Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why do a majority of conservatives seem lukewarm these days?

Why does even Rush Limbaugh speak fondly of Log Cabin Republicans, which is code for homosexuals infiltrating the Republican Party to promote homosexual special rights including “gay marriage”? When you compare the level of Christian teaching at CPAC with the level preached by “Duck Dynasty”‘s Phil Robertson, why does the conservative movement come up short? Why is it when you present an article to be published by conservative media that promotes the level of historic American Christianity discovered by David Barton, or building on that true American foundation, do conservative outlets ignore it, when it is liked by the most serious patriot you know on Facebook? It took years of analysis to discover the answer.

The truth is that too many Conservatives today are Moderates. They wouldn’t know right from left because they haven’t educated themselves in the Bible to the degree America’s Founding Fathers did. Remember, just a couple hundred years ago, there was no radio, TV, internet, or anything but the Bible for intellectual pursuit and entertainment. The halls of Treasury and Congress were used for church services on weekends. It is recorded that the original Congress would meet for prayer and Bible study for 3 hours before getting down to the nation’s business.

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