Monday, January 6, 2014

Muslim Mortgages Paid with More than $300 Million – Courtesy of US Taxpayers

My head is going to explode, I swear it is!  ~Lynn

Posted By Suzanne Hamner on Jan 5,

The government is not blind to the fact that there are 46 million Americans who are unemployed, with a small percentage of those being homeless and living in poverty. Among those are roughly 1.2 million children, who attend public schools that are homeless. More than likely, they have contributed to the increased numbers of the homeless in the United States. Military retirees were told to “embrace the suck” when their retirement was cut in the budget deal. Nancy Pelosi claimed so many cuts had been made that the “cupboard is bare.” This signals there is no more frivolous money that can be cut. Well that was proven less than accurate. So, where did the more than $300 million dollars in taxpayer money come from to send to Muslims to help pay their mortgages?

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