Friday, January 3, 2014

The Democrats Build A Defensive Bunker

Red Ink Flowing:

As is their standard practice, the Democrats have once again attempted to slide possibly volatile legislation out of view of the American public under the cover of legislative darkness: those times in which there is not much going on in Congress, late on Fridays of holiday weekends, and during major holiday periods of every sort.
The Democrats have long been masters of: How To Lie.
And the Democrats have long been Chess Masters while the Republicans are still struggling to master the finer points of checkers.
One recent and truly great example is a bill entitled: "A Bill To Abolish the Death Penalty Under Federal Law" aka: H.R. 3741, introduced by Maryland Democrat Rep. Donna Edwards and seven other Democrats, earlier this year.
Please allow me to place all my cards on the table: I fully support the Death Penalty.
What I find so outrageous about H.R. 3741 is that as is their way, the Democrats have wrapped what sounds high and mighty around a broken sewer pipe; not unlike the "Affordable Care Act" - that Abomination of Legislation that resulted in a massive lack of care which is not affordable by most folks.
I look at every piece of Democratic introduced legislation like five hundred year old serving of that great Chinese menue item: "Sticky Rice".

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