Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NAACP trying to bully Variety Wholesalers/Art Pope because they don't agree with his politics!

Beaufort Observer, December 9, 2013

NAACP trying to bully Variety Wholesalers/Art Pope because they don't agree with his politics!  

This left-wing bullying is wrong and all people of good will should go out of their way to support Variety Wholesalers.  

State Budget Director Art Pope responded Monday (12-9-13) to the announced boycott of his family's businesses the NC NAACP, Democracy NC and the Institute of Southern Studies (all left-wing groups). You can read his letter by clicking here. Mr. Pope's letter speaks for itself.  

What we would like to offer is what Mr. Pope did not say, but only implied, and then modestly.  Variety Wholesalers, Inc. is a remarkable success story in honest person's view. It is a "homegrown" industry that has save thousands of jobs in towns and communities where the loss of those jobs would have been devastating to small communities. Variety Wholesalers fits a special niche in the retail store industry in this state. It not only locates its stores in rural and small communities, but it also markets merchandise that provides exceptional value to customers—yes, specifically low income people.

Pope responds to criticism from NAACP, other liberal groups

December 9, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C. — State Budget Director Art Pope responded to critics picketing stores owned by his family's company, Variety Wholesalers, with a three-page letter today. 
The letter is addressed William Barber, president of the state conference of the NAACP, who has organized the "Forward Together Moral Movement," a network of liberal groups that has consistently criticized the actions of the Republican-lead General Assembly and Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. 
Pope and Barber came face-to-face last week as the NAACP leader announced the picketing campaign, which Barber said will "shine a light on NC Budget Director Art Pope's support and influence on the extremist and regressive direction of North Carolina public policy."
Pope responded today saying that he was speaking on behalf of himself and his company, which runs stores such as Roses and Maxway. 
"I am shocked that you and your allies would demand any public official to support your political positions, by threatening a business which is not part of state government," Pope wrote. "It would be wrong for me to respond to your demands as State Budget Director because you are carrying out your threats against my company and our employees." 

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