phyllis Schlafly, 

The Grinch was a bitter, grumpy hermit who tried to steal Christmas from kids in a famous 1950s children's story. Unfortunately, the Grinch has reemerged to try to take Christmas away from schoolchildren.

The Grinch is so nasty today that his actions could be prosecuted under our hate crime laws. The law defines hate crimes as those characterized by hate, or even bias, committed on the basis of a person's protected characteristics of religion and ... you know the other protected categories.

All over the country, Grinches masquerading as school superintendents have been banning the traditional singing of Christmas carols and nativity displays, and insisting the word "winter" be substituted every time the word Christmas is used (e.g., "winter vacation").

The Grinch ignores the fact that federal law makes Christmas a national holiday. There are no laws or even court decisions that prohibit schoolchildren from singing Christmas carols.


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